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Weathermen Who Lost It On Live TV

TV weathermen and women are trained to handle
all kinds of inclement situations. But what about a spider on a weather cam? Or a wisecracking co-anchor? Get your umbrella ready, because these are
the meteorologists who lost it on live TV. In May 2019, a tornado shredded the streets
of Dayton, Ohio. Luckily, locals can’t say the alarms weren’t
sounded, according to Newsweek, thanks to FOX 45’s weatherman, Jamie Simpson. “All this heavy rain is between you and the
tornado” But not everyone was happy about it. Simpson’s live report, made several hours
before the tornadoes rushed through, cut into an airing of The Bachelorette. “I was just checking social media, we have
viewers complaining already. Just go back to the show. No, we’re not going back to the show folks” Rather than ignore the social media fire,
Simpson flipped out. “I’m sick and tired of people complaining
about this. Our job here is to keep people safe and that
is what we’re gonna do” He added, “Some of you complain that this is all about
my ego…stop. OK, just stop right now. It’s not” The tornado ended up claiming one life, destroying
a large part of central Ohio, and injuring twelve, according to Today. When Simpson’s clip went viral, Dayton locals
praised him for his dedication. Back in 2005, CNN weather reporter Chad Myers
was explaining the situation surrounding Hurricane Katrina. But when anchor Carol Costello kept asking
him to speak in words the average viewer could understand, Meyers hulked out. “Chad, Chad, Chad…Let me talk, Carol. Translate that for us” Evidently, Myers didn’t like the suggestion. “Well if you would let me talk” By the end, Myers smiled and claimed that
he was just “having fun,” but it sure didn’t look like it. “Alright thank you Chad. Alright just having fun with you this morning” To be fair, The Week points out that this
footage was filmed and broadcast at 4:30 AM, and that’s one heck of an hour to keep it
together on camera. A lot of people find the mere sight of a spider
too much to bear, including Global News meteorologist Kristi Gordon, who freaked out on live TV,
when a giant arachnid was projected right over her head. “Oh my gosh! That was creepy” As you can imagine, her coworkers erupted
in hysterical delight. “(Scream)…No I hate it. I can’t stand it” Although she was clearly a good sport, it
took her a moment to shake off the heebie-jeebies. “Oh my gosh. Ok. I’m so sorry” Back when everybody was bonding over the miserable
2018 cold snap, Grand Rapids meteorologist Garry Frank was clearly tired of everyone
complaining, according to the Detroit News. After reporting day in and day out on Antarctic-style
conditions, Frank finally snapped. “You guys are draggin me down…Everytime
I get done with the 7-day, you guys are like ugggggh, gosh.” He continued, “Doesn’t matter what time I come on. 4:30, 5:30, 6:30, and then you expect me to
be chipper for 5 straight hours” To be honest, that does sound like a horrible
gig. “Here’s a 60, I don’t know if that’s good
enough for you guys. Get excited. Maybe I’ll disappoint you with the 7-day here
in a few minutes” CNN reported on WITI-TV’s Angelica Duria who
got stuck standing in a Milwaukee snowstorm for an entire morning, reporting on weather
that clearly wasn’t going to improve. But as the lunch hour finally approached,
Duria’s good spirits melted away and she finally lit up the screen. “I have been here since 3:30 this morning”
“I’m exhausted. I’ve run out of things to say, and it’s snowing,
and it sucks here!” Not surprisingly, everyone back in the studio
applauded. “Angelica, welcome to real Milwaukee” Australian weather reporter Steve Jacobs once
met a curious pelican named Marnie, while reporting from the zoo. “Brushes the south…” [incomprehensible noises and screaming] To be fair to Marnie, the pelican’s pecking
attack seemed more playful than aggressive, but that didn’t make it any less hilarious. “I’m gonna be mentally scarred from this” Even Jacobs couldn’t stop laughing. “I gotta sit down. When animals attack. There’s a bit you never expected. My butt taken off by a pelican” In 2017, Fox 2 weather reporter Derek Kevra
got so infuriated by people who didn’t properly clean the snow off their cars, that he filmed
an entire sequence explaining how to do it. “This must be a really hard concept for people
to understand” Kevra proceeded to sarcastically demonstrate
how to use a snow brush and ice scraper. “You’re gonna begin with a generic left to
right swipe. Then, a couple inches below that, you’ll swipe
back” He added, “It’s the scientific swiping motion that you
will use not only on the sides, but the back and all the way around 360 degrees” The raging fury is so clear, that it paints
a magnificent portrait of what happens when you finally push a weatherman too far. “I know. It seems like a lot” “But I promise if you
follow those simple steps, you too will be able to clear the snow off of your car” If you’re Boston’s Weather Channel meteorologist
James Cantore, the most glorious weather phenomenon of all is when lightning strikes during a
snowstorm. During a televised segment in 2015, Cantore
got so psyched about this bizarre phenomenon that he screamed, “(lightning) Oh yes! Yes, yes! We got it baby!” According to the Washington Post, Cantore
is well-known throughout the weather community for his passion for so-called “thunder snow.” Cantore told the Boston Globe, it’s quote,
“kind of like two seasons coming together.” “We got it. Yes. Listen to that. Listen to that. Oh Baby.” For his sake, and the sake of his fans, hopefully
another rockin’ thunder snow happens again soon. Back in 2010, according to the BBC, weatherman
Tomasz Schafernaker got caught in a rather awkward snafu when cameras switched over a
second too fast, revealing him brandishing a prominent middle finger. “For all the detail you could possibly want…Tomasz
Schafernaker preparing for it.” Schafernaker tried to cover it up, but no
one was convinced. “There’s always one mistake. That was it” A spokesman for the BBC quickly issued an
apology, but this wasn’t the first time that Schafernaker’s sense of humor got him into
trouble. He previously had to apologize for calling
a region quote, “nowheresville” during a 2007 segment, and in 2009, he accidentally mispronounced
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  1. I love these weather plp yeeeeeeeeah!!!!! I hire all of them to my show "Foooking weather raw an uncut"!!!!!!!! 😎😝😂

