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Voltron Crack 4

*bomb intro plays* Stand back. *laser hits*
*Pidge and Sendak shout* *Pidge grunting* I LIVE! But I’m a creep I’m a weirdo He looked at me like
I was stupid. I’m not stupid. But look at his quoft
and crispy locks Look at his silk,
translucent socks There’s the eternal paradox;
look what we’re seeing What are we seeing? -Is he gay?
-Of course he’s gay! Or European? Keith’s the loner,
I’m the brain Hunk is the nice one, Allura
is the decision maker Coran is the wise old guy and Lance is totally stiff
and humourless I lost my dear husband, Edgar. Quit telling everyone I’m dead! Sometimes, I can still
hear his voice. You’re way too beautiful, girl I feel like taking my clothes off. I feel like causing extraordinary amounts of
property damage. I feel like I want to scream. I feel like TWISTING limbs,
and BREAKING bones. I feel great, Mark. What do you care if I’m a
guy or a girl, douchebag? You’re probably some old
pervert anyway. There’d be way too much interference. What if instead we increased
the SA magnitude? The spires of the castle! Genius! So much technical jargon,
Jesus Louiseus. If you’re gay, then you’re gay If you’re straight,
WELL THAT’S GREAT Away to the nav deck,
I flew like a flash My Galra hand burning
to take out some trash You’re the only one in this section of
the galaxy that seems to be selling it And I think the Galra would pay a
lot to know how you got your hands on that
security footage Really? JUST [email protected]
DO IT Hello world, I’m your
wild girl I’m a ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch cherry bomb And now we’re arrested? This is crazy. It’s crazy! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up If you know me, you know that I am
never one to get angry. I never lose control, I never fly off the handle, and I very rarely raise my voice
(Keith screaming in background) Another one bites the dust If only Edgar was alive. I told you, woman, I’m
right here! I’m David Pumpkins. I know. But like, who are you? I’m David Pumpkins, man! Okay, yeah yeah, and David Pumpkins is? His own thing. And the skeletons are? Part of it I’m a barbie girl,
in a barbie world Life in plastic it’s fantastic *My Heart Will Go On plays* If you want to make out with other boys, just-just go to Grindr, like everybody else.

18 thoughts on “Voltron Crack 4

  1. Nice musical references lol!

    Hamilton "He looked at me like I was stupid, IM NOT STUPID!"
    Legally Blonde "Gay or European"

  2. Wait the fuck…. Shiro is in another movie? Or just really good damn editing? Same for lance and pidge.1:21 1:41 and 2:06

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