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vines that more funny than my ex and crush 😳😵

hey grandma why are you sweating over there there any spark left after 65 years I don't think so I haven't tried grandma I thought you were dick that's kind of text that's gonna be you up there next Drita to test their love she decided to use her scary face oh this is not the way my mother makes it Oh for me thank you oh hey what you doing I'm working the corner I got five dollars right now what that give me a high five shit prank Jamal why are you late first of all I don't like your class and I hate that we're smile you always have in your face you grab my keys very much in don't do it I'm telling you it's a bad idea don't do it so you're gonna bring it on what tell that bitch asked me to bring that money right now look at this my mom hey is these the og Elevens fresh shot game man I was looking for you everywhere penis shut up I'll drink you off shut your bitch-ass up trying to watch the goddamn Grammys fucking can I have all your money no can you I'm out you missed the best part oh my god did you see this it's like the ones in our phones but like stupider today we're gonna make this an h2 how was that a science experiment was created can I get a hole yeah [Laughter] hey guys sucks we got to go back to school today oh wait a minute I don't have to go back to school you do dad I just hit 500 came home fine why would I care you can no bitches no college degree himself how is she your mother is very overweight no yo mama's so fat her blood is doughnut just like I'm serious your mom no that's my bad Manon man and over here it's Jason which one's the real man Oh snow day are you gonna text me and tell me to go like your picture miss you gets no love around here bitch no love so glad we came you're such a good friend hey dude you want to smoke some weed I mean I've never smoked weed before but you talked me into it what happened to you team snapback fuck boy hey I can do that okay I get the fuck out street hey nice watch man thanks where'd you get it from Apple how much it cost oh honey – yo max what was this what you mean probably think I'm no TVs come on you gotta push congratulations is it healthy delivery it's not delivery its DiGiorno okay that's it no welcome burking how may I help you can I have a straw I'm sorry so wrong still in breakfast right now can I have a breakfast straw sure who's Artie's idiot oh it's mine not looking for these nope so Latrell just broke up with me but I don't even care no Latrell oh my god Austin the mountain has lemon-lime snow cone stop save some for me looks like poop man feels like poop man like poop ma'am glad I didn't step in it you never have your homework done you're filling the class you're always talking here you think this is a joke sorry Dicky Bunty you dance with me why minivan supposed to go for nearest fast-food nearest fast-food nearest fast-food directions to the keys on the table with money in the microwave and our son usually just stays like that if I sing you a song will you unlock yes your father has the best view what the fuck you have something on your neck your face [Laughter] ain't really fuck me way back then girl how about no I still don't fuck with you Becky you're fake bitch is this just Gary but down who you finna hear nobody just walking crazy Oh Eddie yeah go hurt hey guys look I'm doing about how we met down here how are you don't you can shoot a gun wait Oh what I thought I was playing it during video game you're outside get me what is that an iPhone 4 I remember when I was 12 and do the Hat hideous what the hell man there's nothing else I could do you fool don't like my food no I do are you sure hey mom oh my god he gives me life Vic got folk letters like got both letters what that dad no I'll give a fool when you become a man all right what you need give me everything would you like paper or plastic I don't go fuck if you put it in a sock nigga give me my drugs you ready to go waiter do you guys have fettuccine did you even check the menu um no I did it come let me show you this weird thing on my belly button another hell is that why would you bring that here you're supposed to help me hell no see a scientist I need you to run to the store for me okay see tits damn you know what nevermind every Valentine's Day would you get me oh you let me send them again me 9 but what was it I don't even know what do they have pets here people eat those hey buddy and the Terra Cotta joins a real rolling storytime the receptionist's dark secret was that the computers were only used for minesweeper look you won't wear em coming all right cars welcome to science or as I call it bullshit did you know that if you look into a mirror and smile you'll be less sad I'm so happy I found this bottle are at this party so seriously look for what I heard nice bout water hey I know shouldn't be asking this right now but do you know the Wi-Fi password when I'm in private a sound like these for when I'm in public you

31 thoughts on “vines that more funny than my ex and crush 😳😵

  1. Hey girl what you doing ? 😍
    I'm working the corner 😏
    I got $5 right now what that give me? 🤤
    a high five ✋😒
    on my dick? 😐

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