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Vaush "Canceled" After "Jokes" About The Extermination Of Trans People! (CODcast 44)

boom we're live what's up folks welcome to filter Friday the Comcast episode 44 and damn man is that handsome in here is it just me mm-hmm thought I'd start to show a little early day I'm actually going to shut it off in five minutes and start it right what I thought you guys might want to join me in finding some filters folks see what the fuck we here welcome to filter Friday the Cod cast episode 44 got it fucking rip yeah man handsome in here is it just me stupid dusty shut the fuck up dusty no it's not sexy in here it is just you so how's everybody doing tonight we have an excellent show for you tonight as fucking always gonna talk about the Vash controversy that happened yesterday it's not that much controversy but you know I've got to talk about something and gonna be mostly a casual show tonight I'm not feeling all that a height up to do a real real hardcore show or anything and also probably gonna cut the show to two hours tonight because I think three hours a bit fucking much anyway we'll talk about that and it's like let's find some fucking filters let's sit we got here I already bookmarked some of them I'm looking through here at the the most recent ones they added let's look at the gaming filters mmm power up motherfuckers I'm gonna Super Saiyan on your asses enough this boom I'm adorable awesome the fuck is this pub G shit gonna rock some asses oh it popped up by itself that's pretty cool I'm a fuck so uh does you don't know this is the snap camera it is downloadable from snapchat apparently and I want some old filters just yet like you know how that has that filter that makes you look old and fuck I guess I don't need that but uh like I see what it look like lawns about 80 I don't have that I guess though okay cool dope and whatnot ah and I guess that's all of them that I want to check out I got plenty to tide me over to the show starts how is already doing I everybody having a good Friday appreciate you guys joining me gonna start some trouble here in a minute s fuckin always those of you haven't noticed I've been doing like super secret streams on Wednesdays and Thursdays and I've been doing a gaming stream well nobody seems to give a shit off my gaming stream so fuck all y'all nobody wants to watch dusty play fucking games so so what do you guys gotta say tonight just watching till this to Jake streams on Twitch will fuck you what's your goddamn loyalty mmm echoing still I don't think I make looking still I think I worked it out I should I have anyway anyway ah isn't dust er dat yep totally I'm 95 I'm fucking immortal I've lived forever any fucking no dude you don't even fucking know so anyway I'll go ahead and close this shit down move this shit over and start the show so bear with me be right back you and as always we have an amazing show for unite and appreciate you joining me it's filter Friday hooray so I got a bunch of new filters to try the fuck out we'll see if it lags the fucking back you guys can tell me if it's lagging like a motherfucker and how's that buddy doing tonight Friday fucking night I appreciate you spending your Friday night with me but really what the fuck else you're gonna do this is definitely the best place you can spend your Friday night in my opinion and I'm gonna talk about Voss tonight all the boss controversy and but I was like dusty are you sad now that you had fall show on the show we tried to warn you dusty yes credibly sad the fuck was I thinking having somebody on the show I should have psychically known everything they were going to do in the future forever we'll talk about that but as always you want to support the show please do so here's my patreon page on accomplish us Cod cast we're up to four hundred eighty four dollars a month hooray I think that's pretty much the same as it was before but uh we're never gonna get to the 1,500 hours a month I think sandesh forever if we get to $50 a month I will add another show but nobody gives a shit so what you gonna do all I can do is the best I can do and also I have merchandise and everything like if you look at the rockin link oh oh talk about that still shut the fuck up dusty if you look at the description of the video boom there's like merchandise and patreon and you can send me direct tips so if you like what I do please consider supporting the show or I will disappear and you will never see me again so fuck all y'all alright let's see what else we have what we're here we're gonna storm some area 51 or Heinz 57 or where the fuck that thing is hell yeah I can't wait gonna be alien as fuck over there nanu nanu motherfuckers so uh take me to your leader actually don't because that would be embarrassing for you in my opinion let me close that down hmm see how everybody's doing or not dusty always interrupting destiny I know man just II just can't shut the fuck up hate that guy I wanted to take a shower but now dusty is streaming it will do polls you could do both man what the fuck just take your shit right in the shower to be fine I'm pretty sure water doesn't really affect electronics it's like 2019 already they saw of that shit believe me you can trust me cancel dusty I know man I've been canceled so many times I probably canceled four or five times before the show is over and somebody earlier was like Boston I lost like 80 subscribers I'm like that's fucking adorable I'll lose like 200 just from this fucking podcast Aloha man boss really got a step his fucking game up man he really wants to lose subscribers so anyway I'm constantly teleporting oh that sounds cool wish I could fucking teleport went up the fly on planes they were I'm such a goddamn homebody I don't want to go anywhere like I had people invite me all over the fucking place and I come to Australia come to fuck party with us in New York I'll pay for it if you come out and I'm like man that sounds awful I'm fine right here where I am I don't need to go anywhere so I guess we'll talk about this vows the boss the boss stuff wasn't a voice just like a popular lefty youtuber he does like live streams like I do and whatnot and he's got fucking cancelled yesterday holy shit by a bunch of people not by me I didn't cancel vosch I'm just talking about his cancellation now I did distance myself from fall SH because we'll go over it will explain that but um basically I guess what happened was there is a youtuber named thought slime who is against gender abolition which basically means the destruction of all gender and I guess Vash is a gender abolitionist he believes that gender should be eradicated and so thought slime is I think it's trans not really sure so I'm gonna refer to them as they because I'm not 100% sure about their pronouns so anyway they made a tweet that said yeah I think gender abolitionists are dumb or something like that and Vash was like no you're fucking dumb abolition of gender is cool as fuck and so then that didn't go over like well with a lot of people on Twitter and so vas like a lot of shit from that and Voss doesn't take shit very well and so he basically lashed out at them and he made some inappropriate jokes but apparently wasn't just the jokes people telling me about it like Theo Hindry they says thank you for saying this it's not just the jokes the complete and utter refusal to understand that as a CIS man he can't relate to trans experiences and shouldn't just dismiss our lived experience as a Stumm is infuriating this edge Lorde persona is harmful so it wasn't just the jokes other people had problems with his attitude and whatnot and I guess he made a stream yesterday on discord it's not available I couldn't find it and I did not watch it full disclosure but I had people tell me about it so this is all fucking hearsay but people telling me that he was double downing on the fact that he's right and he was saying that all the people that disagree with him because she commits suicide which all those who were trans people and telling trans people commit suicide when lots and lots of trans people are committing suicide not amazing in my opinion and apparently they were basically they told him try Amer what exactly they were telling me about it something along the lines of they were telling him that a lot of trans people killed themselves and he responded something along the lines of I understand that it's easy to understand considering how sensitive they are something along those lines anyway from what I understand it was a meltdown and that's the way it was described to me it was complete meltdown because he doesn't take criticism well right so anyway he got on his little discord server and he posted this after he got in a fight with a bunch of trans people he went on there and he was like every time I interact with one of these insane or rational lefties they're trans every single time and somebody says I'm gonna beat you to death and he but he says such Trane's question oh shit the trans question we know what that's about right basically the trans question is a reference to the Jewish Question which is a direct reference to the eradication of the Jews which I know he's joking but he's mad at trans people and he's saying that they're always the rational leftist and then he's joking about their eradication which is you know once again suboptimal when you're dealing with the most vulnerable class in our society you're not explaining more watch a second anyone ought to say you know not suggesting anything but if trans people didn't exist haha yeah they're white from the planet my notification fee will look about better right now and then smite then they're all like dude what the fuck are you doing and he's like it's true but I shouldn't say it so look I know fuckin Bosch is just kiddin around here like I know he's just doing edge lord jokes and shit but I also have an understanding why people are upset with him for this and it's the same reason that uh I have a problem with people telling racist jokes see boss I think considers himself part of this new community that calls himself the dirtbag left which I would call the douchebag left and basically it's the left version of the 4chan twats who are all about you know are you to me it's just so fucking cringe the behavior but it's like the left's version of that it's not something I want to be involved in in any way and the reason I have a problem as I've spoken up before with racist jokes is let me let me explain this as though it were said about a black person all right let's say that vash was arguing with a black person right a black person liberal all right let's not say it was vash see here's the thing let me start with this volge is not transphobic in my opinion I don't think vash is trans public boss talks about trans rights issues more than I do okay like 90% of Oster stuff is defending trans rights so I honestly don't think that he's transphobic at all I think that he cares about trans people and wants to see you know them have the same rights as everybody else but let's take me for an example I consider myself a pretty good Ally to the black community you know I wasn't always that way but uh you know I moved to an all black neighborhood and I started a animal sanctuary for the community here and I try to do like community outreach and go out and set a good example for humanism in the black community where I live and so and also try to Ford civil rights and equality for everybody learning black people so I would consider myself and I think a lot of black people consider myself an ally right but let's say that I was arguing with a black person even though I'm an ally to black people and I said man every time I argue with one of these insane rational irrational lefties it turns out they're black every single time man I mean let's talk about the lynching question right I'm just saying that I'm not suggesting but uh you know if black people didn't exist no my notification feeds would look better and people bitched at me and I was like hey it's true but he shouldn't say it I'm just saying what everybody's thinking but everybody be like dude shut the fuck up you're clearly just being edgy racist you're spreading racist jokes no reason you wanna do that is because this even if you're not racist yourself you're providing a shield to hide behind by other racist this is what they do this is what they did in 4chan you know this is a stochastic terrorist terrorism that's when basically the first step in it and so when a lot of people that are not racist quote-unquote make racist edgy jokes and then actual racist also hide behind these jokes to spread actual racism and then when people call them out for it they're like I'm just joking man I'm just joking you know just like vash was doing I'm not transphobic I'm just joking like Voss was doing so it provides like this the shield for like shitty ads to hide behind and so it's you know not great it's I don't suggest you do that so anyway I understand why people are upset with fall show over there so I understand why people and trans community you're canceling vash and whatever my take on is this I think vash will work it out I think he apologized I shows apologize in a minute and dudes not good at an apology dude dude it's not good at apologizing let's just say that there is a way you can apologize to liberals and they'll accept your apology people always say don't over blue just really because even if you apologized sjw's they're not gonna accept your apology they're gonna hold it against you but I'm living proof that's not fucking true dude like I said why you fucking worshipping vash I've said wave worship and she won't hear any fucking body right but I'm a Jewish jokes black jokes watermelon fried chicken jokes man I made all kinds of dumbass jokes but the SJW community and liberals have for the most part they've accepted my apology for this because you know my apology was obviously sincere and I used that to change my behavior so there's a way you can do this correctly and Fosters and has just has to figure it out yet my opinion but I think he will like I think he will figure this out I think he will probably make a man's were most of the trans people forgive and forget move on and build up his audience and everything that's what I think but here's the thing maybe he won't I have no idea I can't predict the fucking future so because I can't predict the future I'm distancing myself from him because I don't want to answer for whatever he does he's done in the past or whatever he's does in the future that's the problem when you invite people on your show and stuff and it's also a big reason that lot of other people don't come on my show I feel like H bomber guy and contra points I know a lot of them like they watch the show at least some and I thought I'm on the show and they won't come and the reason they won't come is because they don't want to be associated with me because once they do they have to answer for what did you go and do the show did you hear about all the shit he said in the past did you hear about his edge Lord days or god forbid I say something got stupid in the future they're like hook you and Oh dusty show and you help signal boost for Mandela that other shit he's saying are you happy with yourself and that's kind of what I'm going through now people like we warned you not to have Vox from your show we warned you that he was a bad egg and now see are you happy with yourself and so that's part of the reason I'm not gonna have people on my show anymore I'm just you know I don't really need it to be honest where they don't need o people much so I'm just gonna fucking deal with it myself and that way I only have myself to answer to so yeah I'm just saying myself from VOSH for that reason but I'm not really cancelling him because like I said I think he'll probably work all this shit out and it won't really affect him too bad but like I said he uh he's kind of an edge lord know he's part of this dirtbag douchebag left whatever so and he doesn't take criticism well at all so the chances are he's going to do something else like this in the future and have an outburst of the future that pisses people off again so I don't know I just don't want to be a part of it so I'm just gonna step away from it and back the fuck up away from it so what the fuck you guys think about this oh yeah I was no show his uh his apology that he put out it was not a good apology in my opinion like st. Vaast is a really smart guy and when you're a really smart guys kind of like destiny when you're a smart guy and you have people kissing your ass all the time a lot a lot of times that it builds up your ego and you have a hard time admitting when you're wrong and I think that's kind of you know vultures probably know and and and vice is still really really young like a lot of the same mistakes he's making I made the exact same mistakes naughty when I was young like five years ago so it might like forties almost so he gonna figure this shit out in my opinion way way way quicker than I did he's just not used to being popular yet doesn't understand the new rules and everything that's my opinion nah I don't fucking know like this guy might become a train wreck in the future why I ain't fucking vouching for him or anything I'm just saying what I think is probable anyway yeah it's apology you could read if you want to but it just seemed very self-serving and kind of egotistical to me and just not a good apology and I understand why he would accept this type of apology and let me just give you some advice let's say you apologize you're just like hey I fucked up man I don't know what the fuck I was thinking like I told these really stupid fucking jokes and I didn't like mean it I understand they're edgy bullshit but at a time where trans people are being attacked and are being demonized and oppressed probably worse than the other class in our society joking about their eradication not really cool on my part you know it's bad and like telling trans people that their lived experiences are stupid and dumb and I know better also not good and I understand what I did wrong and I apologize for it full non-stop and I'm gonna use this experience to make