Laughter is the Best Medicine

Vijay Kumar’s friend gets suspended | Uriyadi Movie Comedy Scene | Mime Gopi | Suruli | Chandru

If the boys had not been alert,
it would’ve been a blood bath here What can I do? Hoarding illicit liquor here
should I take such a risk? Fine, let me try and
send the thugs out Wait, bro If you let those boys out… …you will have to deal
with the police, law etc Makes better sense
to pacify those goons Pacify? If anything happens to me
like it did to your uncle… …my son will be forced
to take over my business Only if the business flourishes… …both you and I
can make a profit You get what I mean? Ask your Ramanathan to come Ask him to come here Will you or won’t you? Stop it, he might conk off Please don’t interfere in
what doesn’t concern you You don’t even know
what happened How can you say that? I got a call asking me
to identify you Because you are one of us,
I sent Vadivelu to the hospital Instead you could have
told us and sent us away Before I could enquire
and let you know… …you got ready for a fight I wasn’t able to
contact Ramanathan I thought I’ll directly go and
solve the problem if possible- You were in a rush But you don’t know
if he did it on purpose? He is capable of
doing so deliberately You must first know
why I’m interfering in this I know you boys well
and Ramanathan’s father Ramanathan is a bad fellow But his father is not like him He is a gem When I came to know
he had sent his men here… …I informed his father He felt very sad He even offered to
apologize to all of you I told him it was not necessary And I will handle it
as I know you boys well What I’m trying to say is… …you have punished him
for what he has done Will you kill a dead snake
again and again? On top of it, you beat
his goons to a pulp What if he sends
someone again? Trust me, he won’t I stand guarantee
Is that good enough? Don’t go overboard Be lucid to plan out
our next move Our college gets a bad reputation
because of boys like him Sir, he started it That’s possible, sir Ramanathan’s conduct
is not commendable Fine, it was an accident Does that justify beating up
our college student like a rowdy? I don’t get this Why are they interrogating him? The new vice principal
is on overkill mode Where you drunk that day? Don’t act innocent If you go to their hostel room
it looks like a club, sir Bottles everywhere Pin ups of half clad women
on all the walls How long is this enquiry? They will poke and prod
as if they are CBI officials Here he is What did they say? What? What did they want to know? They have asked me
to bring my parents I just don’t know
how I’ll tell my father Forgive him just once, sir Listen, madam
Only for your sake… …I’m letting him go
with 1 month’s suspension He cannot attend college for
1 month, nor stay in the hostel He will have a backlog
in his studies then Please reconsider
one last time Ma, you don’t have to beg him Let’s go Your son is calling
Please follow him Quarter’s mother is coming Clean the room Hide the opener Hide the bottles ‘See this photo instead’ ‘If all of you hanker after Aishwarya Rai
how can I get so many copies? Bro, you wanted
Simran’s photo ‘He told me
Simran means the world to him’ Karthikayen, come Welcome, ma Come to our room Are you his roommates? Yes, ma Where are all your stuff? All that is in the next room, ma Hey, Sait
Your roommate She is Karthi’s mother What? Quarter is my roommate I was your roommate Karthi is my roommate So we are all roommates, no? What? She is Karthi’s mother Understood He isn’t too fluent in Tamil He has come to
call me for lunch I’ll eat and then see you See you Food Come quickly Hey! What’s up? Nothing is up Something is brewing
in the canteen, let’s go Hi, Suresh
Lunch for Karthi’s mother, huh? Yes Can you lend me
your bike later? Sure, you can take it
when I get back Suspension is no big deal I’m not coming back home I’ll study here Your vice principal said
you cannot stay here They say all that But they won’t bother Last year Suresh and I were
suspended for 2 months Why take such a risk? I feel it’s better if you come back
with me to our home town That’s not an issue at all I’ll stay here Next week is his birthday His sister’s wedding
the following week in Namakkal We want to go together Look after my son We will take care You go
Don’t worry Hey Quarter Baskar has kept
his bike key in your room He asked me to tell you ‘Parliament Election on 12th May’ Anna, if we don’t show our strength
in the coming parliament election… …we have to let go
of our MLA election Only 2 ½ months
left for the elections Statue should not be made in
any material which is easily damageable How strong will the statue be? Any chance of it being
easily damaged? It is made out of cement Though not the same as bronze Can he go on a fast? Are you mad? I thought you will ensure
he takes complete rest? Fasting for the first 10 days
should take place peacefully We should create only
awareness of our party 10-12 days later
we must concoct problems So much of planning involved
just to make a few fast bucks But you put a spoke in the wheel
in the last minute by falling down Are you my guardian? You are the villain
who hinders my development Shall we invite all the students
we know for the party? No need, this will be
the last birthday in college Let us drink alone If you want we can invite
everyone tomorrow Shall we go to the ‘dhaba’? We just got into a mess there Why go there again?
Let us go somewhere else Look at that jerk
sitting there jobless You don’t invite trouble For the past 10 days, they have
also maintained their distance Let them be, okay? Tea for the 3 of you Anna, 4 cups tea It’s getting late
Let us go to the lodge He must have snitched
to the vice principal Hey! What are you hinting? Tell us straight on our face Such a sissy! Hey! I’ll thrash you How dare you! Bloody dastards! If you are rude to us
I’ll break your teeth Why lower our dignity
talking to them? If you see that girl again… …I will kill you Forget it, he already
got it from me Shut up What is that look
supposed to mean? Go…go Cheers! Happy birthday Disgusting fellow! Started again, huh?
Are you okay? I don’t know how I get stuck
with such passengers Try to hold it
Next stop is our college Bus, I say Brother, what’s this? More of a sound
than actually vomiting Why are you embarrassing me? At least puke
out of the window Why aren’t you vomiting? I already did! Brilliant Bro, how can you
mess it up and leave? Where are you going? Is this buffalo building
a house or what? Hurry up

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