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this is a blue dildo my covers been blown oh I say meet me downstairs in five minutes later we'll be doing – Charlie's everywhere can you hear the choppers Stan – man they're in a meeting with all the sales reps just to me go on without you I thought you two had a wall to wall of what yeah hey boys it's what he sent to the State Guard three if you don't like it my frickin days killed [Applause] senior Hey [Applause] what you know he's right though they're throwing their money away on that I saw in a beer commercial last week just wasting money garbage no no Gramps I must be doing something right I mean I got two new stores maybe we should start thinking about doing some PNM ourselves you know promotions and marketing what I went to school for all right I'll do it Jerri when I tell you the big college degree and now we're never gonna hear the end of it that's I'm just saying your move beans into the field yeah come on auntie you know we need you out there you're the best installer we got yeah yeah you've been telling me since I was 16 hey I banked for 25 years and I had you two brats while I was out there with the kicker in the trim combine complain plastic yeah I'm just saying I know what I'm talking about this is what I went to school for Edie okay do me a favor it's a party oh are you over Oh I've been doing it myself lid goes out the main knives holding to three grand a week what do you know about lobsters what's the no man you go out you drop the trap you hole them in here it's all-you-can-eat – you know lobster bisque lobster salad think about a man lobster foo young lobster freaking fool Yahoo just hold up here into the low point don't be somewhere dirty old smoker we were set up on a blind date by my sister and her best friend's husband who works with Brian and he walked in the door of the restaurant and I see I kind of had this really crazy hello the hell are you doing don't do a little dance for me can you put that away please what are you doing touching that dude check this out way he was like a freaking movie star yeah it's out of focus on Stein well nice for the record when's the last time you got laid all right give me that come on man all right give it to me but get me to my good side oh that's pretty nice I know place is like a freaking movie studio ready 1 2 hey hey put a house down here what the hell are you doing here we're the guys from the carpet store I don't who you are what the hell are you doing it hey where'd that come from no you don't touch you hear me yeah what's your boss's number what is the number the number it's a five five five five five five five but let me talk to him because alright you want to play games huh you want to play games I got a game for you it's called nine one no sir please please please don't please please do we have a perfectly good reason for being down and there is no good reason pal okay but just hear me out okay just give me out please and then if you're not satisfied you can do whatever okay two minutes okay see what happened was this morning our Father mr. Marconi is he's the boss and he calls us into his office and he says boys I want you to shoot a commercial for the store right it's on the counter Conti carpet they got this ad campaign and they're really killing us right and we came down here and we saw all the stuffing and granted we may have gotten way ahead of ourselves you're damn right you did but we see you had the best equipment here the best absolutely right yeah like you got out the cameras with three chips and then the DVD VHS high-speed duping and the dubbing it's called right and you don't touch you see that baby over there not even on the market yet I know I know I know he's he's like the stuff isn't even in stores yet you know mm-hmm that's very cool yeah but we're impressed oh yeah you're totally high tackier man yeah yeah well I upgraded to HD I bet this bad boy right here he probably set you back more than a few nickels huh that bad boy can do over 3 million wipes we're very impressed very impressed there's you know already a few ideas we've been working on right calm oh yeah quite a few for example picture a boxing ring okay it's made entirely out of carpet hmm now you bring our dad in he's just like a box he's got the teeth guard okay he's got a headgear USA shorts gloves zero don't tell me kaboom he knocks out the competition right that's very good yes that's very good Palermo pulls that it in ninety-eight thank you baby video bye Louise it's this week Sasha you're really hanging me out to dry here yes of course I need you yes stupid freaking Polack and I polish are you what am I talking about macaroni right you're free this weekend yeah yes actually we have a big sale no no no don't you be sorry sir I'm sorry I'm sorry I ever hired you to forget in the first place are you sure because I can really make a with you want yeah we're sure Hey what are you doing with that my inventory on guys that's a computer for the store here's Santa part I know but you gotta be open to my ideas alright relax I'm relaxed I just don't want this to take over here I won't gonna take the top of grandma with the ribs so I just brought you some dinner yeah but let me pitch in the script um no comment don't say me come on that's my idea I know