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Wannabe Challenge 워너비챌린지 – Eng Sub – Kang Bio – Christmas event story (2/2)

*Headphones recommended btw cause low volume When I arrived home, the atmosphere felt different from usual.
I noticed a large tree occupying the living room. Kang Bio: Was it cold? You did well today… Bio came first and greeted me. Thank you, Bio.
It wasn’t so cold. Ha Hyun: Oh? I’m earlier than I thought. Ha Hyun came to decorate the living room. Almost done? Ha Hyun: Well, I had nothing to do today so I did it in advance. Really. Ha Hyun: And, because I’m the best at decorating in this house. (Thought so.) Kang Bio: I’ll call you when the party is ready… Okay. Bio. Ha Hyun: Wait! Baek Eunbi. Come here. What do you think? Ha Hyun pointed to the wall of the living room, which was decorated with various items. What’s that? It makes no sense. Ha Hyun: What? Are you sure? (?) Ha Hyun’s reaction was funny, so I decided to tease him more. Yeah. This is…
It needs to redecorate. The tree also needs to redecorate. Ha Hyun. Ha Hyun: Well, I didn’t decorate it. I looked at Ha Hyun with a suspicious look. Kang Bio: …It’s me, I decorated it. On one side of the living room came (?) Bio. Oh…? I didn’t mean to. Bio’s party supplies were left on the floor and he went back to his room with turbulent steps. The next day, everyone was out and I was home with Bio. (Ah, it’s Bio) I felt some awkwardness between Bio and me. Ah… Hi? Slept well? Kang Bio: Yes. You? I slept well. What are you looking at? On the TV you could see Cheonggyecheon bustling with Christmas celebrations. Kang Bio: How does it feel like to go there during Christmas….? Bio looked at me and said. (Would you like to go there?) Kang Bio: Do people go to make memories over there…? (?) Ah, of course.
There’s a lot of fun too. Then, a message arrived from Ha Hyun. Ha Hyun: Hey. Today I got a big restaurant Christmas meal ticket. (?)
The wine is really delicious. I will go with you specifically.
You won’t regret it. Christmas meal ticket? I unknowingly read Ha Hyun’s message. Kang Bio: Who asked to go with you…? (?) (What should I do.) Kang Bio: There… Do you have to go? (?) Eh? Bio.
What did you say? Don’t go. Kang Bio: It’s Christmas today…
I want you to stay with me today. Kang Bio: I… I’m not being too greedy am I….? The atmosphere and mood was different from the usual Bio. Bio looked at me with serious eyes and voice.

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