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WE CAUGHT SHARKS!!!Flounder and Crabs! (2 fish one line)

everyone today we're in West Vancouver we're fishing out on the ocean we're gonna be targeting species like flounder and dogfish we're gonna be using herring and squid I'll be out here for five hours let's get fishing a little flounder and keep it yeah someone took the squid off the top Scotty with a flounder got one oh yeah there we go that's a girl for him yeah oh my god this time kind of founder oh wow that's a decent one quick release double-header Oh flounder and a dogfish no I was sketch you're on the next one it's a nice one watch his tail that's our release whoo bombs away round two last round of the day more than clothes site great site bouncing bigging oh man so I just got home from my fishing trip out on the ocean it's getting a little late so I'm just gonna unpack I'm gonna quickly fillet the fish which I will show you guys how to do I'm gonna follow the dogfish and the flounder I haven't done either so hopefully it ends up all right so what I did here as I put some fish crispin bag out of the salt pepper I wanted to keep it really plain because I really want to taste the fish just to see what the taste is so we'll give this a try though it was just about heated up we'll just the flounder done now I won't put on the dogfish it's important when you're doing this when you drop the fish drop it away from you actually the splash doesn't come towards you okay everyone I'm gonna try the dog Fisher tastes like whitefish it's a little a little a little squishy compared to the flounder there's some piece of the flounder flounders a little more firm flounder tastes just like fish and chips it's delicious thanks for watching this video guys I hope you enjoyed it make sure to hit the like and subscribe button down below if you want to see more videos like this make sure to leave a comment in the comment section now we're going to be doing some fishing and then herring and let's get fishing

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