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We Got Chiropractic Adjustments | GIRLS CRACK COMPILATION

oh you don't I'm not doing oh sorry I died a little tilt your head to the right okay we can't keep doing that we're gonna just sit and get soft tissue treatment I was so excited I'm way over to you for an adjustment I need it so I share a lot of my workouts and recipes here on my channel but I don't really share a lot of my recovery work or self-care practices so that's what we're doing today I've got a lot of headaches from tightness in my neck my traps and my upper back muscles from lifting so much and I'm also working on improving my posture so I get regular treatments for those today we're gonna go see Bo at his office so most of you who've been following me for a while know that Bo is my fiancee so just a little disclaimer cuz I know you'll notice that we're all pretty laid-back and comfortable with each other that's because we're all friends and he's my fiance so we're not just going to some random doctor's office that I've never been to before we all know each other well both of my girlfriends have actually been treated by Bo and his other providers several times in the past four previous injuries that they've had so today they're just tagging along for fun to get an adjustment and because but I was usually pretty booked out like months and advance so they are getting the likes fiance hookup today so let's go oh yeah nice eat heartily yeah man all right stand up face that way yes I answered it right there all right let me pace up let's do your ankles let's go back let's shoes visit yeah no promises OOP there it is watching it what the hell is that how's it right thank you good real good check with both arms keep going back with accepting one side Wow yeah this feels really good my posture open up yeah is it register elevator yeah ah yeah look down whoa this isoh but ride another one yeah oh wow that's so here a room so much more light is going into this one way down so you make itself is on that oh my god well there's never like what's going on over there do you think that this is not the pleasure room oh wow one died friend okay Wow what are these sounds like are you ready for Sean thank you my reaction I died a little classic she crispy I'll call myself all day saved it up for this being bored best friend pull the elbow back to be friends and breathe raise the roof that this I've been doing my homework we're gonna tilt your head to the right okay can't keep doing that right here's her right shoulder come back yeah good yeah you do that as far as you can that's got this no I don't don'ts there's the girls okay you got it I like Carlos better thank you with a good cracks oh sorry that's the reaction screaming yeah Martha go on your side facing me deeper thin out there same thing on this side breath in and out very nice nice nice oh hey so good stand up you know trust crunch up and down brick ear one a lot that's like the numbing the numbing shoots soaps captain hair Celsius or trainer I think very soon what you're talking shit about my subs cab yeah that's way other way [Laughter] what sorry sweaty nobody's ever ready this is not nice freakin seriously just gonna keep going oh we done

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  1. Did he invent that new type of manipulations? where did he get that additional training? Looks really amazing

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