but I just want you to be serious alright please don't get up boys Thanks Conte steals more and more of our customers everyday they run their athlete okay look at their market sure look at their market share in the month of October this is it well the way I see this is uh if we just get ten new customers ten we're guaranteed to pay off the entire cost within the first three months did you ever think he had time bozo it's not free well do you guys know about video anyway well what I do know is shown the market share it's October right looks good now showing for everyone Marconi the Marconi can't become this is now and this is Marconi and this is Conti and you see how the two balls of squash a nice pop all right and now we show them May then the balls are huge I'm coming I'm coming okay the airwaves the cable there's a whole shebang hey listen we got a net and the news day we got an ad in the Pennysaver and we got an ad in the record okay you reckon that's a to town newspaper Popat that's not good enough yeah we got the team the little league team that's your big egg that's like having 25 little billboards running around Anthony look we're not trying to take over the world here okay this is a small family operation and someday when you two guys are in charge you will understand okay hey you know what what do you want now Anthony I quit Anthony you talk of that no I quit you quit then you get your ungrateful ass out of here you hear me go get out your little brat I taught him that oh you gonna keep your mouth shut listen just give me one second here right what three seconds no I don't want to give you anything I don't know why I let you drive all right what is this carpet convention yeah no actually this is a bit oh oh the budgets okay everything came through the other thing the other thing from the other night when you were talking to me other day were you talking about what other other things the Saturday thing that weren't you get it all right you wanted to go outside now stay outside I'm sorry fellas I booked a couple of guys from Bayshore yesterday I'm all set for this weekend I'll tell you whatever I'm in a pinch guys or grandma they have to excuse me and I'm in the middle of a meeting with my secretary negotiate karna you didn't even give us a shot you need more fun he's got somebody okay standard business procedure to what you do Chico that's glad she go look Carm I said you can handle this now prove it to me hey hey are you on drugs how much you want how much did you pay those new guys why cuz we'll be for half but Jack what do you think huh tides a sharp right you look like a couple of waiters ladies and gentlemen we have an announcement we like to make announcement we that is the Honorable carmine Francis Marconi rental overview and myself are starting new careers in the video business with Louis Burns who the hell is Louis Birds he's the island's number one wedding an event videographer three years running number one you never thought she had kids in the movie business hapa Dominic Dominic Dominic you remember what we talked about last night they don't want to work in the store no more that's fine okay but they gotta kiss the free room and board goodbye hear me from now on it's gonna be 500 bucks a month each each that's a freaking rip off pop oh well I'm sorry then go look with your new friend there what's his name little Louie burns you know Valerie is that the name Louise friend what's the matter with me ok-ran amount of stuff I said I'm gonna pay you back for the broker's fee all right what did I tell you I'm the security yes yes and the security deposit yes yes I tell you man uncle Lulu was gonna hook this up what's that smell yeah yeah you know what that is what do you it's lobster too young that's lobster fricking too you in charge of the lights this is the signal for one this is the signal for all you got that daddy why don't you use your signal you know this beast white card this means bring the ladder oh yeah stupid establishing the replicate and you were Jabberjaw you're on sound I want you to stay close but not too close I want a lot of you know what the signal for on is it is your wiggle or the pumping fist calm please put that away everything you see everything you hear you're making me look so good here wonderful job darling the most important thing is that you keep your head looking because there are no tape toes in this business you got it you screw up yeah the other campuses I think so what do you think so you think so we'll you know so I haven't got time for guessing this is Carmine this is a trial line you understand and I'm not going back to that store with my tail between my legs I know I'm sorry I'm sorry all right I got you thanks man yeah baby so what about that listen yeah okay these are your wireless mics yes and here are your batters and I need you to go get the boom Bank and meet me outside in the five minutes five minutes yeah yeah yes and the gams the gams on that photography system my god freakin she's got this like librarian thing going on I miss she's a firecracker in the sack hi hey you guys know how to work these things what a day huh try that what a day huh good with more feeling and you guys you guys are dust him off as he says it okay go on what a day huh that's good a finished product Oh mr. burns