Laughter is the Best Medicine


today we’re going to eat meat (ha) kinda nervous I’m kinda…I feel like I’m really nervous actually because i’ve been vegeterian my entire life from the time that i popped out of mom’s vagina i was a vegetarian (lAnguAgE) TRUE growing up my parents were vegeterians and so was I, cause there was no meat in the house so what was I gonna do, like buy it myself when i’m 7 you can’t just walk to the store when ur 7 and buy fucking bacon sO because of that I never ate meat, and that’s like cool like I don’t care so i’ve gone this whole time being a vegetarian If in my life I can’t talk Ethan : You’re scared I know I’m scared of the meat I had this fun idea that, for you, I would try meats for the first time that i never tried now mind you. Yes I’ve been vegetarian my whole life but I have tried a few meats you know cause like sometimes bacon. YoU kNoW wHaT I’m SaYiNg so ive had bacon and then I’ve also had pepperoni on pizza and thats kinda wild you know like it’s rare definitely one of those things where like its the first day of school and like the teacher’s like “okay everybody say a fun fact” and I’m like “I’ve never had meat before” and its like really cool and the whole class is like “oH mY gOd yoU’rE kidDing” and then I get attention for like 20 minutes and then nobody talks to me for the rest of the year like it’s still cool though *American horror story theme song* let’s do it bring it oh I also have my friends here who are going to help me like they picked out meat for me because obviously like naturally I’m not going to like know what to pick out. You know because I don’t know whats good so I have some meaty friends to pick (laughs) Ethan (off camera): Oh my god It;s not here yet. The stuff that I need is not here yet the stuff that I need is not here yet okay well then we’ll wait *waiting music* ethan: waiting *more waiting music* ethan: alright watch us wait for 5 minutes the next 5 minutes of the video is just this *waiting music* ethan: you know people actually click off if i say that *more music* Grayson: bring out the fuckin meat dUdE iTs nOt hErE yEt There’s some meats that are here why can’t i just eat start out with *stutters* because I neEd to. do. it. in order *shook* it needs to be orderly okay since I know this is emma’s first time eating meat i got her the best meats of all time I just don’t like the way that sounds yeah it’s kinda gross i’ll refrain from saying that from now on i gOt EmMa sOmE nOn-vEgEtArIaN oPtIoNs grayson: the cultry grayson: isn’t meat called cultry? dude idk i think sometimes ethan: I don’t know what the fuck you guys are talking about ethan:thats-thats poultry right??? grayson (off camera): oh, poultry is what emma: bLshHHv that’s knifes ethan: that’s cutlery aHh we’re not just gonna get her some fucking like pepperoni from the frozen section at a grocery store if its her first time eating meat that would just be wrong (that’s so rude) I’m gonna blind fold emma While shes- k- I kinda wanna sa- i kno right? right it just sounds wrong no i know ur gonna guess what it is and then we’re gonna do a review on it because you need to have more confidence yea I am So scared *Im so fancy- Iggy azalea* ethan (off camera):CLOSE UR EYES K fuck OK OhMyGoD AAH Just relax Im sory! i’m a lil scard ethan: this is gonna be interesting grayson: can I only be in it this much? yea thats good I’m just like really scared b- honestly im pretty chilled with like trying new foods but I think the thing that i’m like worried about is the fact that like steak makes me want to vomit and die like when I look at it and that’s the one thing i’m scared about *sexual* You’ve never tried it! yea but like *Music* its chickEn ethan: alright first round grayson: wait no you should start with ethan:NO *Bromance* i hate this ew all of it smells weird ethan:omg I can’t believe ur doing this *you put the lime in the coconut* lEt Me JuSt set it up for a nice label ok gud y is he yelling *laughs* NO NOoOOooOOo NoOOOooOO NOoOOOoO NOoOoOOo *regret* dont smell it dont do anything wait I cant smell it? no FUCK ME ethan: Its not gross I do it everyday okay also afjdklsa- yeah but like you’ve been doing it FUCK U No this is actually so terrifying also the more i react and act like annoying the more content i have so just let me have this freak out moment ethan: dont lick it! it feels kinda heavy so i feel like this might be steak and now im scared cause thats the thing i wanted to try the least can i like lick it ethan: NO WHY!? *booing* ew why is it like stringy like why are there like fucking flops all over it you mean flaps? yeaa you just eat it whole like there you go-holy you did it ew ethan: chill grayson:don’t cover your fucking TAKE YOUR BLINDFOLD OFF NOW what ru ethan: no NO DONT TAKE IT DONT TAKE IT OFF *BOOO* ethan: you finished it holy shit no way you just did that wat is it? was it bad? the actual flavour of it was actually really good sjgfhdfhdsj *laughing* okay but the texture of it made me wanna *inaudible* hi : ) wow what a experience SO ethan: what do u think it was? I actually genuinely dont have any clue ethan: oHmYgOd thats crazy are you serious? I DONT KNOW WHAT IT WAS it kinda tasted like bacon but like only a lil bit it wasnt bad i think the thing i hated about it was the fact that it was kinda like luke warm which is just gross for any food you can give me like a luke warm salad and i also wanna die so like i think its just that mmhh i dont kno wat it is either ham or like chicken but i dont know i couldnt fucking tell you that just tasted like MEAT *patriotic music* I dont think that was chicken so ham! you thought the first one was ham yes i did youre fucking wrong ur kidding are u actually kidding? yeah im kidding no yeah i am it was ham. It was ham? no it was CHICKEN NO WAY! thats so weird that you didnt know that. honestly no i genuinely didnt. *sexy music* Fuck i hate this. (slapping thighs) feeling a little bit nervous recently ow fuck (PrOfAnItY) did u just eat some of it? *laughter* hOw iS iT? ethan: I mean wut? wut? *put the lime in the coconut* nOoOOOoOO ethan: don’t flap it around too much cuz it’s barely on the fork u need to be creative fUcK *deep inhale* fjdkowe…I need a meditation moment should I go for it? ethan: mm think so uGgGGHHHhHH what if I spit it out I don’t have anything to prepare- ethan (off camera): ur not gonna spit it out wHy? are you ready? im ready r u? the thing is is that he didn’t tell me what he was ordering when he was ordering it so it’s not even like I can do process of elimination there’s so many types of meat this could be a fucking alligator I have to fucking piss too ethan: u have to piss? yea I kinda do uHHHh this is the weirdest texture I’ve ever had eW I hate this …mHm (mmm) weLL I know what it is and that’s why I want to throw up *laughs* eW *shivers* its definitely steak the flavor of it was bomb as fuck like I it actually tastes so good grayson: ur a chicken lover?