myself better in the future you guys don't have to accept my apology yeah like just because I apologized doesn't mean you have to accept it but I'm gonna prove to that I have changed with my behavior in the future and then hopefully in the future you guys will see that I've changed and you'll you know accept my apology and come back that's literally like all the fuck you gotta say when you apologize the main part of the apology is using it to change your behavior in the future and that's all like magic Lemmy would have to say right that's it's so fucking easy but the ego gets in the way and ego makes it look like I'm gonna double down I was wrong but just a little bit wrong in certain parts and nah dude just fucking own it on that shit right so anyway he I guess is decided to like leave the internet for a couple days and regroup and rethink about things so that's cool like I think you should also I want to say all this it's real fucking easy for me to say right cuz I'm a siz white male like none of this shit has any effect of my life whatsoever so yeah it's real easy for me just doesn't wave it away and say oh it's no big deal he'll fix you in the future because it has no effect on me at all so I understand why people who would actually does affect have a completely different viewpoint on all this in my opinion so take everything I say about this with a grain of salt and then make your own opinion about it because like I don't fuckin alright I'm just miss devis anybody dusty is trolling literally how am i trolling literally I don't understand this is more than just Doakes dust dusty which is why I think you should probably wait till you have more context okay what other context do I need before I I immediately when I heard about this my first instinct was to distance myself from him inside with the trans community right well fuck I just won't do first and foremost side with the trans community obviously I did not see this coming or I would not have platform volge I am publicly distancing to myself from vash and I disavowed this behavior just jokes bro is not a good enough excuse for me like I don't know how I could be like I'm just I think that's the best way to go about it right I think just siding with the 8 with the 90s with the trans community immediately and stepping aside until you get more context as the is the first fucking thing you wanted to do and then if he fixes the problem in the future than fine and this is what is exactly what I told Matt Dillahunty also that's how you fucking do this Matt Dillahunty literally that's all you had to do was take the side of the trans community first and distance yourself from Steven woodford until he corrected the problem because it son fucking him to correct the problem it's not on you to wait around and count out his feelings until he gets around to maybe sometime in the future correcting the problem which he didn't do he never fucking did so anyway I think that's the way to handle that now I also said hopefully I am NOT overreacting I'm just trying to be consistent my behavior and as always I'm open to criticism and I am like if I was wrong here I'm totally open to that I'm totally open to listen to criticism like I'm just trying to the best I can do so definitely more than willing to listen to what you guys have to say about this dusty except he doesn't think he was wrong in those actions he just thinks he was wrong to get mad well I mean like I said if he doesn't correct if he doesn't fix the problem in the future then I don't I wouldn't blame anybody if they don't forgive him for all this stuff and you know that's totally understandable Bosch is too stubborn to admit he's wrong about anything yeah I think a lot of a lot of these a lot of us through this age I think and obviously it's you know ego it's the the egos a hell of a thing here's what I suggest sloshed take a week off on the internet and find yourself some bomb-ass acid and just fucking shrimp acid it for like two or three days and just think about all this stuff right think about how you fit in the universe and think about your ego man and like acid has a way of helping you dissolve your ego now obviously I'm not saying I don't have an ego definitely not fucking saying that obviously anybody watching this show knows dusty has a big fucking ego but there are like little bitty different types of ego deaths you can have on acid that help open your mind up to something and help you to be more open to being wrong about things and so highly recommended and actually acid is a great tool to help people stop drug addiction and alcohol addiction and stuff so let's see what else we got here dusty you seem ridiculous I know Dona you are somehow under the assumption that he called for eradicating trans people how he's joked about eradicating trans people he obviously did that's what the Trane's question is that's a reference to the Jewish question which was about their radication of Jews right II joke that's clearly when he's joking around about now are you saying that's not what he was joking around about cuz that seems like that would make you ridiculous if you're saying that I'm younger than vash no excuse yeah but the thing is are you popular like when you when you first get popularity and you first get shit on really hard like it's it's difficult like unless you go through it it's really hard to understand but when you when you have like tens of thousands people listening to you and then you're taking all this heat and all this hate day after day up today man it just until you get used to it until you built it built up at Teflon skin it really hurts and you have a tendency to lash out and think good well it can't be me that's wrong here it's every fucking body else and you lash out at the world about it and that just takes like experience and age in my opinion and getting used to being popular but like I don't know I did likely wrong just that's just my opinion on things yeah boss was 25 26 um what else you got Scott what did vash do I just literally explained the entire fucking thing dude why don't you people ask me this I like literally like last show I spent an hour and a half explaining in detail what Matt Dillahunty did and then people come in the chat and they're like what am i dead honey do what's the fucking thing I just said motherfuckers don't ask me to repeat myself a goddamned in pay a fucking attention there's a reason I'm doing these fucking videos alright anyway dusty why were Foster's comments on CP in your discussion with him no problem but these trans comments are too far I didn't agree with Voss's child porn comments at all like challenged him and said that they were silly but at the same time like he wasn't doing something that affects the most he wasn't because that affects the most affordable I don't think that he was actively supporting child porn first of all but I didn't to be honest with you I didn't really understand his argument like I didn't understand his argument about veganism either and I try to argue against it but it's hard to argue doing something if you don't understand and I didn't know he was joking I couldn't really tell but uh so that's the answer that question Foster's taking a breaks and no worries he has to move anyway yeah no problem dusty is the way worsens edge years yep that is definitely true but there's the difference like when I do done worse I just show it like my video where I said the n-word like a million times with the hard ER on the end I just play it and say yeah that was fucking stupid I completely own it there is no fucking excuse for this whatsoever that's just dumb right that's really all you have to do is just own it 100% and then let it change you and that's fine like everybody in my opinion is deserving a redemption everybody all you do is own up to your fuck-ups and then use those fuck-ups as a teachable tool to everybody else in society and why you fucked up and then use that fuckup to change your future behavior and that's it that's all you do fucking bone redemptions so yeah I bet you've all shall find redemption I in the long run I'm no problem believing that I'm a fucking alien and shit about a sarcastic fucking trans people so what else dusty what if boss do fuck you Josie Jones don't make me go crazy I will go nuts on all of you motherfuckers you have no idea you have no fucking idea this is kind of a good look like the Joker from Batman later they get a lot of me awesome okay oh sure it's I forgot to even talk about the super chats which is the lifeblood of the show all the money of the super trance goes the human society missing the animal sanctuary where we rescue cute ass dogs and kittens man their sport is fuck but I love them and so please consider supporting the show by super shedding me and I read all the super chats every questions answered no question is dodged try to stump the band say something that I don't know the answer to or they let me look stupid or tell a joke whatever the fuck gets your money and as always the more you donate to the more serious I take your question so bye my love super jazz all right leave a Balu $5 is a dusty hope you had sunscreen on you because it's 90 degrees in Oregon where I'm from yeah man I have a convertible so it's hot as fuck so I got a sunscreen my ass up all the time cuz I'm white as shit I basically burst into flames when I step out on the Sun so try to avoid that at all cost think you for that Chris Awakening two dollars and five is a solid ally know why distance yourself I just explained why this is myself because there's no doubt because for one I'm taking shit already I took shit for having him home to begin with because Peter dint want me to have money to begin with because I cheated in the past and then when I had him on he said some things I'm taking shit for and now I'm thinking for shit he said in the future so why would I put myself through all this shit when I you know I could just avoid that but not having fucking people on it just distancing myself I mean and plus I'm just trying to be consistent in my behavior this is exactly what I told Matt Dillahunty to do to rationality rules and I'm not complaining boss to what rational G rules did right that they're two completely separate things two completely separate scales but at the same time they aren't slightly tiny similar so I'm just trying to be consistent my behavior I think but yeah I think vultures are solid Ally for the trans people for the most part and I understand why trans people would be fans of his and I understand why trans people wouldn't be fans affairs I understand both sides of the issue but for me I don't want to be lumped in with it so I'm just gonna like step back from it and you guys can you know be fans with him as you all do or don't be offensive if you want to I'm not your dad what the fuck you want t know about dude she says I watch the video of us reacting to a vice video and he literally yelled that house n-word and didn't apologize right after see you never Voss yeah well I'd use that I've used similar language of that before so not cool but at the same time I'm not gonna should have been too hard about that because that would make me kind of a hypocrite my opinion um I'm stuck at the bus station please go late tonight alright we'll see what happens I'm thinking about cutting the show to 2 hours instead of 3 hours because I think 3 hours is too long for this show but I'm open to discussion on this matter right Clark keep all the great work dusty I will rod I really appreciate that man I'm doing what I can Jose and Jones Dada dusty what if I stole your doggy bread that I would jump through this fucking computer you don't even know to $2.00 always Larkin like the Cheryl thanks Tim appreciate it do Smith hey that's me 5:51 $5 I'm not just the president founder and CEO of the pin 15 club I'm also a member yeah that spells penis I can read that motherfucker that's like a TV show called penis it's like a Hulu exclusive about these two little girls without actually little girls there they're brought 17 or 18 in real life but they're playing like eleven and twelve year olds and they're playing get alongside other kids they're actually eleven twelve Road so it's actually pretty funny because they're way older than they're supposed to be but the way they act is young check that out if you want to D dog 2015 you ever wonder about how much your life would be different if you were born just three streets to your left or right there were no streets till I left or right when I was born cuz I was born out in the fucking middle of the woods basically and I'm from Mississippi it's all hillbilly country out here so but yeah my life could have gone way differently if a few small minor things were different so good question more super shots please lipo to the show super chaps make sure you support the show if you want to see me keep doing it I really could use the fucking support people I'm losing a lot of money doing this fucking show but I still feel like the show is important so please consider supporting it except for this gum ready to hug you alright well hug it out like men do come at me dust yeah will Josey fucking oh dude don't tip me all right vash do fuck you green element alright I'll go back through and read the chats later and see what you guys think about this think about this take on vash and whatnot I guess that's really all I had to say about it I'm really not into this whole dirt bag left thing at all like I don't understand understand like why you guys want to be like the shitheads in the alt light not right and the four trend dicks I just don't get the fucking appeal to that like I'm I'm much more interested in and I'm not that I'm totally fucking mature cuz I'm not but a slightly more mature left than that in my opinion but you know maybe I'm a giant hypocrite I'm definitely open to the possibility so close this down burp burp beep beep alright next up we'll talk about Matt Dillahunty so I did my last show by Matt Dillahunty and about how Matt Dillahunty basically sided with rationality rules and how transphobes and the judge took over the ACA and all the good people resigned and left and I got a lot of fuckin feedback from the people that left and none of them said that I misrepresented apparently I was pretty close to spot-on with what I was saying and so apparently Matt devil hunting is even a bigger dickhead than I thought he was he has definitely let all this shit go to his fucking head he's king Matt now he's the president the ACA he's been elected president ACA and so they're basically he's basically going around and they're banning people from the forums and shit who are not even breaking the rules just anybody that speaks out against Matt or speaks out against the situation half the ACA they get banned and so this person is like messaging Matt trying to explain to them you can't just ban people you know laterally they don't break the rules which is what they said have you read your own a moderation God or the SMS guy technically you shouldn't be removing or ordering the removal of anyone the president has no authority in that space the board isn't involved at all unless it gets escalated to that level so to answer your question you're just breaking your own rules that's that's why happens now why don't you answer me and Matt response to really what happens if I remove somebody who didn't break a rule I'm mad money I do whatever the fuck you guys don't question me and it's obviously the reason that he's doing this and act like a fucking dickhead it's because he has a platform and he knows that the people that he's kicking off his forums of shit don't have a platform to speak out against him let the public know about the shit he's doing but I got a platform motherfucker and I'll let everybody know stuff you guys are getting shit on by my dinner honey be sure to let me know cuz I sure well–we're lay the message on to my audience and so she's saying in this so Matt got honey hung couple me via email I guess they have moved on to the if we don't like you you can't participate here phase it's a shame they don't follow their own rules or seem to even know them and apparently this is common I had several people message me and say this is exactly what happened to them Matt Dillahunty and his and his lackeys are banning anyone who dare question the transphobic takeover of the ACA and like I talked about my last show a couple of administrators came forward basically they said that what happened was is because the ACA started getting flooded with all these transpose because of rationality rules obviously and obviously trans folk transphobia and racism go hand in hand a lot of times all the same people that are transphobic are also racist that a lot of these fucking boat both races in transphobes for their forums and the my Raiders were told that they could moderate the racism but not the transphobia and now they're not not only they're not moderating the transphobia but they're deleting the pro-trans people have a problem with the way the system has gone now that's what the ACA is fucking become and they're like going there these people I know these people don't have a voice don't have a very big voice because they're being silenced my people like Matt Dillahunty but it's important to listen to these people like this one along with the other former mods and a min I was banned and blocked from the ACA social media spaces a week ago I messaged one of the moderators to ask why but had no reply the message hasn't even been read I also emailed the board asking for an explanation but no reply well it's easy understanding why you got banned right it's cuz Matt Dillahunty doesn't want you guys to tell your story and he doesn't want people to hear what you have to say he wants to fucking shut you up and sweep all this goddamn shit under the rug and we're not gonna let you do that Matt shame shame and here's another one that's from stay at home atheists your hammock inspired me to tweet out when I got hung up on via email by the great Matt Dillahunty up inside the ACA he has blocked me on Facebook Twitter and email what do you all think was my email super egregious and let's really wasn't a mail had to say so the new president is