isn't that wonderful yeah we're not wonderful like you didn't steal that shot directly from Bernie Scheer give me a favor watch we are going today as long as you keep your legs out of my shot what's true this morning with the coat-check girl at Villa boy I wish I was 14 your two-timing son of them wait they were a couple I think's not even try on the divorce I can talk to my lawyer cuz I've got you on tape with that Latino busboy from the Chateaubriand Consuela wait I'm all set all right hey if it wasn't for me you'd be home right now we didn't help wanna dance so leave me alone my lawyer says about what Cesar Rin I take Caesar that when their CC was making number two in the living room I don't need you breathing down my neck every two seconds okay I got responsibilities now I got things to think about hi how are what about suppositories twice a day it's like I said I get the bangs and what's yours it's your choice really boy there she goes I'm carmine my homosexual it's just freakin signal for the step left and see as many things in many countries all right that step ladders crucial for his big exit shot look on his big exit shot where he gets up behind looks out over the gas we got now fine car you want to look for it be my guest because I don't see it I'm talking about the one with the the white stripe right yes the big one the one he told you to put in the truck the one I saw you holding in the driveway because I was waiting for you to stop the backseat Carn you were about to catch the beating of a life to it take it easy right you can bind with 20 bucks over a cost Mart and you're just gonna waltz out during the ceremony go buy one back off okay yeah you got it all in the car guard listen for the last time you worry about your job and I'll worry about mine okay it's the big boss yo Aldo listen I need you to get back to me right away 989 one month bless O Lord this ring to be a sign of the vows by which this man and this woman have bound themselves to each other through Jesus Christ our Lord amen repeat after me Vicky I give you this ring Vicky I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow as a symbol of my vow and with all that I am and with all that I am and all that I have and and all that I have I honor you I honor you in the name of the father in the name of the Father of the son and nobody I'm gonna call you back don't laugh there's something going on 20 years because of it never consider maybe you're the idiot we're still working with them okay so this is the vision here you're gonna float up like I don't know like why like 10 15 maybe 20 maybe 20 20 feet up in the air okay and then you keep doing that but the most important thing is the timing here right yes right right you just happen by freaking Lana you crazy the shots gonna get us on a 5 o'clock news know the shot is freaking stupidest what is what are you calling stupid it's ballsy I like it you see that it's ballsy he likes it and maybe you take a loo okay hold right there going good good Lu you ready Aldo good man all right here they come [Applause] all right I call this the Hollywood touch that's nice you've done your demo that might be I'm talking about the WVS I'm gonna get my belt back videographer de hey give them the air nice work you really shows well thanks I mean I saw the opportunity and I took it no no no no no you listen to what I said you kept your ears and your eyes open and that's the ticket nice work Vidya yeah well we got little widget you get yourself some hors d'oeuvres and then make sure you eat good I don't trust this sometimes he skips on the fender meals ten-four ten-four hey Trixie Trixie good good I want you to get a photo of me and my new lift rig for my website all right hey try it on for size Joe I'm telling you this kid is so win the ball put a little pep in his step [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] commercials I'm thinking about doing you know maybe independent films I'm thinking about getting into you know I come from films no kidding yeah yeah yeah I did a lot of movies first I was said system director of photography on a lot of the films that were done in New York I couldn't take the book and that's why I'm more or less say you gotta try this cake here there's a coconut cream filling let's add this world yeah did you pick up the wheelchair from the truck yet you know why because you can screw around and the time of your life and I'm stuck here doing all the work that's bullshit what are you writing here guide to the galaxy you're back on that time no cell phone no flirting no drinking what the hell is that if you know I'm gonna continue working and get there we have to start holding up your end did I or did I not just go out there and blow the doors off you know what you take out of mine who's getting luck that's it Sarah did you sign this but you can move your stuff out of my apartment look this is not up for debate I don't know man I don't think it's gonna hold up in a court of law why not I have a problem with this hitting Klaus on the back here maybe it's just me but I didn't think they had that sparkle on the altar okay please please tell me of this thing's almost done but you're missing that tiles turnout huh it was carpet actually but yeah what's up with your boss she uh is she sick or something my tie