  1. I forgive you for eating meat, it looks like next year I become fully plant based since Ashleigh is a vegan, just as long as you didn't do that again.

    Yes,this one's plant based in Australia :-

    It looks like I will go over to there in the near future & find out what her family is like,becoming fully vegan & living in my own place is my new years resolution for 2020 !

  2. This is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever watched. Exploiting animals and eating dead flesh for views isn’t cute Emma

  3. How is this news ? KFC is rolling out vegan chicken and you post crap like this …? Evolve already. The future is vegan

  4. Why do people think this is funny? Vegetarians don't eat meat, the whole point of being vegetarian is to harm less animals… It's just sick that you do this for views 🙁 … and it proves you haven't made the connection, and you don't care about animal's lives.

  5. woah those three together are “grethma” omg

    has anyone ever said that before because i was so proud i made it up…

  6. This is disgusting. This isn’t funny. Is this what happens when you hit 8 million subscribers? You sell out your values and join the slaughtering…
    Humanity is being wasted on humans.

  7. at 2:49 it looks like the beginning of a porno especially with how much the guy talks about "giving her the meat" hahaha
    edit: Lets Play Whose Meat Is In My Mouth…. hahhaha

  8. So, so sad. Selling out to death and pain. FOR WHAT? Fun and games? Wake up, girl and realise just how stupid you are acting, in order to be popular. DU BURDE SKAMME DIG!

  9. I am disappointed in you corpse cruncher- you are making a mockery of the immense suffering and atrocities animals endure simply for 5 minutes of taste pleasure. It is truly embarrassing and revolting. Do views really matter more than innocent lives?!…

  10. 13:14
    Ethan: "And 3, 2, 1,
    Emma: " I'm scared"
    Ethan: "0, ….. -1"
    Emma: Takes bite out of burger

  11. i mean i can relate on not liking salmon. something about it is disgusting to me but i love literally almost any kind of meat

  12. Ethan's a great influence on her. She's breaking out of her shell and trying to get over her 'picky eating'. Why meat lover's pizza though? Way too much grease. Start with some nice lean ham.

  13. I remember when I first watched this video, at first I thought oh okay it’s a good Emma video and then I heard Ethan’s voice and everything changed😂

  14. This is a first. Usually when i watch videos that have a lady being blindfolded with two guys in the room on her way to eat meat.. it carries an accompanied shame by the time the video is done. Not this time.

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