  2. I'm from Dayton Ohio. Jamie Simpson has since been fired from being a meteorologist because of an OVI.
    We're gonna miss you Jamie…..:(

  3. We get thunder snow in mn. Channel 2 here in mn. Is our pbs station. And they have fox 2. Yeah i hate brushing car off when it's buried in snow i just use a broom makes it quicker.

  4. In order, the following Weatherpeople should have been:
    1) Promoted – bachelorette flipout
    2) Fired – katrina
    3) Fired – projected spider freakout
    4) Fired – complaint compainer
    5) Promoted – it's still snowing
    6) Promoted – Pelican booty
    7) So Promoted – sarcastic snowbrush
    8) Promoted – psyched snow lightning
    9) Fired – middle finger

  5. In Kansas thunder snow normal in winter yawn, lighting in December yep a lot normal expected lighting in snowstorm normal not always but happens a lot just go back to sleep.

  6. Well, anybody that picks Meteorology as a career ain't "all there" anyway lol…(easy now, just kidding)

  7. Number One & Snow Removal Dudes? Bruh👊👊

    Need to add Jim Cantore, every moment on TV, he's a dick. More Hubristic than the most egotistical E-Celebs, THOTs, Wannabe-Journos etc. … Holy Shite! Here he is! LOL! I will never forget watching as he was Proper PWNT one morning on CNBC, during a winter storm {Right after TWC started the Asinine practice of naming snowstorms like Tropical Cyclones! Morons} and trying to debate (failing, miserably) Global Warming (or whatever it's called this week) and Economics with Joe K. on "Squawk Box". The best Part? It was Live and a full segment! A few of the other Host's tried to help Cantore, but Joe has THAT gift and ran over Jim over & over! It was almost too sad to watch, almost! Great start to the day! Even had the Entire Office in tears laughing!

    That's what you get when you choose overhyping a potential Tropical System and causing Millions of USD lost revenue across the State's Coast. And the reason he's not allowed to cross the bridge onto the main SE Barrier Island & most famous city, he's always in a smaller town north or south! Total Dick. F You, Cantore.

  8. Local weatherman on the BBC accidentally said 'Bucket loads of cunt' and he looked as surprised by it as the viewers where, considering he was trying to say 'Sunshine'.
    You can search for it by the quote.

  9. You've been outside for 6 hours, doing absolutely nothing, and having a warm news van to retreat to between segments? Poor you…

  10. I remember derek kevra he started in our town in oregon & he's the biggest dipshit. He got laughed out of town. Pretty sure he never even looked out the window.

  11. Jesters all jesters. Report it, stop using antagonizing phrases, build it up. What is done around here is a shame. Flooding rain damaging winds. It's weather, we survived before all the drama started.

  12. The guy with the thunder snow really made me happy to see somebody living their dream and loving their job. I hope hes having a good day.

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