fever is more like it that's nice she leaves you with all the work that's good that's not that bad actually it's uh it's good practice no I got on my own you know I kid when you do that I could help you with your marketing oh yeah no it's just uh it's what I went to school for oh you went to college yeah what is that surprise you know I just thought maybe this is some kind of work release program or something I forgot your name already come on what's that give me a second Andrew no anything yeah hey come on man you gotta do that champagne shot when are you doing it because they need the two of us that's why well I'm busy what you hear me I'm gonna be a little baby now then sign your stupid little nap there you go I'm sorry for everything I ever did for you but till you look you alright you better worry about your job I'll worry about mine I only had like a dozen shots to not go up here hey you're the boy genius right I'll figure it out Oh better hurry up like a new self test I plan yeah you have fun too see ya I got your number Chico yeah yeah I got yours hey Trixie I'm gonna get a joke you want one yeah yeah we're gonna have to do what they call it eight to one this wait I'm confused okay it's a smile blink kiss and hold it for five you got it wait smile blink kiss and hold for five what are you talking about that wasn't even allowed because you pulled it no I was in the room I was hey that was rope-a-dope that was broken though let go Romeo Romeo oh what a jets temp takes on this one look at those sweet sweet tea toss forget about the tea touch you idiot listen to that sound hear that no listen that is weak batteries in a wireless mic now what did I die it I'm sorry women dial you change them out memorize that never happen I'm gonna need you to hear tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock the same shoes the same pants the same shirt and don't forget those silver bowties cuz that's the team look so does that mean that we're on the team Lou yeah alright now make sure you're plenty early 250 250 300 300 stop imitating [Applause] good I'm sorry it's yeah I thought we'd throw a little you know soiree celebrate the big move you know there's over 50 people here come on he said we have an 11 am job we got time it's like a million hours from that oh no it's like 12 hours from that it's actually like 10 hours from what do we agree to our contract specifically states that you'll be in bed before midnight on an AM job and God willing I will be [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] frickin date I don't know man what do you want from me you know I move slow the Cullen took me to leave the store well they see the diamond I don't know so what so she's smart so why man she graduated top of her class at NYU so you got that salutation thing from crappy John's salutatorian that's why I said that second place man you kids gonna be like freakin nerds seriously though I'm let stayed like you get it hitched with this girl and things work out I hope that you will consider still considered asking me to be your best man okay for real though because tonight at the wedding I hated that you know when the the brothers there and he's in the groom's bridal party and you know some other jerk is the best man I I mean that's not cool you know that's that's his freakin brother huh I want you to promise me I want you to promise me when you go to bed promise will you go to bed I'll go to bed promise okay you can be my best man okay all right okay okay but what about LG cuz bad time high school see you living like real kings over you know Anthony I know you probably think that I'm a royal pain in the ass again I mean I thought my father was paying yes and I'm sure that he thought his father was a pain in the ass too gravy come from a long line of pens in the ass you stop doing that look at me for a minute here last night I sat down with your uncle yeah and we talked it over and we decided we'll let you two on the floor system manager of sales no more wall to wall no more banking carpets and when it's slow you could even do some of that that ANP stuff okay when you say relax and these things don't get started till noon walking here or what it's a really nice offer and all but this time we got a pass yeah we will you go in there and change Anthony I'm too short in the field you guys don't come back by tomorrow I got no other choice I'm hiring some new guys macaroni I am at the church the bride because I using get focused focused let's go there start the intros hey what you working on there I need Eevee high definition not now okay pal [Applause] could watch them like get the boner just gotta tell them no man I don't think that's a good idea okay you don't look up with the camera that's good it's an honest mistake Carlo understand it's their vows it's the most important part all right I'm gonna tell one question have I ever ever let you down what are you talking about is two days in wrong with you yeah but when it came time to step it up did I not step it up Oh calm I know you're just gonna make things worse I'm gonna be any worse man we got five minutes of play by play with a freaking valve should be what do you is body you don't talk to him like this is my kitchen soda get the hell out of you oh yeah you own this place huh karma what's your back the fuck