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27 thoughts on “Wayward Sons – "Joke's On You" (Official Music Video) #RockAintDead

  1. Absolutely LOVING this! If the rest of the album is as great as this first song is, it will be AMAZING! Can't wait to get my pre-order in tomorrow as soon as I get paid! Thought the first album would be a tough act to follow, but apparently not! This makes it look easy! Wow! 😮

  2. Great song amd top video ..but we all wanna know .what happens to colin ??? Does he get revenge for been stooopid 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Beg, Borrow and Steal to see these guys live!!!
    Absolutely Amazing – Check out the 1st Album 'Ghosts of Yet to Come' – its killer!!!
    Obvs buy the 2nd album once released – its a no brainer
    Carry On my 'Wayward Sons'

  4. I loved this song straight away when you first started performing it at Live shows! And this video.. wow this video is absolutely fantastic 😁 Hearing the words and the music clearer makes it even better I lovee it and now I can sing along properly! 😍 You guys look awesome and very dapper in your suits and the actors did a fabulous job! I can't wait for the next few months to complete this quadrilogy 😍❤

  5. Good tune, quite a Lizzy vibe to it, but with its own spin. looking forward to the rest of the album!

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