some thread but Zacks and I ins comments get removed because the questions are better directed to the board there were literally they were literally addressing the president of the board but bigotry gets to stand because the discussion needs to be had that's what you're doing seriously I guess you all hide behind the notion of free speech nor to a lot of bigotry but not to allow actual discussion as soon as something is brought up that makes you look bad you delete it and that's what the fuck they're doing and this is Matt's response by again Felicia permanently god fucking Matt Dillahunty doing the bye again Felicia thing talk about cringe down on my bones you're in Matt Dillahunty go bye Felicia all stuck up and shit while they bans people who speak out against him seriously anybody who still a Matt Dillahunty jock at this point should fuck off cuz that guy's such a goddamn egotistical asshole who is on his side at this point and this is funny I wonder what might dead honey with a side don has been around long enough he's like a serial killer almost these are all the people who have resigned from the ACA because of Matt Dillahunty actions they're almost all gone all the old-school people all that built up that organization one by one gone until there was one great job Matt the people that built that organization the people they were the backbone of it you ran away because you're a fucking egotistical shithead and here's another one from Jan this is from Jenna trace is it right as Ariz I don't know how you pronounce it but anyway she's like at least you got an answer I didn't and this is I got something she poster she mailed to the board and never got a response whatsoever from anybody she said – then why are you so afraid until the former mods and amends why they were banned from Facebook and discord is it because there's no reason for it other than they said things you didn't like that they broke no stated rule it seems you're a poor little ego was bruised Matt and this is the equivalent of hanging up on someone you do like you do on the show damn you must have some serious compensation issues to be so opposed to hearing dissenting voices just can't take someone not stroking your little ego a you can't debate you can't take it when people don't agree with or coddle you you poor little thing when you couldn't take the heat you threw everyone else out of the kitchen you're weak and what's funny is you know it and burn and like I said this is some of the long long-standing people in the ACA the backbone of the community to help build that shit up they're not fans of Matt anymore so is it me blowing this out of proportion or is it fucking Matt right is everybody who was fucking mistreated by Matt or is Matt the one that's wrong here I suggest it's probably fucking Matt goddamned illa honey but that's just me what you guys got to say about that look at the trip canceled Matt and support trans rights hell yeah fuck Matt the videos were everywhere the actual outrage culture I don't know what you're talking about um I stick my deal honey seriously yeah me too but he sure has blown this whole fucking thing I mean imagine being dumbass you end up on the wrong side of this issue as a Matt Dillahunty likes to what the fuck if that doesn't make you question your ego and how your ego is harming your life nothing whoa I don't know what I'm saying Matt did oh honey it's gonna be rewarded for all this he's gonna make more money he's gonna have more fan there's gonna be chubby shitty fans but as long as he doesn't care it'll make more money so he's gonna be like really punished for it at all so you know I guess keep up the good work suboptimal definitely fucking suboptimal alright yeah I guess we'll read what you guys have to say later check out the superchips the show Brooklyn nine-nine says sup optimal Brooklyn nine-nine you mean the show I never sell that show say that that'd be cool though they still have my fucking catchphrases Josie Johnson trunks fascistic wall just got greenlit great that's all we need right wasting more money on that stupid fucking bullshit you ever wonder oh my God my head's upside-down let me fix that real quick how about this now I'm a jellyfish cuz this is the future all right um you ever wonder about how much your life would be different I ought to read that alright more super chats please like blow the show super check and next up we're gonna talk about Blair White's good lord so Blair White's talking about this Jessica yaniv situation where this I talked about on the last show where this nightmare of a human being this this trans nightmare who almost seems like there are troll specifically set out to make trans people look bad well of course Blair white got a jump on the controversy and she gotta use this to take a jab at the trans community for some reason like the trans community has any fucking thing to do with this and she's like new video exposing trans predator Jessica Yaniv the disgusting messages to young girls hosting topless parties for kids and more why isn't the trans community condemning this that's right trans community why aren't you condemning this thing that you just found out about for the first time fuckin trans people and that's clearly what she's doing here right clearly she's doing this to try to make the entire trans community look bad by association like you should all immediately be standing up and speaking out against this and the trans community is not they're not condemning this because the trans community is Eva the Evo Falcon trannies actually support that's a person when they don't they don't fucking support this person I guarantee you almost no trends people knew about this situation and now they do tons them are fucking coming out and saying yeah we condemn this right like Maddie here man he's like I'm trans and I absolutely condemn this like I just found out about this I had no idea about this and I condemn it and so it's Blair trying to make it seem like the trans community we're all well aware of this and her behavior and the fact that she's a pedophile and they refuse to condemn it because why cuz they're evil what did she try to say here what does she try to send you wait I think it's pretty obvious what she's trying to say anyway you know it's proud it's pretty obvious what she's trying to get her right wing shud fanbase to take away from this little stay but and probably the best take on this was had by a cat black I love cat Black's response to this nuclear plant room and no this is not this is not cat black this is a destiny destiny I also had a good take on this destiny says only minorities are called upon to represent their communities people of majority power are never associated with the acts of violence committed by their own notice no one was screeching for white or straight people to disavow the Vegas shooter or any other random mass shooting and that's exactly right and Kat Blaque said something very similar about that she says somebody said John that's not that that's another cat black things I'll start here she said I'm going to need a deed daily detailed apologies from all the white man about every white man who was a predator before this is a thought process that makes sense to me and that's exactly right why the fuck should trans people be the ones to call all this out like somehow this person is a representative of them this has nothing to do with them right it's just as valid for me to call this out as they trans person or anybody it's not it's not on them to call it every trans person just because they're fucking trans that's stupid and she also says why do you assume I support a predator and how is that not viciously transphobic how is it not repulsively transphobic to assume that I because I don't come out and say the obvious that I must somehow support it again no way for me to read this without seeing the transphobia and that's exactly right you know it's just it's just another way to stick it to the trans community as a whole for something that has absolutely nothing to do with them and and then she also had this thing which I thought was pretty funny and this person says you're clearly not getting the message this isn't about white man this is about a creep who is giving your community a bad name your response on the approved for ignorance and hypocrisy and yet miss Blair white was caught transphobic for doing what you should have done and the cat says ok but if Blair white called it out then why do I need to seriously question right shouldn't Blair white a singular trans person represent us all in the same exact way that you believe this one singler trans person who is a predator does boom gotcha that's exactly right man if this one trans predator represents the entire trans community then Blair white also represents our tres community and then Blair White's disavowed 'men of it is a blanket coverage for the entire trans community so fuck you you lose good day sir and while we're at it what talk about one nothing cat black said that I liked and this person was like should the term insel be an offensive term used by the woman on men and treat it as hate speech to men in the same way that the n-word is to Black's oh my fucking god dude seriously this is so stupid on so many levels and she says can someone explain to me why portion of white people just really really want to say the n-word is a forbidden food thing and yeah that's exactly what it is I just want to say you killed me okay shit I'll show you anything now I'm a Cheeto because this is a future but yeah that's exactly if I can write it as so fucking stupid like in cells are the one that invented that word to describe them you know this right you know that like III and miles Chong or that fucking dude's name is used to write for the insel corner called himself an N cell you know involuntary Sullivan is something they call them fucking selves that is in no way the same as the most horrific racial slur in history the word that is probably used to demonize people more than any other word in history and so it's not even in the same goddamn universe as that so these people are just grasping at straws and trying to play the snowflake victim any chance they can possibly fucking get and of course like Katt said they just really want to say the n-word it's fun isn't it I know all about that I've said that word very much but I understand now I understand why it's not a good thing to say and so I pointed out that the only reason Blaire white is famous is because she gives a very specific version of trans people that conservative bigots can look at and they could accept they're like hey I like Blair white you know Blair white is one of the good trans people so since I like Blair white I can't possibly be transphobic but know these motherfuckers are still transphobic Blair white puts on a very specific form of a trans woman you know that they can accept it's like well she passes she looks like a woman she got big boobs and a small waist and she wears makeup and long hair you know she looks like a woman if you're gonna be transpire but be the Blair white kind of trans cuz that's the only kind of trans person we accept and that's true you know but you're still transphobic dude because you don't get to pick and choose which types of trans people you accept you accept them all you accept people for who they fucking are right just because a trans person doesn't have the money to buy big fake boobs or get plastic surgery or even if they don't want to what does I don't want to do that to themselves what if they feel comfortable in their own bodies and they feel comfortable some of them not feel comfortable being more physically masculine who is it who are you to tell them they're not trans enough for you who are you to tell them that they don't represent the trends community well enough for you and that's what bigots do and that's why that's the sole reason they blare what so fucking popular and my opinion and of course she responded what she did respond to this but she clearly saw it she responded to something something else somebody said this dude I guess he was trying to shit on me and because I basically distance myself from Vash exactly what I should have done I behave responsibly and so this Hasan jf guys like first he can't so TJ yep I showed it then he can so Jun yep I sure the fuck did now he's canceling Vash not adding cancer for the people cancel fall shy just distance myself from him next it will be contra points why would I what the fuck are you even talking about I mean it would be comfortable if the country wants does something that has herbs being canceled over of course I'll cancel right a fucking heart beat I'll cancel anybody a fucking heart beat why wouldn't you I mean if they deserve it but uh until she does something that's deserving of it I definitely wouldn't right then Claudia you cancel everybody that's right man I'm a fucking monster I just walk around canceling everybody you're canceling your can so did your cancel every fucking body's canceled I'm I have a right to have an opinion about people or express my opinion and decide to hang out with people associated people I want to and not associated people I don't want to have an opinion anyway he'll cancel everyone until his YouTube career dies my youtube career got a long fucking time ago shit the dusty winters Logan I don't know this other word camp are destroying the lab sign all right I'm so destroying the left it's all because of fucking me like I don't think the left is being destroyed I don't even know what you're talking about I think the left is actually having a resurgence right now but anyway Blaire white decided to respond and she's like dusty doesn't have the ability to cancel anyone he's an old fart yelling in the background that's right I'm old that's like the only thing they say right this is the level of the people we're dealing with here like this is what when I criticized them when I criticized shoe this is what she says you're old when I criticized Chris Reagan you're rude when I criticize armor skeptic when I criticize any of them right this is the only comeback they have is you're old this is what they use to try to distract people and dodj honest basic criticism and yeah I'm 44 years old I've lived 44 years no fuck me for living 44 years I've survived this long my opinion longer matters right it's just s sad but you know it's also very transparent like these are very very very low level people and that's why they're so popular in the conservative communities because you know it's a very low level community so anyway ah well we gotta say about that are we fans of Blair White's and check the chat she don't dusty destroy the left I know right I am destroying everybody I'm like fucking Thanos I'm gonna snap my fingers and that's gonna be fucking gone forever finally fucking lefties hate them so bad scroll up motherfucker goddammit there we go oh let me try some deal with it that's what I gotta say fucking deal with it deal with my destruction of the left completely because I have that kind of power dudes I'm so fucking powerful here with my podcast that has less than 500 viewers at a time fear me everybody I'm gonna cancel you into oblivion and yeah you're old and was oh he palmed in 44 years old I feel like I've leveled up it's like a video game just his old farts me and they say the same about Bernie being old yep me and Bernie pretty much the same age really castle culture is essentially a black construct can we please stop making it benign because it has a great deal of importance to my community I don't even know what the fuck that means like I'm okay with castle culture as long it appends on what your definition of canceled culture is if it just means like somebody says something I disagree with or they behave in a way I disagree with and so I'm gonna distance myself from them I'm no longer gonna be a fan of them until they find Redemption and correct the record and make it up that's fine in my opinion that's the way it should be I completely support that type of Cancer Council culture now if it's oh this person did something I don't agree with and so I'm gonna write them off forever and I'm never gonna give them a chance to redeem themselves and they're just a fucking piece of shit for the rest of history now I don't care if that obviously that's stupid because if that were the case I would be fucked forever so I'm okay with using social pressure to change people's behavior I actually think that's an amazing nonviolent way to change people's behavior but you have to leave room open for redemption or else you know it's just bullshit my opinion dusty be a node is like a video game video babe okay coo coo coo um your numbers are on par with the current DP episode they get about five hundred stream I know but I should be doing way better than those guys I mean no offense but come on I've watched that show yeah not my thing um let's try to purchase Asher Scott fired almost ready is basically the in word why'd you let me say it then for trans people so you should probably stop using it in a non quoting context I don't think I used that word and then did I use that word did I say training I usually don't use that word in a non quoting context but if I did my bad I'm still love you but you got to be real with you okay I don't remember saying that but just because I remember saying that doesn't mean I didn't so my bad if I did but I dunno that's a a a slur and I you I tried not to say it I don't remember saying it Blair is literally trans rave Dubin exactly right there Milo all those people are the same you know they give the right a version of gay people and trans people and like some black guy gives a version of black people and Jesse Lee Peterson that racists and bigots can get on board with and tell themselves well we're not roosters and bigger dude but we see right the fuck through that all right more super Ches please not very many super chance tonight hate to see it goddamn it I guess I'm gonna have to like the show is not really been supported that much for whatever reason so I might have to just stop do one show week and start doing something else to make money because I'm not gonna be able to afford to do this