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Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids | Satellite launch | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Fursatganj is launching its satellite today. This is the result of our scientist’s hard work. This satellite will explore all the nutiranium metals in the land. And the problem of power will be solved in our country. It is a good news for our country. No! Tthis satellite won’t explore nutiranium metal. The Nutiranium metal mine is near our mountains. And I am exploring the metal. I want to be the most powerful person in the world. Timbaktoon, yes boss, tell me. Go and make sure that the satellite doesn’t leave for space. I’ve invented a space shuttle. Go in it and jam the machine of that satellite. Boss, the satellite belongs to Fursatganj. Robo boy will definitely protect it. Their satellite won’t be destroyed. Instead there are chances of our shuttle being destroyed by them. You fool, this is not your cup of tea. Astrobot. Astrobot, go in my space shuttle. And jam the machine of Fursatganj’s satellite. If Vir the robot boy comes in your way then finish him off. Ok boss. He looks super dangerous boss. Haha!! Now he will stop Fursatganj’s satellite. This robot has been specially invented for space. You are genius boss, super duper genius. She is right boss, she is right. Vir, Imli, have a look, Fursatganj’s satellite is about to be launched. Vir, how will this satellite reach space? A rocket is being attached behind the satellite. Which will take the satellite in space. What is the need of a rocket? I can send the satellite in space without using a rocket. Gintu, this work is of scientists and science. There is no need of magic here. Anyways, if you’ll send the satellite in space with magic. Then don’t know where the satellite will exactly go. Haha!! You guys always make fun of me. I am leaving. Kids, look the satellite is about to launch in just a few seconds. It will go in space and explore all the nutriranium minerals hidden beneath the earth. Which is more powerful than Platinum and Uranium. Ok gentleman, five seconds to go. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Yes, now the rocket’s engine will be jammed. And the satellite won’t be able to reach up ever. Haha!! What’s this? It seems like the rocket’s engine is jammed. Now this satellite can crash at any moment. Our so many years of hard work will go all in vain. Yeah!! Breaking news, the rocket’s engine is jammed and the satellite is falling down. Where ever it will fall in Fursatganj, there are chances of extreme destruction. Our scientist’s 10 years of hard work has all gone in vain. Don’t worry! Grandfather, their hard work won’t go in vain. Astronaut suit on. Astronaut suit on. Hey! Robo boy. Robo boy is seen in the sky and as always he has to help. Will he be able to stop the rocket? No! Astrobot, destroy Vir. Ok boss. Suddenly who has come here? Who is trying to stop Vir? Yes! The satellite is working properly. It has started sending signals. Vir. Battery low, battery low. Grandfather, my battery is about to die. Vir, charge yourself via any satellite soon. Oh no! Vir’s battery wire broke and got separated. Vir. Come back to your senses. Vir, connect your wire again. Try to do it. Haha!! Vir, as soon as this green liquid starts filling up in the box you will liquid freeze forever. Vir, get up. Somebody please call Gintu. Gintu, will come only after Vir snaps his fingers. This green liquid is very dangerous. It will freeze Vir. Until and unless Vir’s battery connecting wires join, nothing can be done. There is one way out. As soon as the liquid touches those broken wires. They will get connected to each other. And Vir will come back to his senses for a while. Because the battery current flow will complete. We will have to wait till the liquid touches the wires. Vir, join the battery connecting wires on your hand soon. And come out of this box or else you will freeze inside. Vir, that robot has planned a bomb on the satellite. Go fast and remove the bomb. Only fifteen seconds are left. No!! Astrobot, today Vir shouldn’t be left alive. No!! Yeah!! Yes!! Yes!!

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