off and let me have a conversation with my brother okay you got a lot to do though you don't point that thing at me I don't point the finger at you Wow see he grabbed my finger he almost bit my finger off look at me where were you look at me look at me you're killing me with the sound with the girl you're killing me here you don't blame this the girl on me you don't bring the girl up me she's totally into you you stop with you no no no no no no no she came up to me before and she was asking if you were single you were married divorce divorce she think she thinks I'm divorced no man I told her you play in the field you know well I can a good way like you're getting a lot of offers mind your business okay just just just give me just give me a few hours please okay I can fix this I can do this please I can do this please a few hours yes to like dinner on so dinner yeah okay and then you'll stop whether it's fixed enough promise you want me to sign another cocktail Afghan outside on a cocktail napkin for you hey folks for the first time as husband and wife come on guy what do you want now it seems like yesterday you and Paul were running around the backyard and now you're all grown up with such a beautiful bride Congrats good take the microphone out where the hell is he when he'd fall in you said something about the shoe cocktail I had this room Carter there's nothing wrong with the show we're gonna have to do what they call it I'd take two on this you've heard that term a degenerate oh it's no big deal it's just a little postgame report part of the standard package I hope you don't mind I don't mind do you I do watch I'm sorry you what I don't kill Matt for a second maybe I already got shot how many times we have to do this trick sorry I don't have enough hands yeah well now you know why I hired two EU posso Lenne cock hey Trixie I'll take those what's with your brother what what's going on you just locked me out of the bridal suite and got all my gear in there not Pamela Pam a CLIA Pam you're doing good you feeling right you don't really good you think so you want to help us for town for a little bit and I said oh yeah you're in trouble no no it's cool she's got a real big spot for that maitre d I'm very trying you know like a wildcat everybody you're gonna scratch me up with them mustache mm-hmm okay all right come on I want to get that ice sculpture before it melts there was a moment there you got a little emotional you know he got a little yeah yeah yeah I was cryin yeah what exactly was that moment in the ceremonial parlors what was the specific line the line yeah really yeah moved you you put yourself in that place right now for me sure okay I will cherish and honor you all the days of my life oh you better watch out I'm gonna marry you swing over this way the lakes new shells watch the shadows good hey father how you doing I was hoping to get like a little bit of interview with you do me a favor it's just another big fan of the spotlight so I was thinking about what you said last night about starting her own business going out on your own still a long way off well maybe not you know if you partner up with somebody split the overhead and the start-up costs perhaps just something a quick quote from the sum you said um you altered me here to rain you're the big talk where you take the microphone listen if it's money you're worried about I can help out at excellent credit I appreciate the offer Anthony really I do about to take like that at this point it's just not possible three o'clock well you got waterworks what one halfway you have kids to support or something hey stop right where's the party it's right behind you come on Matt give me a shot at that let me try it again we agreed until dinner now that's it you guys are done we talking about listen they just serve the salad which happens to be the first course no the clam chowder is the first course oh my right tea technically a salads considered an appetizer when followed by soup pasta or results carne Karan I don't care okay come on don't get on it means you only want to help me out here it's freaking wizard that's a couple of to the end classes back into my office big guy now tell me exactly what she said to you no I don't I don't want to talk about I'm not lying to you man all right she told me she asked me all these things about you now I don't know whether she was just shooting it or she was interested or she's got a cute sister Oh what you know I don't know and that's the point man neither will you do you want me to start talking this in chief yes yes do that do that I'm gonna put this in my bestman speech to you man it's you and me right here right now when you walked in here and you're all upset and you wanted to throw everything away you wanted to give everything up and then you realized that this chick she may be the best thing that ever happened to you and if you didn't just say it and I promise I'm gonna curse a new speech and go out there and do something about it you may regret this for the rest of your life look at you you told me that you had a connection with her right you said that crazier things are happy unless you know what I'll go out there I'll tell to you let's forget everything and I'll go I'll cover Lu no no just hurry up alright alright alright look at his face