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Watchmen by Alan Moore – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

Yo what’s good? This week we
maskin’ up with Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Da year is 1985 and LL cool J ain’t
da only thing bout to blow up: Da beef between Russia and da US has gotten so tense dat nukes
might start flyin any second. But dem Ruskies gonna think twice befo’ they make a move,
cuz da US got a viagra-lookin’ super thug named Dr. Manhattan on their side who can
control thangs on goddamn MOLECULAR level, meanin he can be multiple places at once,
teleport, turn Washingtons in to Benjamims- this brutha can do almost anything!
Manhattan is one of a whole crew of badasses dat used to protect da city back when. Cept
these days, people don’t want nobody callin da shots but da po-lice, so all dem playas
runnin’ round in their undies gotta put their hustle to the side. But a stone cold
G named Rorschach don’t give a DAMN bout dat and still be rockin a mask to patrol da
mean streets. When Rorschach hear that somebody
tossed da Comedian, one of da OG superheros, out a damn window, he figger somebody might
be tryna ice old costumes one by one. So he hollas at all da other retired masks- the
gadget slangin Night Owl, da super sexy Silk Spectre who shacked up wit Doc Manhattan now,
and Ozymandias- the smartest, and RICHEST, homie in da world.
Papa Smurf Manhattan decide to go on a lame-ass talk show when some
dude start runnin his mouth sayin’ dat chillin wit his big blue ass causes cancer! Word?
Da news gets the Doc all riled up and he decide dat dealin wit these loud-ass piles o’ molecules
jus’ ain’t worth a sh** and bounces out to Mars.
Now dat Mr. Clean outta da picture, da Russians like “haaaell yeah” And
start flexin’. Lata’ an assassin try to kill Ozymandias, but he jus shakes dat hater
off. Rorschach gets played, whooped by the fuzz, and holed up in the big house. If it
wasn’t clear already, Rorschach was right: somebody IS tryna mess wit deez heros.
So Silk Spectre and Night Owl take a break from fu**ing, suit up, and bust Rorschach
outta jail. Later, Doc Manhattan scoops up Silk Spectre and takes her to Mars so they
can chop it up. Silky axe the Doc to come back to Earth and stop da world from ending,
but the Doc don’t really give two sh**s bout savin’ humanity cuz it ain’t make
no difference to da universe. But after Silk Spectre chews his ass out, the doc finally
snaps out of it, and decide he gonna return back to earth.
Eventually Rorshach and da Owl realize dat it might be Ozymandias who mastermindin’
all dis mess. As they swang over to his winter pad and say “yo Ozy, dafuq man?” Ozy like
yo- here’s the deal: Da whole world is rotten to the core, and gonna tear itself to sh**
unless somebody step up and do somethin’ bout it. I got a plan.
I’m gonna kill a sh** ton of people, blame it on a giant alien- squid dat
I pulled outta my ass, and then errybody will be on the same side. Naw mean?” They all
like “Yeaaahhhh…. fu** dat. We gonna stop you.” But Ozy like “too late it already
happened 35 minutes ago.” Oh sh**. And jus’ like brutha thought,
errybody put they difference aside and unite. Ozy like “I did it! Everlasting peace. How
you like me now son?!” But Manhattan jus’ like “Baby nothin’ lasts forever.”
Rorshach try to bounce and tattle on Ozymandias, but Doc Manhattan tell him
he best not cuz at this point, da truth can only hurt. Rorschach ain’t backin down so
the Doc just turns his ass in to mush. One thing Ozymandias didn’t plan on
though, was at Rorscach got his whole scheme written down in a journal, which now chillin
at the office of a journalist. Does the world learn dat they were saved by a lie? Or does
Ozzie’s new world order keep on truckin? Good question, yo… This sh** right here is so dank dat it made
it into Time Magazine’s top 100 novels eva’ written. And it sho as hell deserve it- cuz
Watchmen is complex as hell. First off, Dis graphic novel don’t
read like most. We always trippin’ back and forth
through time, switchin’ perspectives, and readin parts of made up books, letters, and
notes at da end of erry chapter. To readers used to cruisin’ through stories held together
by cause and effect, Watchmen was a good ol fashioned mind-fu**. Not only do dis messy
story-tellin represent da clusterfu** of a world dis book take place in, and our own,
but it also mirror da way Doc Manhattan see time: Throughout dis book people geekin
out tryna say Doc Manhattan’s existence gone and changed da whole world fo’eva,
cuz now Gods walkin’ amongst regular erryday hoods. But da crazy thing is dat it ain’t
somebody wit super powers dat come to define da world. Naw baby, the fight for humanity’s
soul is between two superhumans, wit’ emphasis on da “human” part: Ozymandias and Rorschach.
Ozymandias massacred half of New York city fo the GREATER good, but Rorsach
jus’ say you shouldn’t kill innocent people STRAIGHT UP and even give his life tryin to
spread the truth. Do the ends justify the means? What’s mo important? The saving lie?
Or the Truth? To Rorschach, errything is black
and white- jus’ like his mask. No grey. Like he say: some bruthas is good, some bruthas
is bad, and the bad ones gonna get what’s comin to em.
Also, His mask always changin shapes like a true blue rorschach test and
symbolize da way he see da world: Ozymandias’s name come from Rameses
II, da pharoah of Egypt who was runnin’ da game durin’ da 13th century BC. Percy
Shelley wrote a dope poem bout dat hustla, and Watchemen’s 11th chapter even ends wit
a quote from it: So yeah, on one level it’s just
Ozymandias thinkin he high balla’- dude’s whack-ass plan to save humanity from itself,
and him actually pullin it off, make him look like he deserve mo’ props than anybody else.
But if you take a closer peep at Shelley’s poem, you’ll see it ain’t jus bout talkin
up da ultimate badass- it showin dat even though it seems like Rameses II got da world
sold up, ain’t nobody legit enough to dodge the all destructive power of time. It don’t matter how legit you get
in life- you and what you leave behind ain’t gonna be around forever. Doc Manhattan even
drop dat same truth: So is it worth holdin back da
horrible truth fo’ even a little bit of peace? Or is da truth mo’ important? A question
like dat is maybe jus’ too crazy to answer. Maybe when we faced with horrors like
dat, we only got one option: try to put a smile on dat face, and laugh about it. Yo if you liked philosophizin’ bout
truth and da greater good, take a couple mo’ minutes and check out my eps on The Brothers
Karamazov and The Grand Inquisitor. I promise, it’s all some real tight sh**. Thanks fo’
checkin me out. I’ll see y’all next time. Peace.

