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Voltron Season 5 Crack!

(weeby music) shiro, we’re all on the same side here i told you to stay out of this! shut up bitch, shut the fuck up! your bayard has shown you what we’ve all been noticing you have greatness within i don’t think shiro has noticed (crying) all i ask is to be judged by my actions rather than your preconceptions of my race UUUHHHH I think the fuck not you trick ass bi- BRUH look at this dude ohh oh what til you see the oohhhhh ha ha ha ahHAHAHAA by the darkest sun that casts its menacing rays on the furthest madness we sense your intentions, rei ryugazaki is anyone else currently seeing this? shiro, we’re all on the same side here why are you talking? r- robot r- robot from the future NO! dickhead! how do you know what’s good for me? that’s my OPINION! the most expensive winter olympics in history are under way after an incredibly lavish op- cover girl, put the bass in your walk some- BODY dont fuck with me, i have the power of god and anime on my side (more weeby music)

16 thoughts on “Voltron Season 5 Crack!

  1. Lotor is awesome, I don’t care what you say… He was a good guy all season what will it take for you people? Lol the show will end with lotor being a good guy and people will still be claiming he’s going to “betray” the paladins..

  2. Don't mind me, just running through all the season 5 cracks I can find~ In other news Kuron is getting on my goddamn nerves (big surprise)

  3. I am subbing bc of you editing the lips with the audio decently even if it was unintentional lol 😆😅 plus 50% is my jam

  4. I was watching a Series of Unfortunate Events and this guy named Charles sounded exactly like Coran. 1:01 reminded me of that…

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