everyone please find their seat just a few moments we get ready for some Greek dancing no sorry laddie I didn't mean to get you in trouble before Oh Padres and she's not even about that I'm having my sort of personal hey where'd you enough to had on my nose oh sure told Louise flippin a lit out there yeah I realize that but I wanted to talk to you so we walk and talk yeah and then the wife she's sick she's in the hospital hospital bills piling up I'm I'm really strongly considering that T word so you made a commitments to Juneau so yeah how you know I know and I keep thinking back to my wedding you know I keep on thinking back to the vows that I took you know the vows yes yeah they can guide you in times like this geez from trackers phone I can remember that my son you made a promise to God for better or for worse in sickness and in health for richer or for poorer and then that's till death do you part fearful one [Applause] [Applause] this conversation is over [Applause] just a sec you're just gonna slip it around a bit just say that one more time I'm gonna strangle you in your head it's part of utiful good job see my new guys around me they're there inside fucking the priests No oops what what hoops were you talking about some moved here original tee there's so many girls out there they're single I just the can I hear [Applause] a lot of body weight brought it on yourself and come on man Anthony don't be like this man screw the birds man screw up screw more eats I bet there's a ton of videos guys dying to snatch this up Anthony whoa what are you doing man and this is your dad what happened the truth is I'm getting married in three weeks and I got really confused when I met you cause you're great but I'm getting married so I'm really sorry oh and you know by the way Carm I totally lied to you I never asked if you were married I just okay hey private room hey come on all right you and got 58 yards to the pin up gold ashore Oh what do you mean me carpets in his blood you won't go out with Anthony they're gonna working with Anthony they come on give you 50 bucks this is bullshit this is bullshit it's okay this is gonna be interesting I'm not putting up with you today carmine you're not putting up with my today oh you want to go you want to step into my office [Laughter] dude what the hell are we doing here man [Laughter] what you smart guy that's right I mean let's have sure we got a do we got to go out start our own video business you know yeah do we like grandpa did it man go I don't know wrong well after last night who's gonna hire us I can't think of somebody no no yeah no yeah hey this was top of the line in this day yeah kiss the Stephen for Stephen lipstick teeth look great thank you it's a little much no it's great you're fine mm-hmm more than fine you're beautiful thank you I don't mind shooting you Ellen my Big Shot really you should you could sit for me sometime I'm doing a whole series of naked hairy men thanks for this you nervous yeah terrified you'll be fine yeah hi what's your name would you stop coming around please stop screwing around that's better stop walking back and forth testing testing how is this know can you hear me now Anthony the videographer yeah okay Anthony this is a penis that's Tina hi Gina Nina and this is my sister Liz hi nice to meet this official AV business thank you yes can you hear me now shut up move back listen cowboy I think you'd be an overly conscious here we've got this thing how many times I gonna tell you t there were no tape twos in this business okay you screw up you die that's it what Oh my father was supportive and said as long as we shoe him a commercial he biased the cameras please I I don't mind it uh thanks carmine these are the eNOS hi I heard there was a wedding sometime today I heard that – do you – five here I gotta pull you out of an RC car me a break I was booking work in there seriously yeah half these chicks are getting married in the next few months and you know who they want to hire get a quote hey don't forget you know I'm thinking squeeze churches I set up the synagogues and something up I'm inspection go from it you serious yeah téa's town it's all 50 60 grand a pop down it's crazy it's like a birthday party for a 13 year old patience big day for it big big day so proud of you one more bet everything from the jumbo shrimp down behind again didn't miss a beat I hear my friend self come on over I love this man a man what's real coming out of zere's I just want to say I had a great time tonight do you know my hair is an absolute disarray it's not gonna bother me though you guys you guys are the best I wish you nothing but the best that's the beauty of friends through time in the sentiments but doors the lasting special light my friend a toast for Bao roses are red violets a bluish for watching for Jesus we'd all be Jewish I'd like to say you're a cute couple but I can't so goddamn God blesses top 20 kids keep the cash flowing the courts gonna need it and hey happy times it's not Happy Trails it up I see your eyes away goes on the front

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  1. It's not the best movie ever. I found it boring and not funny either. But we all have different taist. Just wanted to help out future viewers.

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