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We Are Number One but it's a one-line multilanguage (Tribute)

we're only a hand to mesh Varun Fallon hasslein Tiffany yen yes young man be assuring Hockley army people inhabit even hell ha welcome and Patrick guru yeah yeah Andy McCullough feel lonely bit dodgy me you see it the farmer know this I don't gotta do being a cinco super Leroy no song g-spot see ji ki Fateh TC nalu's asset ordinary alloys Oh I screwed now movie ability soap operas in Kandahar think are they start yes basarab little one will he'll say Oh [Applause] ha ha ha [Applause] [Applause] the yes – poof no fatal occur only when angel bravura confessor and after super help me happy – is Vermont okay Tom Selleck our Cecchini jelly leader whose reactor poof are you a real villain well technically yeah have you ever caught a good guy got real sorry wrong have you ever tried to disguise all right I can see that I will have to teach you how to be Oh we are number one I like to go to okay Kelly all ethical take oscar-nominated sugar Sankar in the catenate ballet osawa Silva nanu Tamina PETA open today that engine kill me and towel by the pastor tell me your knees are fine moist at all we are set up as or lucky girl in 2000 Oh oh my god hey Santa let a moon news reaches this car yeah because all day oh yeah Oh Oh I'll society against a stir sword and now you're using me yogi much and then Gordon your thumb from Tallinn first Here I am snake goes to mouth Balan Saket Novick here's the lines garcy cousin Benny heart motakay Kumar el bachelor December Thank You super it's a sock Marmaduke agree must bide metal item hotel gossamer negra the super top Indian CJ read overdose or genders for your phone Josh most Oh Oh avoided a very mal bottom so Huma Paris I'm beyond super around this is my table is DD okay the want of a vacation your eyes oh boy Shh no Manny you know Manny schematic optical Erica Petrova super him sauce bigger than what I know so can I know what did some I got you might cut out all mine any whoa Oh [Applause] jános de verdad bueno realmente a no alguna vez a trapper on chico bueno como come come on super airway alguna vez imposed on this Fras esta bien Dubuque attend raking sonali's como Serbia nose escucha el chapo super arrow in action see in the key is : see you put before Jack I can say no not that I saw yeah so Muslim No [Applause] chef's watches Oh so then team I thought I would witness the ashes oh no dad you would say I died what you mean you got so treat mask aggravates class nice shot [Applause] I was browsing a liquidy no principie go in there but globally who up just horror on a super arrow I will Cronenberg Moscow sir but you show us Trevor no GT your booty you sleep haha hello everybody okay we are number one pet this is number one Wow we must have been in a great shape when we did this and special thank you to all of you my dear mean friends who have been donating to our family fund GoFundMe thank you so much it really touches my heart thank you so much and good bye everybody and keep me you

30 thoughts on “We Are Number One but it's a one-line multilanguage (Tribute)

  1. Arabic 🇸🇦
    Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷
    Catalan 🇦🇩
    Danish 🇩🇰
    Dutch 🇳🇱
    English 🇺🇸
    Finnish 🇫🇮
    French 🇫🇷
    German 🇩🇪
    Hebrew 🇮🇱
    Hungarian 🇭🇺
    Icelandic 🇮🇸
    Instrumentals 🇺🇳
    Italian 🇮🇹
    Japanese (fanmade) 🇯🇵
    Latin Spanish 🇲🇽
    Polish 🇵🇱
    Romanian 🇷🇴
    Russian 🇷🇺
    Ukrainian 🇺🇦
    And also last but not least
    The real life version

    R.i.p SKS 🙁 you will always be number one

  2. Lazy town used to be in CN Arabia but for some reason it stopped, WHY?!!! 😭😭😭 sometimes it is embarrassing to be an Arab 😢

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