Laughter is the Best Medicine

Victor Borge

I’m a little short of breath because it has been a long day and I have been breathing all the time do you care for piano music too bad well it is always a big question for me to choose something to play but I think I will talk a little and play little about Mozart the Danish composer Hans Christian Mota Moe Tadas you know was only from here up he was what we call a bust but in spite of that physical handicap the scholars insisted he was fairly happily married but mrs. Mozart wasn’t she went all the way to the floor I shall now go to the piano you didn’t think we had one we might not I told you well if the piano went up here I would go up with it this is one big black key oh I’m sorry this is a wonderful piano is a shame these big fat upper singers always lean against them and Bend some business the heavy arias and now it’s just too drastic pardon me for sitting down but it’s actually I have chosen to play at the selection for which I’ve had most requests during many years on this stage the last request that was in 1936 and I can’t remember what it was now three things now three things I can never remember for I’m gonna play a Viennese Waltz by a Viennese composer get them when you hear this that is the introduction to the wall then when you hear this that is the main theme of the wall and when you hear this then there is definitely something wrong because that’s shopping oh now I remember I was going to speak about Mozart I’m going to play an opera in in four flats because he had to move three times it’s a short opera actually Mozart wrote it but he had Salyers name on it that that’s not the point I wanna quit testing is for here the millions of people don’t know what this thing is for unfortunately I happen to be one of not anyway it is a very short up I disown in one act it begins when the cut Rises otherwise you couldn’t see you think on the stage are two large trees one on this side one on the other side first the tenor comes in he’s supposed to meet the soprano who hasn’t arrived yet of course and when she comes in later she can’t find him because he has hidden hidden himself even I didn’t we talked about Musa not hiding hidden behind his feet now she hides behind the other tree because you want to surprise him when he comes in data which he doesn’t because he’s there already it’s very difficult a cute plot to think now the chorus comes in but nobody knows why except Mozart and he’s dead here now the father comes in her father comes in and he’s very angry because he doesn’t even want to be in the Opera yeah he hates opera he hates music and he decides he must die she dies and the curtain falls but not hard enough I take it to the other but you just hear the overture but as soon as the choice over there was comfortable conductors footsteps even when he enters the orchestra pit he walks sideways Dakota personal horse yeah now the cut Rises the tenor comes in from that side in the single file until the bottom of the Father he goes behind the tree thank you I’ll tell him now the leading lady arrives she’s supposed to film the part of the soprano she not only fills it she overflows her head she’s a pickpocket she’s a baker the picture problems she’s about four and a half feet tall lying down she arrives in a single pilot her voice reaches part of the body all the singles never heard of she goes behind the tree and surrounds it completely now while you were laughing and applauding the corrals has been in and out and yes and the baritone comes in Oh at all unguarded he’s in the wrong opera but now the father comes in the El Paso I speak by the devil lost the state elders how light is awful oh well how low can a man get he has now told her all he wants to tell her and she sings her desire to make a long story short she dies by stabbing herself between the two big trees they understand you

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  1. Remember when David Letterman used to say, "Wake up your kids and your neighbors so they can watch our next guest." (Maybe not – nowadays, some of you are too young to remember Letterman!) Well, when I was a kid, my mother woke me up so I could watch Victor Borge. More than once.

  2. A very rare and quite wonderful human being, stand ups today are very slick but they could learn a lot from this amazing man

  3. And he was able to get on the last refugee boat fleeing Hitler out of Denmark. What a tragedy it would have been to have lost him.

  4. as for me, way too basic. you don't do this to classics(
    presumably, a performer who's been on stage for very long and sort of ran off ideas?..

  5. Sweet childhood memories of my dad and I repeating his dry and hilarious quips and sense of humour. To this very day!

  6. Im so in love with him when I was a little kid and still now…..
    I believe I learned from him to love classic music….

  7. Never heard anything about him not until today 20th August 2019. I love music and this man has ignited the love for piano even more.
    It is time I loaded my spare room with a piano.

  8. Rest in peace, Mister Borge. We are gratefunkel and simonly appreciative, the contributions you made to, not just The Entertainment Industry, rather, a complex array offering
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  9. Wonderful man, so slick, he is never ever disappointing. There are very few people that can be said to be a real original but he really is

  10. People like Viktor are a real rarity these days
    There's too much greed – hatred – jealousy – egoism in this world

    And most people will die as selfish unhappy unmemorable individuals
    And there's people that care for their fellow men and implant memories of themselves within other people's minds simply through the magic of humor or just being caring & loving individuals.

    May you rest in peace Viktor Borge
    You surely had a long & impactful life
    Farewell !

  11. Mr. Borge performed with our orchestra, and our quite narcissistic concertmaster was his target, enough so we were rolling. The whole audience was uproarious, except our concertmaster, who walked off stage in a huff. It was just so very perfect!!!
    His performance was so complete, so our horn section could barely play from laughter.

  12. An absolute one off. I remember watching him on TV as a kid, back in the 1970's. This clip looks like it is from "Sunday Night at the London Palladium".

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