100 thoughts on “Watchmen by Alan Moore – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

  1. Since you're into Graphic novels now, Could you pretty please do a Thug Notes for Wendy and Richard Pini's "Elfquest" (Just the first 20 issues, comprising the first quest would be fine. (See )

  2. This was a good story for for people who live by the "results at all costs" philosophy.

    Many times the "at all costs" method leaves a lot of destruction in its wake and holes in their plan. Sometimes people find out what their doing. The people that think like this usually have their head so far up their own ass it is literally light years away from reality. So they hurt a bunch of people who get tired of their bs and get got. Thus opening up MORE problems and the thing they solved was negligible. Its more or less about stroking their own ego. Well sometimes. So it was kinda fitting that Ozzy was into sadism.

    Also no one was really a hero in the film/book. All of them took the toll of having huge responsibility and power for a long time. Like with Dr. Manhattan. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but that's one big crown and one tiny head. Many people who see long career warriors or cops become distant like this.

  3. Well according to the sequel, Doomsday Clock, yeah, the diary goes public right away and the world peace ends pretty quickly

  4. AW many you didn't even talk about the Comedian and his philosophical outlook at looking at the void and laughing. How he sees humor in the indifference of the universe.

  5. I think the truth’s more important since people should not be kept secrets since if secrets were kept secret from people, it would be like treating them like they were simple-minded. Plus, if the truth came out, then due to the events of time, people in the future would eventually forget about the massacre. Rorschach is one of my favorite characters and I wish he didn’t die in the novel.

  6. Sparky Sweets. The comic for Akira has like 7 volumes that are each bigger than a phone book. Help me signal boost this message, erryone!

  7. Mano, bagulho sinistro essa história! Ozzy é animal bixo doido, vai viver na pira até o seu fim pessoal. Só existe fins pessoais não existe fins coletivos ou objetivos. Pão de queijo para o Alan Moore.

  8. Whoa, whoa, whoa Rorshcach and the Comedian are not right. They're pretty flawed themselves. Just as flawed as Ozymandias and Doctor Manhattan.

  9. Loving it bro!! A wonderful way to introduce the classics before you read it so you understand WHEN you read it. Yo, my library card stay up! I always have a book to read not a magazine! Please keep this rolling, ya heard! Ms. Beezy/ Queen B.A., C.P.M.

  10. Moore’s ultimate statement on the battle between moral realism and moral antirealism, the trolley dilemma exemplified to the world. My English class had an argument determining what morality truly was, Ozymandias representing subjectivism and Rorschach representing objectivism. Is the world without rules that we must keep in order at all costs? Or are innate boundaries for decisions preset into reality as metaphysical constants?

