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Voting Rights – Stacking, Cracking and Packing

Stacking, Cracking, and Packing: Diluting
the Minority Vote “The social scientists say that there are three traditional methods to
dilute minority voting strengths: stacking, cracking and packing. Stacking is when you
have a concentration of a minority population. You dump on a bigger concentration of majority
population so the majority will control the seat in that district. Cracking. If you have
a district that majority minority and the minority voters going to elect a candidate
of choice. If you want to crack it, you will divide that district up into three of four
districts so that all the districts are majority white. Sometimes the minority is so concentrated
that you cant stack it and you cant crack it. So under those circumstances, the technique
is to pack it. And we were involved with a case recently in South Dakota where they did
precisely that. They packed the district with 93 or 94 percent of Indian population to make
sure that they would limit the number of majority Indian districts.” “So the ACLU Voting Rights
Project brought suit on behalf of four tribal members against the South Dakota Secretary
of State.” “This group of people here is part of an awakening of the Indian Reservation.”
“And so the court in fashioning a remedy has unpacked the district.” To Learn More Go To:

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