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Vice Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

What do you say? I want you to be my VP. I want you. You’re my Vice. Well… …George, I, uh… I’m a CEO. Of a large company. And I have been Secretary of Defense. And I have been… …White House… …Chief of Staff. The vice presidency is a mostly symbolic job. Uh-huh. However… …if we came to a, uh… …different… …understanding… …I can handle the more mundane… …jobs. Overseeing bureaucracy… …military… …energy… …and, uh… …foreign policy. Yeah, right. I like that. When you have power… People will always try to take it from you. Always. Are you even more ruthless than you used to be? So we gonna do this thing or what? I mean, is this happening? I believe… We can make this work. Hot damn!

100 thoughts on “Vice Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

  1. i'm surprised thre's no partisan war in the comments section. Did no republicans watch this trailer or movie? Or is the Bush administration uniformly disliked?

  2. Funny how we are so blind to the message of this movie. I bet if American lives was ruined like we find in the movie for Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, our comments might be different.

  3. At the time no one dared oppose the war against Irak in Hollywood except Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon and got hell from it.

  4. Give a juicy raise to the people who edited this trailer and remixed the song. What an amazing edit to an already great song. It was such a pity that the actual movie did not feature it.

  5. Loved Bale’s performance!
    Lets see when America will indict and punish Bush & Cheney for war crimes and deceiving the public.

  6. Great movie about trigger happy corrupt greedy ignorant mass murderers. Meanwhile 9/11 is an inside job that thousands of innocent people around the world paid for with their lives and halliburton up 500%.

    Bale is absolute Class.

  7. A drama for the American people what these politicians performed with the US citizens. Not only the decided taxes and other horrors these politicians did to the people in and around the USA. Drug abuse on one's own people, lies and wars and espionage are the goals of US politics. No US politician cares about their own people, infrastructure and health insurance.
    For me as a European, a movie of anger can raise, anger at the helplessness of the Americans.

  8. When you become the student body president.

    Why can’t it be me.. why can’t it be me why can’t it be me why can’t it be me why can’t it be me why can’t it be me

  9. They need to do a movie on all of the corruption and the body count surrounding the Clintons, except that the movie makers may also start turning up dead.

  10. Come on, papa Bush hired DC to be little Bush's Vp/or deputy president for papa Bush, little Bush was just the little puppet

  11. the only thing they should have talked more about was how he became CEO of Halliburton, and also the State Sponsored Torture.

  12. I know it has been said so many times but I'm always amazed by how much effort Bale gave to every single one of his performances, both in front and behind the scenes

  13. Stupid bullshit far reaching stretching  filled with assumptions they  call "facts" movie.  Hats off to Bales transformation into Cheney.

  14. This trailer is like watching the trailer of gta 6,it is going to be something like this(love this trailer)

  15. Just watched the movie …how I didn’t turn it off 30 mins into it I have no idea — bloody weird , boring and just plain dull

  16. I just watch the movie ( i know im late). It s the best political kinda movie ive ever seen man its good!

  17. Funny how in the movie the woman says Israel doesn't recommend invading Iraq when clearly Israel pushed for it. Netanyahu was videod saying that if 'Soddam gets taken out, this will be a good thing for the region'

  18. Are we still selling the idea that 9/11 wasn’t inside job? It’s 2019 bearded men in cave wouldn’t succeed without government help.

  19. Here's a fun thing for you comment readers. Search for how to make a blockbuster trailer. There is a video by the channel Auralnuts.

    Spoiler alert:You will be blown away

  20. This movei just gives you shivers about how inhuman someone can be in his decisions but not his actions. The whole lot of Cheney's team in this movie are so cold blooded.

  21. Producer: bale can you play Cheney for us? you don't have to look like him
    Bale: Open this beer ..and pass me those hot dogs

  22. He was born in my State. I'll make Cheney look like a girl Scout. Scout's honour. 😉 i am a Man of my Word. 🙂

  23. 1:39 – 1:44 THIS is one of the best line I have EVER heard. The way Bale says it is so perfect. I love it ! So sad it was changed in the actual movie. 😵

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