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[Weekly Idol EP.365] Sexy and humor at the same time! Only APINK can RollCo DANCE

The sexiness explodes during the slow speed Please play that up Are you ready for “I’m So Sick” in the
roller coaster version? Yes The level 2 gift is too great (Shinyoung’s heightening things up) – Too great?
– It’s too great Maybe it’s a knight’s helmet? Don’t assume that
the level 8 gift is the best It’s not ostrich egg, is it? No way An ostrich egg that big? No it’s not If an ostrich egg is that big
it’ll go to an auction And sell for tens of thousands Does anyone ride a motorcycle? (Wait… It can’t be…) (Lost for words) Doesn’t it have Weekly Idol written on it? No no (Disappointed) No it’s not Weekly Idol might be embarrassing so we
changed it to Weekly I It says W. I. W. I. “I’m So Sick” roller coaster dance version Give us the music Bomi’s frustrated Give us the music (Roller coaster version)
(“I’m So Sick” by Apink) (The sexy engine is full on from the start
for their Panda) (They upgrade to the sexy Apink) I knew it Yes (Suppressing laughter) (The 2x speed attack comes out of nowhere) (No one say that) (The entire choreography falls apart) (Chorong barely manages to
get back on track) (Namjoo crashes into the slow speed train) What what Wait I think I’m watching a hip hop dance (Look at me) (Smile) (She’s calmly getting through this section) It’s Apink Apink! (The sexy part is here) Bomi (Bomi’s powerful wave) So frustrating (Whew) Eunji (I’m prepared today) (These professionals aren’t shaken
by the fast speed) I saw Chorong slip up (Chorong gets one warning) (Scream) (She still doesn’t miss the beat) (It’s struggling Namjoo’s part) Eliminated Eliminated This mission is a fail. It’s Namjoo Namjoo, why? Where? It’s like Namjoo was trying to hit a wall – That’s the choreography
– That’s the choreography? It really is Shinyoung I saw it – This is the choreography
– This is part of it? This is really the choreography Show us the original choreography This is the move Did you finish the move or not? No I was going slow (The move becomes more different) – You have to acknowledge this
– You have to acknowledge it This is really right Come on now This is very disappointing I know it’s disappointing but I let
you guys pass three times We wouldn’t have stopped you guys
with just once I’m quite disappointed And Chorong Our leader (Stammering) She did this a couple times That’s part of the choreography (This is the most common comment
during roller coaster dance) – It’s her move
– She was fumbling I’m not kidding. You saw it right? She did this on her own I usually add some steps She makes two steps Yes You’ve changed, Chorong (Haha) She really likes the steps move

100 thoughts on “[Weekly Idol EP.365] Sexy and humor at the same time! Only APINK can RollCo DANCE

  1. How could she stop them from dancing when in the first place the choreography was right? Like it was slow-motioned so it's understandable that the choreography should be demonstrated well. Weekly Idol WAS the best, Idol Room is way more better.

  2. If they want to save the history and reputation of this show then please replace the MCs, if not all- then replace the female MC. She is not fit for idol variety shows.

  3. ParkChorong 💟 YoonBomi 💟
    JeongEunji 💟 SonNaeun 💟
    KimNamjoo 💟 OhHayoung 💟

  4. Why did they change mcs?? I don’t have anything against them it’s just that they’re not entertaining at all. I only watch this show because of my fave idols. Not before when I was also watching because doni and coni is there. Missing the old mcs :(( tho they have idol room. Weekly idol won’t be the same without them.

  5. Hayoungie♡ without even trying! Youre sexy without even trying! Namjoo already admitted that so dont AVIOD IT!

  6. The MCs are frustratingly annoying especially that old girl, does she think she's really funny? NO. She is fcking annoying just replace her or exclide her she's making the show horrible!

  7. I really don’t see how that was a fail? Stammering shouldn’t be counted as a mistake because the speed of the song changed. If she had stepped out then I would see it as a mistake, but she stammered and caught herself and didn’t step out…. so annoying

  8. UUUHMM, I know that Apink can do better but with the hindrance of those MCs who are trying so hard to be funny are a nuisance to the show tbh. They don’t even know the choreo as well as dancing like hello, That’s why Idol room was acknowledged better because of the MCs especially that cheap woman, Shin Young or whatever looking grandma she is. It sucks really

  9. i don't want apink to guest on weekly idol anymore. i don't like the mc. 😒 apink should be guest always in idol room.

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