anymore sad like I'm trying I'm trying to like I think this is an important show to do and people are really you know the complementary of the show they like the show but if it doesn't get supported enough that I literally can't afford to do this I don't know well let's see I'm trying folks I'm trying alright next up let's see what else we have here mmm oh shit it's hard to believe this is real it's hard to believe this is not a fucking joke people but it's not Oh God so you guys know what mythos is Milwaukee is basically it's the largest skeptical convention in the world right now and just like the ACA just like the skeptic community just like the atheist community just like the you do community it got completely taken over by anti hdw right-wing chud's the entire thing is nothing but like Blair White now and a skeptic and a skeptic convention it's fuckin Blair white and Sargon leading a goddamn skeptic convention – it should be like cooking scientist it should be that the biggest and brightest minds in our society having conversations about religion and shit but instead it's just the fucking lowest of the low right wing Judds so anyway they basically have a sister organization they do it like other events under the name of mines mines of it so we're such great thinkers and this is one of the mines events they have coming up there the event is literally called changing minds how to admit when you're wrong it's moderated by Lauren Chen how the fuck are you gonna let Lauren shed moderate any goddamn thing right wing shithead shut Lauren shit and look who these panelists are who are gonna be discussing how to admit when you're wrong okay Tim pool with the funnest and pool admit he's wrong man the dudes seriously is the worst of the fucking worst one of the biggest liars one-sided right-wing shitheads I'm Melissa Chen Oh God Melissa Chen the Dave Rubin fan I supposed to go up Melissa Chen one time she invited me to go to New York to go see Richard Dawkins with her one time and I blew her off because uh anyway Carl Benjamin sorry gotta fake a damn it when you're fucking wrong give me a fucking break Carl rape tweets Sargon like but that's not even worse than folks last but not least shithead they pick shoe on head to be on a fucking panel about how to admit you're fucking wrong oh my god dudes how is this not a fucking parody like I get it I get it whatever the programmer is that's programming the reality I am in right now obviously this programmer wants me to know that I'm in some kind of weird comedy some kind of dark bizarre comedy so I get it I get a programmer like every day you remind me of this fucking shoe own head on a panel about how to admit when you're wrong shoe on her head who was in this video my fascist friend and I react to Murdoch's mouthy booty video her fascist friend who has the biggest video in the world about the great replacement the white supremacist propaganda bullshit right that was cited by two different terrorists in their shooting sprees and I looked everywhere to try to find this video motherfuckers she basically just deleted off the internet and swept it under the rug did she admit she was wrong no no is she ever admitted she was wrong about being friends with Lauren southern and Sigma boosting for her and she's literally on Laurens owners Channel right now in a video that helped Trump get elected and she ever fucking the minute she was wrong about that no did she admit she was wrong when she called Leslie Jones and ugly gorilla in front of two million people and led the racist bullying that sent her crying from the internet and did she ever admit that she was wrong about that oh she didn't did she did she ever made she was wrong when she used fake quotes to slander feminists where she literally went out and she picked a quote that a feminist wrote for a fictional character in a book and claimed that the feminist said this quote herself and used that to attack the feminists for being anti man did she ever apologize for that or did she sweep that under the rug never apologize did she apologize for taking the joke the obvious fucking joke that the turf I don't like turfs by the way I think Turks are fucking shitheads but this turf was clearly joking and she won had took her joke and said she was being serious in order to bash all feminists did she ever admit she was wrong about that no that she ever admit she's wrong about fucking anything or did she almost always always delete everything and sweep it under the rug yes that's exactly what the fuck she does right we've been talking about this for fucking ever so this is just god damn it how is this fucking real man how is this real it's just craziness but I know how it's real these people don't give a shit about the fucking truth they don't give a shit about reality they know that these right-wing should I don't sense she's a right-wing she said should but they know these fucking shuds will put asses and seeds and this is all just about making money these popular youtubers and so they don't really give a fuck about reality but this is really above this is over the limit as far as my irony meter goes in my opinion this is almost too much to take what you guys got to think about that's so crazy how is this fucking real life dusty being old is like are you at that peak cringe absolutely peak cringe self optimal definitely suboptimal and to me like people like vash and some of the other ones in the community even people like Claudia who are alike and Jake for the barber loaded his girlfriend Sarah always they are always defending shoe on head and to me they're just very sickle fanuc right there just appeasers like vash is always warning about how you can't appease right-wing bigots like when he had blair white on his channel he was telling her that all she does is she appeases these right-wing bigots when all he does is he's a pieces she won't head right it's exactly what he does he's an appeaser – he just when it comes to him he's fine with it because there's sycophants to think they can use shoe to make themselves more popular and help their cause but I see right the fuck does bullshit alright myth cringe yep shoe clearly has daddy issues I don't hate her for having daddy issues like I like women with daddy issues cuz that a lot of women have that and I definitely benefits me I do way better now than I ever did when I was in my 20s so ain't gotta Hale it's the fucking daddy issues that's for sure that's a pretty filter I look all cute and shit don't you scrolling down you should stupid fucking thing I'm trying to scroll down the bottom here it ain't working this is stupid fucking thing scroll there you go it's still not scrolling I wanted to find the one where I'm a piece of bacon I want to be baking it quick alright I would just be a flaming fucking skull right quick so let me check the superchips before we continue on with the ship hey dusty what do you think lives under dim Tools beanie I'll show you what I think lives in her den – blue baby I'll show you exactly let me see if I can find it here where is it okay well maybe I'll come across it organically it's in here somewhere I will come across it in a second you have to say good question let's put that on hold for a second they probably got to talk about getting the left to admit they're wrong probably I'm gonna nose maybe she own hair we'll use this event to own up to all her mistakes maybe we should be like yeah I would like to talk about how I call Leslie Jones an ugly gorilla and I was totally fuckin racist and had her flip fleeting from the internet yeah maybe we should say hey I was wrong for a platforming lauren souther and who went on to inspire mass shooters who knows maybe me saying this will force her to do that but if she doesn't do that that even looks even worse like it's gonna be so such a fucking farce if she doesn't do that myth I'll do five dollars and thinkin ISM argument is simple oh who can should avoid meat but if you're if being vague and hampers your useful work it's not immoral to eat meat individually if being vegan hampers your useful work how it being vegan hamper your useful work I don't understand that why would being vegan affect your work whatsoever don't get it but thank you for that appreciated dee-dawg $10 but you did say it but since you were quote mocking Blair who says that all the time I think it's a pass I was okay I guess I was quoting I usually don't say it like to describe I used to say it because like I watch I've watched every episode of RuPaul's Drag Race and for years and years and years that word was just a staple of the show they said it to just describe themselves and each other and it was no big deal now I've noticed she quit doing that in the last few seasons cuz I think she took a lot of shit for it and she's starting to realize that I think I have a problem with it but yeah I used to use it just like she did not anything it was a problem but I'm learning like everybody else I'm learning same thing about this gender stuff like I've never had to hang around a lot of non-binary and transgender people you know I'm Mississippi it's not a whole lot of spiel around here because they're not accepted here I've never had to deal with ease issues and stuff so I'm a newbie at all this I'm way open to learning about all this and being wrong and you know I'm admitting when I am okay Beth haltingly sin dollars Thank You Beth very County appreciate that James mall on five dollar super Chad is more than a treat super Chad helps puppies eat super Chad is what dusty needs super Chet buy some weed um true I don't really buy weed anymore because uh I have somebody that's very very cool that hooks me up now for free but yes it does pay for a lot of shit around here and it doesn't and almost you know all my money goes to the animals I think I made eighteen thousand last year and ten of that went to the animals so the vast majority of my money goes to the animals and it's fine like I love spending money I'm animals like I I don't need anything for me really like I have everything I need so it's fine as long as I have food in my belly and I can afford to feed the dogs I'm cool rod Clark here's a fiver dusty as long as you promise to do one of your secret streams from gaming doing Red Dead Redemption online one of the best online parts on Xbox all right well I have that game on check it out I played it and i beat the game but I never played online because I didn't know what the appeal to that would be but if you guys want to see me do that I will definitely do that thank you for that ride Clark I appreciate it alright so this happened here in Mississippi I don't if you guys saw this one so this happened ah god damn this is so embarrassing like these people you wonder why Mississippi has such a bad reputation it's cuz a redneck fucks like you keep giving us a bad reputation we're not all like this but there's so many here that are still fucking like this it's just so disappointing so apparently these fucking shithead Ole Miss frat boys went out to a sign of I think it's Emmett Till and shot it up and then posed in front of it I know they're gonna say they didn't shoot it up but it has bullet holes all over it and they're sitting there posing in front with guns so it's clear they want you to believe they shot it up if they didn't shoot it up either way fucking dickheads three University of Mississippi students have been suspended from their fraternity house and face possum investigation by the Department of Justice after posing with guns in front of a bullet-riddled sign honoring slaves Civil Rights icon Emmett Till one of the students posted a photo to his private Instagram account in March showing the trio in front of the roadside plaque camera commemorating the site where tills body was recovered from the Tallahatchie River the 14 year old black youth was tortured and murdered in August 1955 an all-white all-male jury acquitted two white men accused of the slaying so of course white fucking racist assholes have to go shoot it up right for why like what I don't even understand what the thought process is behind this because this black guy deserved to get murdered for being blacker like I just are you just trying to be piece of shit like somebody explain this to me I don't even get it like these are the same people that say well we're not racist with him why'd you do this what is the point in this I think it's obvious I mean the obvious is racist pieces of shit like I don't know what other takeaway you could have from that but I'm sure if ass they would have one wish Ida who these guys were so I go ask them directly but anyway you can see if he'll be gone and shut this shit up they've shot up the Emmett Till plaque and it's just so fucking depressing dude like it's it's 2019 it's its current year and this kind of shit is still fucking going on in Mississippi we have to do better than this folks Mississippi is a laughingstock we have to fucking do better than this we have to hold other people accountable more than this you know least ever suspended at least people are calling this out now so I guess that's better than it was in the past but still real disappointing to see this kind of behavior in the modern era and in case you had missed it in case you hadn't seen it rather there's two neo-nazis running around and they're homicide suspects in Canada right so next time Canadian shitheads like armored skeptic try to tell you that and TVs much more funny than white supremacist nah motherfucker you were whitewashing white supremacist violence this is happening all over the fucking place as we pointed out time and time again white supremacy violence is skyrocketing I think that they were responsible for 75% of domestic terrorism in United States in 2017 so getting worse not getting better I'm a sexy cat look at this wrong but anyway watch out Canada even got those shitheads up there don't you let's see how far we enter they aren't into the show right now um all right about an hour into the show like I said we're gonna do a two-hour show tonight we're gonna start doing shorter shows I think because three hours is a bit much the pacing of the show it's almost like doing a rock concert because I'm talking real fast I'm talking nonstop and going from topic to topic topic and after three hours I'm fuckin exhausted man so I think two hours is probably better the last show I was just I was kind of brain-dead up to three hours like I was just reading the shit now I couldn't think of anything to say because my mind was mush at that point so unless what you guys had to say maybe they can't read possibly but they're Ole Miss students I'm sure they knew what the fuck was going on James Randi is really the modern the father of modern skepticism I don't know he's the father of modern skepticism he's the father of regular like skepticism the modern shit is a horrible I don't think he'd even wanna be associated with it honestly dusty is getting old I know right dusty yo getting rusty why are you playing those video games oh this fuck I agree two hours is good threes a little hard to sit down and watch all the ones agreed two hours I think is a good limit for this show but you know we're still figuring it out we're still getting our feet wet we're new to this so hopefully it will be perfect someday till was tortured and murdered for whistling at a white girl he would be 78 now man that's so fucking depressing to think about it's like black Wall Street the most successful neighborhood in the history of America the most successful black neighborhood in history of America was basically fire bombed by planes and burn completely down because supposedly a black man flirted with a white elevator so they burned down the entire fucking neighborhood of the richest and most wealthy black people in the world like this America folks this is America bitches be trippin yo I love auntie Flo I'm not that big of a fan of auntie Flo but at the same time like you looking auntie feels like rallies and shit they do they're basically it's like a big fucking party but they have EDM music and they're out dancing and shit I'm not a big fan of them punching people because all does is it plays right into the people their punches hands and uses it and they use it to make the left look that like they're evil and violent shit when it's actually the right that is mostly evil and violence so it's a counterproductive in my opinion oh yeah I'm a kitty I'm so pretty all right let's see what else we got here listen from Jackson white oh my god so we saw about some toxic masculinity man there's a prime fucking example of toxic masculinity so this guy gets a fucking flesh-eating virus right starts rotting his skin away and he's like no I'm not going to the doctor cuz I'm a man I'll do with this myself who needs doctors doctors are for fucking women I'll be fine let me read you this shit get off Newsweek a Florida man who contracted a flesh-eating bacteria infection on his buttocks is on the mend after enduring six life-saving surgeries in six days Mike go crazy 68 who lives in Citrus County became ill following am a vacation to st. George Island and Oh God Apalachicola and inlets of the Gulf of Mexico during the trip he entered the warm water for swimming according to his wife he exited with a disease known as necrotizing fasciitis Oh Grady todat WFLA he initially resisted seeking metal medical assistance after a boil appeared on his blue buttocks but asked his wife to take him to the hospital after the situation became unbearable it got worse as every day went by but I was being a man I decided not to I I decided I decided it's going to be okay I don't want anyone to go looking god I don't anybody see my ass rotting off that would be embarrassing I'll be fired he said an interview it was very very intense I made my buttocks we're swelling up I look like JLo but I went to the hospital already said so dudes if the fucking flesh is rotting off your body go to the fucking hospital man it's not fucking manly to die of flesh-eating bacterias and this is the kind of thing we talk about all the time we're this kind of attitude what their shirt things about I've got a beer man I don't want to complain I just sit here and die well yeah dudes