Laughter is the Best Medicine

26 thoughts on “Vlog #69 | FAMILY REACTS TO #BTS "Jin Laughing for 8 Minutes"

  1. the reason why Yoongi is quiet and reserved is because he has depression and anxiety, he's not a fan of socialising although there are times he's loud and outgoing

  2. Watch suga videos to get him know more…he is actually savage and blunt but he is cared about the members alot he is just not showing it

  3. hahah natawa ako sa sinabi nyu opposite si Jin at suga ..kaya nga siguro sila ang tinatawag na eternal roommates ..anyway jin's laugh is my alarm tone 😅

  4. Suga is called the savage king but we call him the lil meow meow because you haven't seen his cute and squishy funny sides btw thank youuu

  5. Can't wait for you guys to react to Suga's cute and funny sides :)) please react to "when suga forgot his swag"

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