  11. I was expecting this to be over the top and a bit cringe.. But it was over the top and super entertaining and still a good recap of the story

  12. I like how the Thug Notes wrote off the squid thing some Ozymandus (sorry if I misspelled that) pulled out of his ass. XD

  13. Why did you choose this perspective? You're obviously more intelligent that the format. I feel you're playin a character, one that sells hence the appeal, but I can tell you're smarter than that. If I'm wrong I didn't mean to offend. name's Josh Hatfield i'm on fb.

  14. I'm glad it's no longer a taboo to treat comics as an art form, sure debuted for kids but like all platforms it has progresssed

  15. I believe the former president of Uraguay Jose Mujica had it right. If we sacrifice people now for the greater good to somehow save future societies from other injustices, then how could we then be just when we never practiced fighting against injustices?

  16. My favorite story of all time. The true definition of complex narratives and social norms mixed with characters that are far beyond their manifestations on the page. They're thoughs. Ideas about the world. A fully realized world with its own brand of serial stories and justices. A world that Superman would be shunned in. People are terrified of the truth. But sometimes that truth is supposed to hurt. Rorschach knew this. He gave his life for people what didn't understand him. Sure he killed people. But they were fiends and killers themselves. And it is shown minor offenses in his eyes are redeemable. As when he lets Moloch go even though he had illegal drugs. Rorschach isn't totally justified in killing others. But he feels he is. Just as the Comedian isn't justified in killing others, but the government lets him. He needs validation to do what he does. Does that make him a hypocrite? Yes. He also breaks don in tears and spills his guts to Moloch days before he died. Pleading to god and his mother for forgiveness for his actions. He knows what he is doing is wrong, bu he allows the illusion to blind him. The only one who is on the up and up is Nite owl. He followed the rules given to him and he stepped down from his vigilante ways. Silk Spectre is a case of generational growth and persistence. Her mom liked the attention of horny men, and pushed her ideas onto her daughter. But since the second Silk Spectre grew up with all of it, it was only a matter of time before she grew tired of the whole thing all together. Ozymandias is the though of a high order behind the scenes watching your every move. But if you notice, he never gives a damn about people. He is doing it all for fame and personal reflection. He feels since he has the means, he gets to write history his own way. Not allowing others to agree or disagree with him. Dr. Manhattan gets to live life outside of existence. He sees strings and lets this blind him from the relationships he built, or SEEMED to build. But as soon as he is accused of ruining peoples lives with cancer, he gets the self reflection he needed. Again not allowing outside forces in. Silk Spectre II is now the voice of reason and convinces him that humanity is a miracle that by some astronomic chance they are there at that moment in time and space, they must live it because not living it is to not take advantage of the chance at hand.

  17. Rorschach was supposed to lampoon conventional binary morality, the kind that Steve Ditko wrote about. Moorr wrote Rorschach to be an unenlightenes buffoon. How it must have stung to find out that he's pretty much everyone's favorite character.

  18. There is only one hero in watchmen.

    Hint: he has a newspaper stand.

    Honorable mention for the kid, he is a good person. Grand total of 2 good people. Change my mind.

  19. Not bad, Bro….. You are correct. Watchmen is complex as hell!! All the Freemasonry and Aleister Crowley Magick symbolism stuff is dripping out of this book!! Real cool you did a bit of research on OZ the great and powerful!! I liked this vid way more than I thought I would. Thanks

  20. When I first heard about the movie Watchmen I completely ignored it, assuming it would be another shallow, violent super hero flick. After this video I went ahead and watched it. I didnt realize it was going to be 3 hours long.

    Anyway even though I knew Rorschach was gonna die it still made me sad because he was really the only one whose morals I respected.

  21. I think the movie was better by having manhattan blamed for the all the death instead of some alien squid. He was already taking heat for the cancer and he accepted the burden of having the blood adrian spilt on his own hands. His own woman didnt want him, his fans didn't want him, whats 2 billion more people to the personification of the laws of physics being broken?

  22. This video random video right here…
    Favorite graphic novel
    Top 10 favorite novels
    Rorschach favorite superhero
    Favorite superhero movie
    Top ten favorite movie
    Delivered with the soulful storytelling of a true artist and literary genius.

    And then the comments section is pure intellectually resonant gold.

    Be blessed y'all!

  23. Considering how unexpectedly Hood as fuck, HBO's Watchmen is turning out to be, I'm considering this to be the most accurately canonical re-telling of the OG GN from now on.

  24. Framing Dr. Manhattan for the catastrophe was a better ending in the movie than the faked Alien enemy in the original. Other than that it's a perfectly told story.

  25. Is this for real?!?!

    Fake wacker Tracey Morgan?!?

    Proof blacks ARE thugs – and all for the white man's dollar; the irony!!

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