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We Thought It Was Funny, But It Was Cyberbullying

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video. To create your own Wix website, go to One day, I was walking home with my best friend. She was so pumped about something. I have really strict parents, and I have to
come home straight away after school. This is my best friend, so I had to go with
her because she wanted to tell me what she was so excited about. So we went to the nearest park. She took out this slip of paper from her bag which read out a
phone number. But this wasn’t any phone number – it was a phone number of the girl that she was in beef with. I gasped when I saw it. She’s like, “I know, right? We
have to text her.” And I wasn’t really sure about it because I didn’t want to get in trouble. We went to the nearest bench in the park and she started texting this number
saying, “Hi! It’s me, Jason, from school.” And he started asking her questions like, “Hey,
wanna hang out some time?” And really gross things like asking her for nudes.
The girl whose number it was was actually answering all this stuff, and
sent a picture of herself. When we saw this, we screamed so much and we
started rolling on the floor and laughing. It was so funny. My friend and I
kept running to the park every day after school to text this girl and to pretend
to be this boy from school. The girl kept on looking at the boy called Jason at school, twisting her hair at him like he was actually texting her. And every
single time she did this, we burst out laughing. It was so funny. But one day, she asked to do a video call and my friend was like, “What am I going to do? I’m
not Jason!” So she just made it that she was sick and that she looked a mess. But
this girl did not believe him, so she kept on ringing and ringing and ringing
on FaceTime to see if it was actually Jason. So one day at school, she went up
to Jason and said, “Hey, why can’t you FaceTime? You don’t look sick!” And he was just like, “What are you talking about?” My friend was watching this and she
laughed so loud. It was so obvious that it was her. The girl turned around and
gave her the dirtiest look possible. She knew it was her.
We were busted. She went and reported this to the school, and we were so so
scared. The police got involved because, apparently, this was called cyberbullying.
My friend got grounded, and so did I. But now I know that if one of my friends
wants to do this, I have to stay out of it or try and persuade them not to do it. We want to thank Wix for sponsoring this
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100 thoughts on “We Thought It Was Funny, But It Was Cyberbullying

  1. They've committed 3 crimes by doing this "prank."

    1. Catfishing.
    2. Identity theft.
    3. Soliciting AND possessing child porn.

  2. They wasn't bullying her…

    They were catfishing her

    She nasty for sending nudes like… little girl control them hormones

  3. Should the girl that send nudes get grounded because she shouldn’t have did that in the first at a young age

  4. The poor girl that got bullied I feel so bad for her she sent her body that could have been exposed to many people it’s disgusting that her and her friend did that 😡

  5. me:reads title* its probably not that bad


  6. I think what the two girls did was wrong but u have to be pretty stupid to send nudes to someone who just started texting u

  7. "Grounded" for child p()rnography and catfishing but somehow became "Cyber bullying" I wonder how old they are.

  8. I know I'm rude and disgusting but the fact that they asked for nudes and when she sent the nudes they screamed LMAO

  9. I have strict parents too. Like if i just do my home work's answer wrong, my mom would be mad at me for no reason! I think she is nuts.

  10. Now I know a lot of people don’t feel bad for the girl, and I understand why… but the thing is… what those two girls did was HORRIBLE!!!!! And in the beginning all she said was that her and her friend were in some “beef”. She didn’t say that girl was bullying her friend or anything. Yes she shouldn’t have sent nudes, but that was CAT-FISHING and they shouldn’t have ASKED FOR THE NUDES IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!! But that’s just my opinion and I feel horrible for Jason because he had NO idea what was going on.

  11. i did something similar before but i refuse to believe it’s cyberbullying because it was a public picture that she posted on her insta but w/e

  12. We thought it was funny but it was illegal and probably caused mental trauma to the poor girl and I should have a worse punishment

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