do die all the time from stupid shit like this they fucking die because they believe this is what it's like to be manly and it's not man this is toxic masculinity this is why men live shorter life span than women do this is why their jobs you're far more dangerous you know it's amid stupidity so let's this is kind of disgusting I warn you this is nasty but look look what had happened in this guy before he finally with the hospital and quit being a murdered Walton was on he was about 20 miles off the coast of Palm Harbor in the Gulf when he thinks he was punctured by a fishhook yeah I got real lucky on this one Mike can tell the story but so can the photos I had like little blisters starting to form on my hand and you could just literally watch them look like sweat beads coming up on the back side of the hand and then they just turned black the pictures are hard to look at but important to show what can happen as the flesh-eating bacteria went up his hand when you look down you can see your own attendants and the back of your hand and your meat and your bone going up your arm that makes it real that's not good maybe I should just be a total pussy and go get sick Kara before I die no dude cut it out the toxic masculinity it doesn't make you a man to die of treatable illnesses idiots all right hard to believe this is real but I get it I get it fucking god of this universe who was clearly programming this simulation that I man I understand that this is a parody that I'm living in and shit like this just makes it all the more real to me this is a person literally running for off as a Republican against this and english-language folks she doesn't speak any other languages except for English [Applause] [Applause] okay thank you for that whatever that was I mean at least she has a nice body I'll give her that that's a really tight dress so uh but goddamn I understood maybe three of those words I know that she loves freedom of speech so that's good but god damn it how was this real life folks every episode like last episode I was getting depressed but I'm kind of getting over that now it's all just too stupid to take seriously anymore you know now I'm just like okay this is it's absurd it's absurd why don't even make you depress when it's so fucking up sir life is just too up sort of take seriously so just let it just roll off your back don't worry about it too much and sometimes I have to watch stuff like this just to make me feel better though I like seeing this wholesome type of shit apparently this guy hasn't seen his brother in 20 years and and so he walks up behind my he's waiting for his bag and he's just standing right behind him and he doesn't know he's there so heartwarming how close could I stand to him before he'll even notice he finally turns around like oh wait I know you asshole and they embracing a big fuckin hug they're clearly really happy to see each other and that's just horrible now I see that that kind of reminds me of what happens on my show Wednesday I did a six hour livestream and I went through my private messages because I had nothing to hide so I was showing everybody the private messages I got and I was scrolling through and I came across one private message that I never read I didn't know like at first I clicked on it and I didn't realize who it was from and I started reading it and I realized it was from my real-life brother he had sent me a message several months back apologizing for blocking me and shit and explaining that he blocked me because he really loves Putin and he was mad at me for suggesting Putin had something to do with helping Donald Trump get elected and he was like I just fucking blocked you man because you were shitting on Putin and I can't have you shit on Putin but I don't really have anything against you but don't fucking talk about Putin man my brother like married a Russian girl he like went over to Russia and actually pay for him to go to Russia I was like what have you stabbed with a bunch of money and his life wasn't doing so well and I felt bad for him and he met this girl internal Russia so I gave him some money to go over there and meet her anyone over there and he married her and he brought her back over here and shit so really fucking loves Russia so much that he blocked me for talking about about Putin but apparently I have messaged him back yeah I need to do that I forgot about that but apparently he wants to be friends again after he blocked me for a couple years over that shit so anyway I cut reminds me that not quite as wholesome but a similar god this is uh this is real life folks this is our real life number one news organization in America right now this has the highest rating of any news quote/unquote show and this is the kind of things they say on American news we were all in high school we were in college when we had these waiting wait when I was waiting tables unless you're a very fine restaurant most of those people at the fine restaurants that is their career but they make tons of money if you're working at a McDonald's or a small little restaurant where you're making tips you're right if you're nice to the people you make a lot of money absolutely the restaurants can hear about your new wife right so yep you know all those McDonald's employees make it all those tips for how nice they are to people like seriously folks these guys have rich assholes I don't even do their own grocery shopping you think this chicks ever been a McDonald's in her life clearly not they don't fucking make tips at McDonald's dumbass like how fucking out of touch do you have to be I guess you dis out of touch I think the most out of touch people in the history of the world I guess that's my other on my television only number one news channel in the world right I get it fuckin programmer I get it it's a comedy it's a parody I'm not taking it seriously anymore God message received Oh God you gotta watch out for you and this is an awesome fucking video I love this so uh this white guy is basically ragging on this black teenager because he's claiming he dented his car and your nerve respecting me enough supposed to be more respectful to me in this black kids being totally fucking respectable why this news being a fucking dick to him and this black kid owns the fuck out of him in such a marvelous way let's watch it know what my name is Timmy right here do come on you can't see that I can what are you talking about you good it's are we calling the police tiller with you could've said hey sorry about that and we do not all throat our separate wait always been out of the card saying oh there's no death I didn't do that oh dude we fuckin playin man you just put wood I don't even know what that you're talking about there's only one debt there dude all right can you something you bet you it's right here dude I'm over here on the side you see where I'm forked right tell me is that over here where you're talking about you're right you're all the way over here I agree dude all the way little bit weird no I said shut your door a little bit so we can look at golf or you could have said I know your hands but your parents didn't bring you up that way to do somebody's car you get in the car like nothing's wrong and he's a to me knock the phone out of my hand do what sir you just said then I hit right here around it doesn't even hit over there it's all the way right here so please tell me what death did I put right here [Laughter] no you said you were gonna do it just have a little kind of curses all man hey man just go on with your day I'm not even worried about that dude that fucking perfectly just have some common decency you have common decency dude threatened to call the cops and then your so-called cop see you call it what the fuck would I call the cops you dumbass you just saw a black head and you thought he didn't have no respect for me you kid y'all account for me fuck you nobody gives a shit about your fat white ass fuck off and it owns you and now two points of a million people have seen him fucking own you and I hope a goddamn billion people see your dumb ass get fuckin owned you're the one should have some fucking respect motherfucker and let's see what you guys had to say about all this shit check out the turret yeah he does look raise this raise his foot race is gonna braces she should apologize for something you didn't do do it I know seriously you're black and I'm white why are you not apologizing cuz fuck you that's why there's no dead I know right the fucks are all these people mmm yeah got a such a rapscallion another Florida man no logic behind racism that's true racist oh man respect my authority craziness so mixed up you guys heard about this fucking Kathy Griffin bullshit man Kathy Griffin got cancelled harder than Voss yesterday Kathy Griffin needs to shut up her fucking Bose the clown mouth she going out there talking shit about Bernie Sanders for no fuckin reason it is not going over well she got ratio to fucking back so uh I guess we'll look at some of the fucking comments people say people making fun of her well they first play the clip I guess and then I'll read you what everybody's saying about her I just don't think a woman could be could be truck yeah and you know Bernie I in correct I don't believe Bernie's ever passed a bill and I I'm I don't like the Bernie bros I'm sorry they're like Trump errs they come at me and they threaten me in the same way and I don't like that base I don't like and I don't trust ya Rose Bernie supporters were definitely the same as truckers aren't we exactly the fuckin same how about fuck you how about that so clearly that didn't go over where well Jake Flores says poor people should die because someone was mean to me on the internet some dumbass celebrity up was exactly riding Kathy Griffin Oh why she doesn't like Bernie Sanders I'm already ready for that anyway um let me show you some other people shitting on her over this just as they should this one from a Beth Lynch do you even hear yourself people are actually dying from having to ration their insulin and she's basically Kathy Griffin it's not taking the shitting on her very well and so she's like disrespectful male white privilege fuck I have been through a series of events that are bigger less predictable but than any of the storms you have followed I have made a documentary that is playing in 700 theaters across the u.s. first you could only dream of relevance damned how can you make yourself look like any more of a fucking cunt and I'm sorry for using that word describe a woman I apologize but holy shit it fits here damn she got fucking ratioed hard for her fucking bullshit and say if I can see it did she delete that and I'm she didn't delete it um I can't see the comment somebody comments I mean she got ratio to fucking back and people are shitting on her all over the place and she's trying to play the victim like her lives hard your fucking life in hard got him Kathy Griffin you're a fucking millionaire I used to watch your fucking reality show all the time you walking around your big-ass fucking mansion and shit don't act like you've had a fucking horrid life you didn't got a fucking clue but having a hard life is I don't either but I fucking found a way harder life than you have and I my life's been easy a shit man snowflake snowflake out of snowflake horns I'm a fucking deer y'all cuz this is the future and shit and here's one from Devin Nunes oh shit just two guys to show you speaking of Fox News they're basically in charge of the government right now these people in our government they basically just pair it word for word whatever they hear on fox news let's have a listen welcome everyone to the last gasp of the Russians of collusion conspiracy fusion GPS funded by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign his lover basically media operation conspiracy theory is now dead is dead so yep just outright fucking blatantly copying everything they here from Fox News that's what the President does do right Fox News is running our country right now they've been running it for years and that's the super bizarre parody world we live in I got you you up there good one god and here's one from Nancy Goodman no this one's hilarious so this woman I guess came across these two black women who were being too loud and she decided they were being loud and they were black and they truly offended me with their loudness and their blackness so I had to use the worst word in the history of mankind to put them down with what should I apologize for that I think that's completely justified to use the most dehumanizing word in the human language to shit on some people they're loud you were ten yo I have anxiety okay they made me say the n-word but shit nobody made you say that but anyway nothing good god thank you for letting me be a part of this comedy masterpiece you have created I know yours one from Catalina what's up Catalina anti-gay GOP state representative resigns amid allegations of grindr of hookups for the nine year old Tennessee State Representative we really hit on man 40 years younger sucka I know you're now going what I can't believe this anti-gay GOP politician was actually gay no way but yep obviously we talked about this over and over again it's the same thing we always say just hypocrites they're self-hating what can you say right they don't like the feelings that they have they don't like how they were born and because of self-loathing they have to try to shit on people that remind them of who they are but you know it doesn't change who you are dude it doesn't change that you're gay it you can hate on gay people all you won't do it doesn't change the fact that you yourself are fucking gay you would be so much happier if you just embraced it right but maybe you all down maybe he's maybe he's gonna resign and just suck dicks all day and I highly recommend you do that state representative Bill Sanderson so all the fucking dicks you can get your hands on and your mouth on for that matter read the Jets any super Jets I know eugenics is bunk science can we just double check on these fools I know right I mean I'm not all that against eugenics in the future maybe if we can like get rid of the Republican gene just like edit that out using CRISPR or some shit boom all for let's make that happen replace the Justice Democrats yeah no thanks I know right justice chromecast about the best thing we've had in politics in a long fucking time no doubt no no wonder why they wanna get rid of it thank you for that Piero tattoos 292 46 $5 the woman who accused till a few years back admitted she lied about him whistling at her so he was literally killed for nothing man that's how that pisses me off that kind of stuff let me cry to think about so I'm gonna move on Oh people think I'll fake good does to you just pretend to be a good person you just pretended you do know this stuff a good person would do because you're pretending all right well maybe but like I ain't pretending the stuff will make me cry Henry Marat $20 hey Thank You Henry I appreciate that very generous hey dusty have you heard of Bart Ehrman he is a famous atheist historian of early Christianity he wrote a book explaining why Jesus actually existed so he might be able to convince you you should check about all right I'll check you know I am open-minded I have yet to see I've done a good deal of research into this too so I'm not really sure what evidence he put forth that would convince me that I haven't already seen like TJ put out a an argument before that I didn't find very compelling either and it may be the same argument this guy pull it out but I'll check it out I'm totally fucking open to being wrong about it and if there's evidence I'll definitely review it and take it into consideration and thank you for that Henry I appreciate that Larry banks just got on was washed his joke more on the non serious side trying to act like anti trans people for a joke or was it serious is it that bad well he was arguing with trans people so he's he was obviously annoyed with trans people and when he was saying pretty much every time I talked to these uh liberals who were irrational with their trans people I think he was been fairly serious about that so it's pretty clear that he was annoyed with trans people when he was making those jokes but at the same time it was also clear that he's fuckin jokin I mean Foster's smoking out gets trans rights a bunch of times right so more than I have so bad jokes is what it is but still like it's just jokes Bru that's not an excuse to me anymore you know that's that's what people say to allow themselves to go bad behavior and that's what people say to get away with actual racism and transphobia I'm not saying that he did that I'm just saying other people do that too and they use people like him as an example and showed up a high behind and it's now in my opinion it should be called out and the people should have him for it it's fine it was like dude you should be able to make any joke you want to you can't make any joke you want to and you can also take shit and criticism for the jokes you tell you know just because you can do something doesn't mean you're not supposed to take criticism for it you're not immune to criticism just because you taught a fucking joke so yeah say whatever you want to say and then if people should own you for it you know the system works right Oh her deathbed the woman said she lied about – oh yeah I know right I just told me that man that's fucking I'm not surprised I think the woman that that said the the black guy hit on her in the elevator and they burned down the entire black Wall Street neighborhood that is literally the only neighborhood in the history of the country that was bombed by an airplane by other American citizens was this black neighborhood black Wall Street because of kill everybody fucking don't think that the things that happened the past have no bearing on the present right like all the years the hundreds of years of oppression and demonization and you know burning down their neighborhoods and excluding them from things like the Homestead Act and the GI Bill and redlining and all this shit doesn't snowball it add up to create the situation we have right now