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Walk Of Fame Official Trailer (2017) Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie HD

Thank you for calling manage light bulb. How may I brighten up your day? You can start by telling me Why I’ve got an entire Christmas tree that won’t light up So your lights are properly plugged into an electrical outlet. [oh] an electrical outlet All this time I had them plugged into my dogs I hate my job. Lots of people hate their job man I failed the bar for the second time which means I got to keep working at the call Center. I would think that the lucky few who have jobs would be bending over with Gratitude? I… Are you bending Drew? I get fired for naked pictures. You are suspended indefinitely. I need your wings And then humped by a dog in a mask Yes, Hi I need an officer I was just I don’t know I was humped. Yes, he had a black face Mask! Okay he had a mask not face get it right. Uh-huh Tell me again why you didn’t get her number. Oh, I know exactly where to find her Star Maker Academy. I’m the only person in this town who can take you right to the top baby You’re so amazing Nick, like like your boobs are heaving and. Hey Nicky. You go here now? Yeah, oh I just started. I gotta go What would a little boy like you do with a woman like me? Unleash your beast. Ahhh! That’s brilliant. He’s the king Yes, I got the part of the queen Now look at me and say ooh chelly Without her job she’s gonna need a new pilot I could be your copilot Drew. We can fly her into some international territory you feel me. What does that even mean? I need something strange What’re you laughing at? No I’m not Do you have a name? Ooh chellini! I feel like I was ridden hard and and put away hot and wet Nicky you’re blowing everybody away. Stay in the moment. Hey get up there. Oh You wimp. Tell me let you go or I’ll hold you like this all day woman. Ow!! Little handicapped boys, you sick little perverts. What? no! He’s just helping me so I could go inside and blow them away. What?! Star Maker Academy!!!! You know Jiu-Jitsu? Okay Nancy, were you able to secure any details? I already told you he had a black face. Mask! It was a mask!

100 thoughts on “Walk Of Fame Official Trailer (2017) Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie HD

  1. Not adding this to my watch list on Netflix anytime soon. Not even on a boring, rainy day without satellite tv.

  2. Scott looks like Chris Evans and Hemsworth's lovely half brother. And why is he in such a shitty movie anyways I thought I only did Cameos for Taylor swift exotic music videos.!!???

  3. Scott Eastwood deserves better I wonder why he doesn't get good scripts and why do the directors show him as a total loser. Scott i can give you better script for sure.

  4. Trailer should have ended where she blanks him at the acting school. Everything that came after was truly painful to watch.

  5. "what would a little boy like you do with a woman like me?" hahahaha first of all, she's no woman. she looks like and acts like a ho. that being said, his only answer should be anal.

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