Laughter is the Best Medicine

we couldn't stop LAUGHING during this VIDEO...

if you don't like the video Alexa husband guys is so fast new videos is basic a squads funny moments video the last one I uploaded did amazing yes could with the support on that so this is basically the same thing except I'd like one specific squad throughout the video also while we were waiting for my friend again we did a few games with squads on pills there's like some random kids in there chillin with us that were you're like kind of dicking with so it gets funny definitely be sure to watch a little video and subscribe this next kid don't have a mic on papi SuperX oh I mean I do too many nights is my mom he's hitting the jib when he was 12 if you weren't fucking jamming black tar heroin down your fucking urethra then I don't know what you're doing honestly you are some special kind of persons please please Iman backing on tour hero you weren't living then you didn't take fucking crack cocaine me and smoke go way back Oh sue I know y'all really go yeah the amount of horse tranquilizer we are drinking when we're 12 was insane like words can't even describe where did you get all that shit my uncle of course what's the password you don't even give you a password do this as a bank robber the congas low-key just Billy Bao coming she just didn't feel like using a Ray Harris – it's too cool for boats dude I just need a workout and he lose some pounds oh yeah drum gun all right well I guess I'll take a fucking jet pack because I'm holding a medkit fucking feed jet packs yeah but did you hit the shot no oh my you're on for tonight how'd that happen I update you just been waiting eight months updated okay no wizard to the Wizards Hulu is it yeah where the fuck yeah there's kids here so chingon gonna kill people no don't just literally keep breathing oh my god oh you're fucking crack no seriously Jesse come here I told you the boss said stupid stupid stupid dumb dumb Jesse turn that down a little bit please Oh yo keep on shooting me to death looky oh shit are you trying to get like a whole like the rotating tone I knocked one King and fucking money Chang oh oh oh oh oh shit oh oh oh get the fuck out my way what it's last right now it's last don't kill ya don't go I don't want to fight you build fight you bro why are you trying to do all that he's really trying to build plate bro it's such a bad shot oh he's up on top right here yeah dude I'm out too just like just kill them really just come dude this is such a geek I can't believe it idiot all that junk it'd be said though as it does have you ever gone goose bumps when the pizza rolls are done we finna kitchen up bro you know only two people here yeah we got time to lose Junior junior you got Junior yo Junior yo buzz I was not all I'm trying to do is ask him what I can call them there was a pause yo Junior my man you know like you fuckin hates me another big shield yo Junior man we found the dumbest kid ever okay probably it's your banana Mooney and I got a split junior you smell like butt juice your name is but junior trying to ask you what do we call you I eat my own shit they make it fun my name we call you oh my bad oh just whatever you want I'm just calling you Junior then easy but my friends plate he's kind of asked gonna get bodied but it's Lynn yo you're nice now you win every game stop Gavin on the game how can you slip on you the one doing the Moffat that's the real question I already want to get off this game I was gonna say I could have at least one to 17 games on rocket League by now that fills the hole inside the only thing that makes me happy nowadays fuckin girlfriend I got rocket League man you got those you got both now to bow let's be honest there's only one thing I care about your mom you don't care about your mom you're not gonna hit a pill off this no balls I call your bluff right now alright alright i'll who saw it no balls I call your bluff No hey guys I come Oh oh my god that would have been nasty super dude honestly we should all just back out back he's balling away good he stole one of y'all's ballers and my mom I gotta fuckin oh he's always trying to run awayy bro it's all he does is run really doing sitting there kid how's that not a head shot all right I'm gonna hit a shot and then I'm in a squad life let me charge a full squad with nomads hi jr. showing what you got what what did the viewers got to see justice at its added me Oh at Target is's l – that's what it for this video if you guys enjoyed it if you guys want me to make more leggings be sure to let me know in the comments and subscribe if you knew because we are growing like crazy right now like more than I ever had before so if you get to go ahead and subscribe I mean a ton job like of course – and that's gonna do it I'm out beast

50 thoughts on “we couldn't stop LAUGHING during this VIDEO…

  1. Would sub but I don’t know yet. I’ll see a couple more of your vids and then I’ll decide. Great video btw.

  2. This video was great man! keep up the great content! ❤️ Subbed and turned noti’s on broo
    BTW I do put herion down my urithra. Love that part!

  3. Plasma i need your opinion, if you make a montage can you put like 1 creative trickshot? Or is that weird and should you keep it only BR

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