this is a this is an argument that me and atheism is unstoppable had one time where his whole thing is well black people we have equal rights now nothing that happened in the past has any effect on the Kurd so they had no excuse and I'm like dude that may be the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard another human being saying my life that the fucking past shit doesn't have an incredible fucking affects on the present and the future and I tried to explain it to him that you know the shit that happens in the past have a ripple effect and those ripples they ripple throughout time and they have you know an effect today and he started making fun of me yeah you believe in ripple Tom Tillis will ripple Tom does D I'm like there you're literally too dumb to even argue with like thinking that shit that happened the past doesn't have any effect on the present I mean how could you be that fucking stupid but yeah he's racist that's how because i'm a racist shit head that's what he should have said it's exactly the reason Oh Oh Alice said don't Eddie because you said you're gonna have to in the cod caste why are you so virtuous nowadays I have the same opinion as you but not the same anger right I don't want to quit doing the show folks but like I have to make enough money to live off of them if I can't do it doing the show I have to go do something else and like it's frustrating because Crowder makes more in one show than I make in a year because people support him heavily and I think this is a I think this shows better Lee Crowder I think they're doing you know 80 shows a year should lead me the exact same support that when Crowder show does that'd be nice but I don't know it's just I don't hate I don't I hate this folks I hate bitch and ask for when I hate it like it's it kills me inside to do this so anyway thank you I appreciate that J and I already read that doesn't give me another $20 thank you pop costly rough night Paul Thompson Paul the Ronson even cooler didn't you know Cornel West was on Joe Rogan yeah I didn't watch the show but I did know that he was on there another Joe Brogan said he was a big fan of Cornel West the other day and will you watch it and consider on commenting on Joe's reaction to socialism Thanks okay well what was his reaction was it did Joe have a good take on it or was it a shitty take that I need to take him down for so let me know but I'll check it out and thank you for that man I appreciate that had more like Bud dim 302 I will appreciate that and Amy Morrison gave me a dollar thank you Amy appreciate that that's very very kind and dee-dawg 2015's a shout out to Megan Nicole give her a donation for her surgery to get her face healed otherwise she'll get the surgery without Anastasia in a stage of anesthesia who is Megan Nicole I don't know who this person is I'm out of the loop on this I hope this is not a porn star that's gonna get me fucking banned Megan Nicole American singer-songwriter she pretty what happened to her alright I don't know oh the person before they asked me what is tim pool wearing under the beanie we found out finally somebody got a picture of him without the beanie and it turns out it's horrible horrifying no wonder he wears the beanie all the time but uh must interfere with his breathing and shit anyway creepy I think I have a fucking filter like that too on her somewhere let me change the filter while I'm at it what else do I want to be today I couldn't find the fucking bacon when did I forget the fucking mark the bacon one that was so cool I wanted to be a piece of bacon and mmm let's see here yes just go back to some star freckles or some shit be pretty circles all right and here's something kind of funny I talked about this on my last show about how I never blocked anybody I've been years and years for my big thing is I don't block anybody I take on all comers Pocoyo you're not gonna make me Bop you but what happened was is that trolls from around the internet who get blocked on everybody else's streams and Twitter's and Facebook they also talk to each other and realize that they basically have a safe space on my social media was the one place they won't be blocked no matter how shitty they behave no matter what they say no matter how they treat me they won't be blocked so basically not organically it's not just the normal amount of trolls I would have had regularly but almost every fuckin troll they could find out about me starts flooding me and flooding my livestream with bullshit and so I realize how toxic the environment I was creating and also I'm actually providing a platform for the shitheads to spread transphobia and racism and stuff without blocking them and no it's kind of my bad especially toxic masculinity on my part I think I why I refuse to step up and actually block people who do that well here's the thing I finally after years and years and years blot one person on Twitter and I announced that I bought the person and as soon as I block that one person something really amazing happened like my twitter feed became a hundred percent more positive like trolls just stop being so rude to me stop shitting on me stop fucking trolling so bad I guess once they finally realized that I would block people all I had to do was make an example out of a one fucking person and the entire landscape changed so literally I was prepared to start blocking people all over the fucking place but I literally just had about one person and the entire landscape changed so that's pretty cool I still only have one person blocked and that's all I made in the block and I bought other people I need to but apparently just making an example up one motherfucker was enough so that's pretty cool oh my god did I just shut my fucking shit now damn it dusty my fucking bookmarks I wanted to go through and delete some of the shit out there eventually so anyway I put this tweet about how I just bought my first person ever on Twitter damn that kind of felt good so uh TJ came and he uh he made a little comment on this let me see if I can find it and TJ commented good let the hate flow through you dusty good and then I posted I'm ten seconds away from using a bot to block all your friends that's what he did to me he blocked like forty five hundred people on Twitter they were all following me he blocked everybody that was following me except for me and he blocked like tons of people who were actually giving him money on patreon all that shit so I based I'm just making fun of that and then he was like do it do it so I know it sounds weird but I actually think TJ likes me and I don't really hate TJ or anything we're we're kind of frenemies but we're not we don't really dislike each other and we're off it's almost like a friendly type rival in a way I like to dunk on TJ because I think it's funny and he makes it really fucking easy especially like when they say stuff like how do you know troops gonna do what he says is gonna do so like that I just have to make fun of about that but ultimately like me and TJ had more in common than not and I do disagree with him about a bunch of shit I'm more than willing to call him out on anything I think he's wrong about or when I think he's being a shithead to trans people and stuff but ultimately like our beef is not really that serious in my opinion I don't really have beef in it like even I'd be fishy own head it's not that serious like you think I really hates you on hand no I just like she does a lot of shit that I think she should own up to and I think she could do a lot of fucking good if she would just correct the record and use her fuck us as a teachable tool and and whatnot and so I'm trying to encourage her to do that and stuff but you think I really give that much of a fuck no I don't who knows maybe we'll be friends someday I don't know idea I don't I don't write that off as an impossibility though and anyway speaking of TJ remember what he used to give shoutouts apologize of Watson well this is the reason you don't do that fucking apologize was and it's so fucking racist every chance he can get to point out something bad a person of color is doing he does it you know meanwhile in London pontius Watson carefully selects another video of people of color committing acts of violence he does it over and over again meanwhile in London here's a black person doing something wrong meanwhile in London here's another black person who's at the ground mingi and letting it a black budget black people doing stuff wrong meanwhile in London black folks oh my god the blacks oh my god the brown people but got the immigrants could you take everything for my light be afraid of the brown people is what he does right he just spreads fear hatred towards minorities and immigrants and people were roaring for it constantly constantly this guy is a multimillionaire probably makes a million dollars a year adores you like this and it could make you depressed if you let it but don't just know that it's too absurd to take seriously and just call out call out as much you possibly can but try not to let it get you down because then you'll open your veins up in a warm tub and that's not good this one's from godless Jessica that's another one from Paul Joseph Watson hard to believe this is true folks but it is punch is what says war a parent appears to drive down suicide rates because it gets people come and purpose what is our common purpose today that's right we need war to make people not have suicide I know this person says coltd st puts it logic by the way the correct answer will the correct answers we're fighting Nazis and we're fighting for jobs aplenty and the rise of the middle class mobility today and we're fighting global warming we're fighting all this shit we have capitalist hegemony capital reality corporatism and alienation that's what we're fighting today we don't need war dudes seriously Paul but I don't think Paul would mind for that much long as we fight the brown people he's always trying to make people fear so much what you guys have to say D dog $10 different woman she fell and hurt her face leaving her all sorts of broken bones and she had pain throughout her head and shoulders secular talk covered okay to hear about this and I'm sorry to hear about that condolences to her and I wish her a speedy recovery thank you for let me know about that autumn potato dusty Megan is a friend of calculus he he asked people to donate to her first surge okay I did not know that thank you for telling me that you people should donate to make it so she can have surgery and I'm sorry to hear about what happened to her and kudos to Cal kolinsky for looking out for his buddy and his friend appreciate them till jump-started civil rights so it's not all bad well it was all bad for till I'm sure he wasn't worried about it but yes at least some good come out of it that's about all you can do when when tragedies happen like this you just kinda try to have to do the best you can to find the silver lining so you don't get so fucking depressed so yeah it came out at but still fucking horrible Larry banks gave me $10 and he said what do you want YouTube to be a public service like many youtubers want where corporations won't screw with them even if it lets people with controversial ideas run free should it be US public way I used to think that we shouldn't nationalize YouTube and Facebook and everything but here's the thing even if we do nationalize that I still think they're gonna ban Nazis and shit I still think it's gonna be such thing as hate speech I just think it's gonna be more complicated and get tied up into the sport in the course so I don't think the United States government wants any part of this and so I don't think they're ever gonna nationalize this shit so I had mixed feelings about it but it's a good question it's something definitely think about double check she reached the go okay good yay hope let's get the surgery she needs feel bad for a poor woman Godspeed and next up from Kevin that wasn't from Kevin it's rocky racoon oh shit you guys hear about this one this is real funny so apparently I guess turning-point and off this Turning Point USA or it was some conservative organization they they had Trump visit and while he was visiting one of their technical people they shined this presidential seal behind him on the wall and they got fired for it because apparently they went on the internet and they got this presidential seal off there and they did not notice that the person was still they used is actually making fun of Trump like the one they used it has a two-headed Eagle which is the eagle that's on the flag of the Russian the Russian flag to make fun of him and instead of holding 13 arrows or whatever it is he's holding a bunch of fucking golf clubs and shit and so person totally didn't notice but fired love to say that that's pretty fucking funny exactly what Trump deserves to get trolled by his own fucking people on accident' and everybody wonders why gays are still fighting for their rights everybody's still wondering why gays have gay pride of the United States and here's the thing gay pride the United States it doesn't just affect the people in rent states being totally open about homosexuality and normalizing it in America helps normalize it worldwide because we are you know the trendsetters of the world so when you wonder what do they still need a prize they have all the same rights everybody had well for one reason they're trying to be a beacon to the rest of the world we're in Russia LGBTQ activist is killed after being listed on gay hunting website this is the kind of shit that's still going on in the world gay people are still being murdered simply for how they were born and so yes dude we still need civil rights for gays and gay pride is still completely understandable and so you guys get out there and do whatever you can to let the no world know that you're here you're queer and I gotta get the fuck used to it and still great next oh shit guys know who I in Mouse Chong is probably the chubbiest shut of all the choice he's King Jude don't know if anybody I can think of it's a bigger fucking shut than imc is but he's like I've always been urged by the term pansexual and the people who label themselves that because it also includes attraction to children and animals oh my fucking god you goddamn idiot no it fucking doesn't dude heterosexuality is about being attracted to women does that include children versus hey yeah I'm heterosexual means attracted to people of the opposite sex in theory that includes children you know you identify as heterosexual right are you a pedophile please answer just so embarrassing dude like how can you get more embarrassing than this guy is he just self owns every fucking day and of course people don't own him left and right about this pansexual literally means the romantic and sexual attraction to somebody regardless of biological sex a gender or gender identity pedophilia and bestiality are not LGBTQ they're a pair of filius and crimes stop lying and pushing bigoted narratives ant-man and fuck dude like seriously pansexual not limited in sexual choice with regards to biological section or gender identity like you know how Google works right you you can type in things and read correct but does they matter like I'm sure whose original let's say I'm sure he's originalist we got like a thousand times or two thousand times or I'm sure he got rewarded for it let's see mm-hmm doesn't matter what the fuck you say if you're a right-wing should you'll still make money get it supported for only 960 which is still more than I get on 99.9% of the stuff I tweet so but it did get ratio 615 comments to 960 likes is a pretty horrible ratio so ratio that stupid fuck into the ground to please and let's see what the chat has will say you guys at the sandwich at LGBTQ people can be fired and evicted in 23 states I know Mississippi is one of them they definitely still need to fight for their rights we still need it we got understand this damn dude that is an old-school reference I don't know what you're talking about but I'm gonna say probably I'm an old-school motherfucker if you're even talking to me um I love every kind of cat me too my girlfriend hates hairless cats though she thinks they're disgusting and like monsters and I think they're kind of cute I gotta like them but nope can't even fucking picture hey coltd I see the Supreme Court just gave dropped 2.5 being redirect for the ping on frisk wall great amazing exactly what the fuck we need waste more money on that bullshit and get him another win but you know what you gonna do it's a comedy life's accommodate can't take a do seriously just got a crude grin and Barrett move on I guess um Steven Seagal is going to make an appearance later on what the wall indie a Russian citizen now I think he has dual citizenship with Russia now he's like a huge buddy of Putin even though he's like a thousand years old talk about maybe an old Steven Segal there's a real ancient motherfucker all right the show what time is it oh shit the show's almost over fuck I only got about ten minutes we got to hurry up all right get on your super chats now please folks last chance to ask me any question you want to or make any comment or give a shout-out to your buddies or just give me money for the dogs and cats do it alright here's something funny that Vadim by the way Vadim has a new video out you just go look real quick show you what this video vide and put out yes I think it's about I don't think I know it's about it's about the majority report watched one of its creationist cat videos which is a really good video he did about Dave Rubin and so he wants to go check out and I recommend go check it out because uh he's my buddy and I feel bad that I had him on the show and I shit on him really bad I feel bad about how all that shit went down and so please support my buddy buddy anyway he was pointing out which thought that was really funny let me scroll down and I don't show you the clip yet because I want to tell you what he's talking up but he's making fun of how uh ben shapiro was saying i can't suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy a James Bond movie that has a black female double-oh-seven and so