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Watch My Stuff or Die Trying

– Hey, I’m so sorry to bother you. Could you just watch my stuff? I’m gonna run to the bathroom. – Oh sure. – Thank you. (dramatic music) – Hey! Get the hell away from that stuff! – What? – I said get away! – Ahh! How clever of the owner
of those belongings to appoint someone to watch her stuff. – That’s right. No one’s going near that copy
of “Eat, Pray, Love” as long as I have anything to do about it! – Fine, I guess I’ll just
have to steal the secrets of self-empowerment elsewhere. – Don’t worry, I’m
watching that lady’s stuff. – Oh are you now? Think you have what it takes to protect that lady’s chapstick
from my dry, dry lips? – Go for my lips easily. – I’m thinking I have what it takes, chap. What do you think you’re doing? – I’m just busing this coffee cup. – That cup belongs to the
nameless woman in the bathroom. (claps) I have snipers planted all
around this cafe to end anyone who goes near that stuff. If you do… (gunshot) (screaming) Now scram! – Okay. – But also can I get more
half and half please? Thank you. No one is going near those belongings. You got that chumps? – That woman was incredibly
smart to have someone watch her stuff, but those
cough drops will be mine. – That highlighter in there? Sure would be mighty helpful highlighting my friend’s screenplay. – Don’t forget that loose
pack M&M’s she put in there a month ago and forgot about
and now they’re just loose and crumbly at the bottom. That stuff is tasty. – No one is stealing that stuff! Nobody! (laughing) (coughing) – Soon, my slightly annoying
cough will be cured. – What happened here? – Don’t worry, your stuff is safe. – Where are my cough drops? – Oh. Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know. They must have taken it. – I said watch my stuff.

100 thoughts on “Watch My Stuff or Die Trying

  1. Or when you need to watch someone's seat. It seems like every time I have to do that, suddenly everyone wants to sit there and I become the guy in the video.

  2. Dropout is like $4/month or something like that, right? So Grant's student loan debt is about $800. You work for CollegeHumor and live in LA, man. Pay that shit off already!

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  4. This would be so much funnier if she left a couple suitcases instead. I just don't get why she didn't just take her small little easy to carry purse to the washroom with her. It didn't make sense so all the comedy was kinda mute.

  5. Why didn't she take it to the bathroom?????

    Plus: I was hoping HIS stuff would be taken, since no one is watching them lol

  6. Can't relate, when i was 8 i asked the boy sitting next to me to watch my gameboy while i played at a piano recital and he stole it (only got it back bc he took it too the piano teachers place and played it there allowing her to get it and read my name on the bottom)

  7. Hey I like this new asian guy that watched that ladies stuff. They need to add him to the cast and boot Alley. Alley sucks! She really really sucks!

  8. Why does this remind me of school? Sitting in the canteen with my packed lunch, saving a seat for my mate who's taking her sweet time getting served cheap quality beans and baked chips, along with a crappy concrete chocolate cake square. Honestly, I guarded the seat next to me with the same gusto!

  9. Usual minor character Frankie has officially done something dominating. Also, I thought New Guy would've just kissed Grant in order to prevent his lips from being dry.

  10. Remember when an action scene in a CollegeHumor video was really cool and entertaining and not hard to see, shaky cam

  11. There has been a couple of social experiments similar to this – where it was actually a lot like this (not so extreme), but same. A person would leave his stuff at a beach and ask someone near by to watch it or not say anything at all. Another person will than come by and take his stereo or cooler or something an run off (they'd do this over and over again). People who were told to watch it would 90%+ yell/say something and/or run after the person. But if they were asked 90% of the time the people wouldn't do anything at all. I always thought it was a cool experiment.

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