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Water Cracking on Tomatoes

As a gardener, we often wonder what’s going
on in our tomato plants. We have insects that can bother us, we have diseases that can bother
us. This condition here is known as water cracking or splitting—an environmental issue
where the fruits are very nearly ripe, the skin has, for the most part, quit growing,
yet with a rain event, whether you water or we have a rain, the inside of the tomato continues
to absorb the moisture, and the skin splits. This occurs on little cherry tomatoes, the
slightly larger cherry tomatoes, it can occur on any of the typical tomatoes. This tomato
right here has just recently split, probably within the last day. This tomato was still edible. If we allow
that to continue on, the tomato will get mold inside, you’ll be visited by vinegar beetles,
and this entire tomato should go to the compost pile.

4 thoughts on “Water Cracking on Tomatoes

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I'm starting to see that this is most likely what happened to my butternut squash. Can you confirm if this same phenomenon happens in squash? We had a week of straight rain and now almost all my squash are cracked. I've posted a video about it on my channel.

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