I Vadim's dunk it on him sorry but a black female double-oh-seven just screws with stunning sense of realism I've come to expect from Bond films and then he gives this gif as an example and so realistic isn't it boom yep the realism of James Bond we can't fucking interfere with that at all how are you going to enjoy these movies if they're not totally realistic and I know this looks really unrealistic folks but what you have to understand is is that James Bond is putting pop rocks in his mouth right now and then he's drinking sprite so they're like they're like swimming around in sprite and shit so uh and it might be mentos also and i might he thought coke and all that shit it's all that and so that explains why he floated to the senate and exploded but uh you know no black female James Bond hell no too unrealistic and I was gonna play that but I don't know if I've had to straight to play this I was gonna play the the clip where ice goes into this guy's house and they arrest him and they're gonna deport him and strip him away from his family and how his kids and his wife and everybody are crying and they're just heartbroken because basically the Gestapo is ripping family apart and I just I can't play that but it's on I think that's on it's on Stan's crowded if you guys want to see that I gotta hurry up with this because I am running out of time I guess I'll cover the religious bullshit segments next all kinds of religious shit has happened in the last couple weeks so I guess I'll cover it a lot of depressing shit though we're gonna try not to get depressed so in South Dakota they have passed the law but every public school has to have a sign up that says In God We Trust yep fuck separation of church and state you must do this this is a long this is the really important stuff the GOP is handling in the state's right now and they're having to spend tons of money across the state to buy plaques that saying God We Trust cuz every school there's this man and some of the students were like hey well let's do something cool let's let's do something like this and like no it can't be like this it has to say God Oh cuz yep that's the Republican priorities for you they specifically just want to force feed kids Christianity and they can pass laws to do that no one's stopping them but you know what the real problem is blue haired college kids fight they fight of me every day why the Republicans take over everything anyway a former Liberty University's journalist describes the culture of fear and censorship so basically this is an article talking about how Jerry Falwell who is the president of the largest Christian college in the world demanded that they not cover certain stories in their paper because freedom of the press and freedom and you never will ever hear any of the goddamn judge or anti hdw sue constantly talk about how they looked who's free speech talk about these motherfuckers they always want to talk about liberal college campuses but they never want to talk about the problem that happens on the christian college campuses and there's so many christian college campuses and christian regular schools i want to contends of christian schools are growing up almost every school I went to wasn't a Christian school never want to talk about the lack of freedom of speech across the christian campuses nationwide but some blue here college kids I'm gonna cut your paroles gonna show you the double standard they don't really give a shit about the truth they don't really give a shit about which sides are for freedom of speech or not they just want to use this as a tool to beat the left down way I think it clicks and shit we see right the fuck do it it was kind of pressing let me change this filter let's see what filter we want now let's find something cool and pretty how about I'll just be the devil for a second because I'm already the devil I'll go back to be the devil pretty cool filter I like that one and fuck this guy this guy by the way who gave his says his his friend gave his pool boy buddy that he just met a couple million dollars to buy a gay flop house in Florida so now he owns a gay flop house in Florida with his pool boy so deviling nothing Garrick we're about that whatsoever this fucking guy right and we'll skip past that one I was happy to see this story apparently this dipshit dickhead preacher put up a sign in front of his church that said America love it and leave it and so a bunch of his congregation got up and stormed out because I thought he was a racist shit head because he fucking was so at least Christians are doing something right way to stand up for what's right for once Christians I'll give you a pat on the back for that great to see it and this crazy woman wrote a letter to I think the mayor and demanded that this evil satanic statue be taken down which is obviously just fucking spider-man's hands spider-man doing the little and he's got to press the little button on his wrist to shoot his web slinging shit out and but no it's fucking satanic and she says it is a sculpture of two hands open painted red and black and formed into devil horns as she wrote in an email Friday calling the art anti-christian demonic and completely inappropriate for showcase near a family attraction she tamanna the city moved the six-foot spider-man sculpture because it hugely perverse and a hate crime against the church god damn it talk about needing some near-death experiences to get your part worthy stand straight if you see this and you think would be good it's the devil dude but all you can do is smile oh my god oh you're such a character aren't you don't freak out and go crazy about how crazy life is just just take it it's fine and let's see according to this Christian blogger if your husband tells you you're fat you have an obligation to immediately lose weight would you respond if your husband one day look at you and said you eat too much you need to lose weight most woman would be highly offended and angry with their husbands she would even tell him that it's none of their business and they should ask and they shouldn't ask them to do this then they would go to their friends and tell them how unreasonable their husbands are is this a Godley's wife response no a godly wife would tell her husband that she will stop eating so much and began to lose weight so she knows that when she obeys her husband she is obeying God and you wonder why we still need feminism in this country folks we need it because women are literally told that they should be subservient to men still we need it because there is still a patriarchy in our society that is brainwashing women to tell them to basically be slaves to whatever the fuck the men their own relationships tell them to do no this is not okay yes we still need feminism yes PIPA doesn't still is a positive force even in the West motherfuckers all these anti-feminist out there on the wrong side of it and all you feminists out there who are defending and I anti-feminist and you know who you are I'm not really sure you're doing the right thing in my opinion and yeah this protester might want to rethink his sign I know he meant this sign to be against atheist but there are no atheists in hell yeah no shit dude but not for the reason you think right obviously his point is atheist earn he'll know so they know it's real so they're longer atheist but now they're just fucking dad ain't hell so you're right motherfucker but for the very very very wrong reasons and this is a Christian wedding dress maker rejected a lesbian couple no because of Jesus she's like I respect how much you'd love each other but Jesus his love doesn't extend to you so yeah way to represent Christ always showing the love of Christ these motherfuckers aren't they just a present watch and okay this one gonna be man you ready to be man and I've actually heard apologize of Watson say something very very similar to this but it doesn't matter that he spreads misinformation lies all that matters is that it basically goes viral and hurts his enemies or that it's funny so this is a a trump supporter Magga hat cult member explaining why he doesn't give a shit if the things he says are outright lies all he cares about is hurting his enemies and here's what I'm gonna tell you Magga I'm gonna tell this to all you guys it's not your responsibility to correct fake news against your enemies that's the fucking less responsibility some of you guys don't get this you don't know how to fight you're busy being virtuous signaling dickwads alright and I love you but sometimes your virtue signaling dick woggs Tilly why'd you do that news about Liz worn in the mani Pot cuz fuck Elizabeth Warren that's why I told all of you it doesn't have to be true it just has to go viral and I stand by that statement when it comes to our enemies and I'll make my my fucking I'll be okay I'll make my bed I'll lay in it and I'll deal with my my creator I'll say I'm sorry about some of that fake news I spread against terrible people you think that I I know whether Megan Rapinoe is actually a a Satan worshipper of course not of course not I have no idea there's some stuff that makes you wonder there's some stuff that makes you wonder hey makes you look oh she might be a Satan worship do I know that definitively did I did I throw that out there and get it to go viral I had another dipshit yes J tried to he tried to fact check me on that one why are you taking up for Megan Rapinoe why are you defending Megan Rapinoe whether she is or isn't a devil worshiper does it fucking matter to me that dirties piece of shit is a horrible representation the United States of America and our values and if all I've got to do is link together a couple of fucking things that make her look like a Satanist to take some shine off that bitches moment I'll do it every time oh you don't know how to fight and a lot of you don't have the fucking guts to do what I'm doing because frankly you're probably better people than I am yeah I mean he's being totally honest you gotta give him that like this is exactly what they fuckin do they don't give a shit and this is why the right win so much because they don't play by the same rules that we play by look at how Franken Isle Frank resigned because it looked like he was pretending to grab a girl's boobs and pitchers meanwhile Trump is on record like he's been sued for raping a little kid on record saying I grabbed people's pussies I don't even ask for permission nothing happens it's a totally different set of rules these motherfuckers don't give a shit they're just fucking pure evil how do you fight this how do you fight this and keep your moral integrity you just I guess you don't I guess I guess that's why we're losing you know the Democrats get like what 15 percentage points more nationwide votes then Republicans do your Republicans still get more houses maybe some more seats in Congress and shit it's because the rules are not the same for us both they the Christians they don't play by the same rules they don't give a fuck so I give that guy this at least he's fucking honest with it right gotta give him that but at the same time yeah fuck you dude fuck you you piece of shit it also reminds me of a lot of people were mad last week because I was telling people not to go on the non-sequitur show because the guy from the night secre show stole the show from Steve McCray and they're like well you defeated Steve magre I'm not fuckin defending Steve McCray I can dislike Steve McCray and also dislike the motherfuckers who stole from him just because there are all pieces of shit don't mean that mokona not one business shit is defeating another piece of shit right you shouldn't support people of low moral character that was still from other people if they're stealing from people you don't like so fuck Steve McCray and fuck non-sequitur don't go on that show in my opinion if you go on that show you lack moral integrity that it's my opinion but that it's not a defense of Steve McCray at all and we're gonna finish it up with this one yeah I guess I'll finish it up and then I'll finish up with super Jets talking about freedom of speech how come you never hear about this shit for the anti hdwas how come you don't heard Tim Poole talking about how the the ride hates freedom of speech then I'm covered know these fucking anti justice cover the shit unaware of the First Amendment 67% of the GOP say flag burner should lose citizenship how is this not the antithesis of free speech in every way why is no one calling the right out for their hatred or free speech well because like I said like we're talking about for there's double standards there's a different set of rules for them it's the same reason they don't call it out on Christian college campuses it's the same reason that guy which is talking about you know they don't give a fuck they don't have the same standard for the left as they do for the right because they use whatever they can to hammer the left into the ground while letting their buddies and the right get away with fucking murder so I don't know how to fight it I don't know what we can do as good decent people I don't know how you fight lies when you're not willing to lie especially since like the truth doesn't matter to people the truth doesn't have any effect on people they don't care that you're telling me nobody respect you for it that's what I found it's pretty fucking depressing let me find a pretty filter okay that's pretty I'm a flaming heart oh yeah alright last chance get your super chats in gonna end the show but another good one I think I've had a really good time hanging out with you guys I hope you guys have enjoyed the show so for Lonny titer 999 says what's up brother just wondering do you get high before the show or after the show love the show I get high after the show I do not smoke weed from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m. central before the show I take eight hours off I smoke all morning I smoked all last night I'm gonna in the show in five minutes and I'm gonna smoke all fuckin night long but I don't get stoned eight hours before the show because when I do that it just kind of makes me a little bit more loopy and helps me it hurts me basically it makes it harder for me to remember things and it makes me fuck up more even though I fuck up plenty as it is I'm way worse with weed so anyway I appreciate that Lonny I'll smoke one in your honor tonight see Bishop Davis two dollars crowdfunding medicine is not good system is broken yeah I know right it should be paid for already that's just a glaring sign and how broken the fucking system is and it's a shame but you're not at least people are stepping up to help her definitely shouldn't be this way hopefully get burning all of us and change shit even though I'm not optimistic all they can do is try right d-doc 2015 $10 I heard about what the kids think of putting the Bible in schools non-christian kids didn't care and Christians kid hated it because they get enough of it in church yeah like even Christian kids for the most part named for this shit they all know this is a violation of separation of church and state it's just the adults who are trying to push this on children to brainwash them but like having good we chose to know the school's is really gonna fucking affect kids or brainwash them to be more Christians it's just stupid they're like they're so desperate because Christianity is dying they're grasping at straws to try anything they possibly can but it's not gonna work motherfuckers Christianity is gonna die as just a matter of time you're just prolonging the inevitable thank you for that knee dog dr. Marlowe $2 Egan Brno first win Tour de France historical historic thoughts okay I understand some of these words I know what the Tour de France is that's uh bicycles right historic thoughts I don't know what that means I didn't what a thought is that hole over there but anyway thank you for the $2 appreciate that deed outfitting $5 pointing out lies is virtue signalling clicking your heels and throwing your arms up is also virtue signaling depends on the group's virtues I know right before we were on the show there's some guy in the chat talking about how he has passed virtue signaling and he no longer virtues signals he was literally virtue signaling about no longer virtue signaling how can you not see that just crazy no I think you need o to be in three to $35 hmm the truth doesn't matter okay Trump meets pooh pooh pooh pooh pooh trumpets pooh pooh yeah but the thing is even if Trump did eat poo poo conservatives to be like poo poo must be delicious gotta try that shit myself if my Lord and Savior Trump doesn't it's got to be awesome they would defend him no matter what the fuck he did anyway thank you for that plus a crush off six six six nine says dusty gets super stoned on the show oh I will I'm gonna be so fucking stone you can't even believe I'm gonna play my game which is the division to which I bought yesterday and uh pretty fun I enjoy that game I try to play it on screen but only like 60 people watched me so fuck you guys not being interested in watching me play a game it's the least you can do is I'll sit there and watch me play games all day I know I let me check out the regular chat real quick and see if there's any comments that are worth mean talking about Sechrist remake itself okay I will probably know the secret stream today is what Friday maybe I'll do one tomorrow or the next day we'll see do you guys want to check it out I guess you guys prefer like the regular secret streams to the gaming seeker streams it seems like that it's in fact more people watch it when I just basically do a casual strain where instead of playing games I just sit here and I read the chat and I answer every question for free that you guys asked me and then I kind of just start running it and stuff so maybe I don't seem like that since no one likes the gaming shit so anyway that's it folks I sure appreciate you joining me I will be back on Monday 8 p.m. central 9:00 Eastern for another fucking epic show I love you guys I really appreciate the support I'll see you fucking guys soon and as always till next time stay with me well Jack night dudes really appreciate it and love you guys you

50 thoughts on “Vaush "Canceled" After "Jokes" About The Extermination Of Trans People! (CODcast 44)

  1. Mythcon is a travesty. There's two people who staunchly believe there is no institutional racism in america and minorities arent oppressed. Lobotomyinhead & lauraidiotchen… They said this recently even under DRUMPF. People listen to what they have to say who aren't experts on anything?.. Sargon bombed the last time he debated there and the crowd was cheering for him 😕😕
    I just hope more leftists and lefttubers are invited this time instead of 2 or 3 at the most each year smh

  2. 58:34 No Dusty, you don't understand. Those people are right ALL the time so they have no reason to admit to being wrong. The purpose of that panel is to lay a blueprint for us mere plebians to show us how to admit that we're wrong and cave to the high-level ideas of the right.

  3. Thanks for doing the good work Dusty. You are the real deal, a truly decent guy. I was not a believer of objective morality until I found your podcast, now I know the objective standard: you.

  4. I watched one of your shows live a few days ago and Made a few comments and you literally ignored everyone making comments for at least 5 min while I was watching. If you want your viewers to stick around I’d suggest interacting more with the live chat comments. It’s not like you have a ton anyways.

  5. Dusty please research operation m.o.v.e. although this was just a house or compound of some sort not an entire neighborhood black wall Street was not the only one.

  6. Weak. Vaush is openly Bi-Polar, and all Vaush did was disagree with TS and got blocked for it, then made some angry edgy jokes because he was being dog-piled about nonsense. He is one of the most outspoken allies of Trans people, and does a better job than ANYONE getting chuds on the side of trans people. As a marginalized person in my country I would say this cancel culture does the cause WAY MORE damage than some shitty jokes from allies.

    Also the dirtbag left is not equivalent to 4chan morons and racists. They're following in the footsteps of people like George Carlin, one of the greatest purveyors of social justice to have ever existed in pop culture. If you want to alienate a HUGE segment of the population esp. on the internet, then continue to be overly sensitive, tone policing cancel culture soldiers. You won't win the culture war if you cannot get people on your side and only judge these people… They will, as they are, join the right-wing out of convenience.

  7. I subscribed to Vaush just a few months ago, after watching one clip I enjoyed. I watched a few things after that, and he kept rubbing me the wrong way. The histrionics. The vulgarity. The macho posturing. The combative attitude. I started to wonder if subbing was a good idea, but I eventually just stopped watching his stuff. This is the final straw, though. I just unsubbed. Because I really, really, can't stand edgelords. Even ones that agree with me. It's obnoxious. EDIT: This may sound petty, but it also drove me crazy that in EVERY stream of his I watched, he mispronounced several words. Really, badly. Like butchered them. It makes it obvious that as much as he presents himself as an intelligent man (and he is), a lot of the 'big words' he uses are words he only knows from reading them. He's never used them in conversation with well educated people. And conversations with people who are smarter than you is one of the structural pillars of an intellectual life. Maybe he should do that – get out of his bubble and talk to people in real life. It might teach him some humility. Or at least he might learn how to pronounce the words he throws around as if he knows them.

  8. Bart Ehrman does not convince me that Jesus exists. He has videos online, and you can pick up the logical error in his basic argument pretty easily. He's really intelligent, reasonable, and well studied. He's considered an expert in the area, but he just whiffs on the question of Jesus actually existing. It's like he's an atheist who doesn't quite want to go that last final step. Also, pretty sure he calls himself an agnostic, not an atheist. Not sure I'm remembering that right.

  9. He satirely tells people to kill themselves. He even usually states "dont actually do that, thats horrible" after saying it.

  10. Damn dusty fucked this all up. I didn't realize he doesn't care if he knows what he's talking about or not. He's right, that's gonna be an unsub for me boys.

  11. LOL holy shit, that "Minds" panel is one of the ironically funniest things i've seen. They aren't even trying to hide it…"hey MAGA kids, come on out and we'll tell you how the lefties are bad and won't listen to reason" wtf

  12. I don't think it was the actual apology that leads someone like me to forgive people of their ignorance. Like in your case sir, I think the main reason you were forgiven, was clearly because of your actions following all the bullshit. You clearly made a righteous transition. And now you're the fucking man!

  13. Vaush is an opportunist. Could see a fake right away. I read on twitter he blocked his gf on discord and said all ppl on the left are mentally ill, arent the worth the time etc. He responded to pooonhead after she defended him with "dont move left" like it's a business decision or concept. There are alot of rave dubins in leftube. Smdh

  14. Death, divorce, getting fired from a job, and MOVING are listed as the MOST stressful events in a Western Person's life. Vaush is moving, very young, and likely NOT handling it well due to lack of life's-experience. Hopefully, when the dust settles from moving he will wake the fuck up.

  15. Shoe in the head is right-wing. She acts to signal-boost the Right, all the time; she’s hence an agent of the Right, regardless of whether she publicly espouses their positions. Same with Rubin.

  16. Morgane Oger spoke out against Jessica Yaniv. Morgane is LGBQTAI rights activist and a trans-woman. She called Jessica a predator.

  17. Fuck politics. The left cannibalize each other. I would stand up for minorities, but I am imperfect. I also suffer from being white, cis-gendered, straight and worst of all I am a non-drug user.

    Warning: Don't step out of line with the left; If you step out of line, apologize. Then apologize for your apology. Then apologize for your apology for your apology for your apology for your apology and so on.
    O also do this applies to anyone you know or speak to as they step out of line.
    This cancel culture is keeping a lot of people out of leftist politics. Keeping people out of left wing politics will mean the right-wingers will have a much louder voice.

  18. It is quite depressing that the ACA has become a forum for reactionary politics. Even though atheism per se doesn't dictate particular social or political views, it is more logical for atheists to be progressive rather than regressive in humanitarian issues.

  19. This “distancing” thing is very dangerous. This will kill LeftTube, since the algorithm reinforces connections between channels. The Right dominates YouTube largely because they constantly signal-boost each other.

  20. If some of you are going to that event with Tim Pool and Sargon, do not pull off his beanie, record it and post it online. Def dont do that.

  21. I never really understood that fried chicken joke. Everyone loves friend chicken. Vegans love friend chicken, they just choose to abstain due to personal beliefs.

  22. Holly crap are trans people 100% off limits can you not make a single joke about a group of people and not be labeled something?

    Anyone who watches vaush's content knows he isn't transphobic and is infact a defender of marginalized communities.

    He makes jokes who dafuq doesn't. This is why people on the right call us thin skinned because of shit like this.

  23. Vaush being edgy is an attempt to de-convert people from being alt right and give edgy teens an in to liberal/lefty circles. The only issue arises when he doesn't pay attention to who he is directing his edginess to. Nobody should care if you are edgy and insulting to alt right figureheads, because they would be giant hypocrites to complain. Obviously it would be a better world if everybody enjoyed listening to level-headed individuals discussing topics, but we don't live in that world. Kids get slowly converted to alt right from "comedy" channels that dogwhistle white nationalism, sexism, etc. They need a few people who speak their edgy language so that they see you can be, " funny," and left leaning.

  24. The world would be better with out Christian's. Anyone here who agrees with that just advocated for genocide.

  25. Some of the most extreme right wingnuts and most are black people. I'm a progressive black person and I've been accused of trying to be white. I'm also a short person, but the fact that I like basketball doesn't mean I'm trying to be tall.

  26. Bart Ehrman is not an atheist. He is a very liberal Christian. That is a common misunderstanding. His best work is "Misquoting Jesus."

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