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Weird ~ Funny Commercials [Compilation] V4

open why I call it searches high and low
for fun fruit trees the only trees funny, enough to grow Sunkist fun fruits Sunkist fun fruits are made with only
the funniest fruits that’s why fun fruits are so much fun to
eat some kiss fun fruits every chewy one is real fruity fun what makes people all
over there like a breakdown okay like this call 109 oh nine nine cry and hear
it for yourself two dollars for the first minute
forty-five cents each additional minute if you’re under 18 ask your parents
before you call Oh one nine hundred nine nine nine cry you’ll never get me Bryce
mad I’ve got you now born chiller keep your eyes open Brian pups the bone
chiller will be back whatever it takes Brian heating and cooling products and
advanced construction where we get the job done right the first time we sell
the best we service the rest call advanced at six
two seven four four five nine candy crunchies and sweet Cody all come
together in the new wazoo bar excite your taste buds with wazoo oh look at you little guy all soft and
sweet with your cute wittle chocolate chips yeah I get it
I’m little but they’re not chips they’re mouth-watering peanut butter chocolate
chunks and I’m loaded with them and if you knew just how delicious I am you
wouldn’t be able to keep your hands up hey new alloy experts the metal cookie
with a whole lot of extra hey dude please don’t even talk to me until I
have my coffee okay okay sorry I have my coffee yet morning
welcome to McDonald can I interest you in out before I have my coffee premium
roast coffee for Justin dollar talk to me introducing McDonald’s new dollar
menu at breakfast try a cup of freshly brewed premium roast coffee for just $1
each every day and you’ll see why nobody makes
breakfast like McDonald’s okay scarf that’s beautiful huh buckle up kids this
day just got awesome – Tia Danis knocking introducing chiid duck dynasty
this is the big time with geo Willy and Chia uncle sai moo yeah it’s fun
soak your Chia spread the seeds and watch it grow j’tia you’re gonna get
something epic geo Willy and Chia uncle sign makes a great gift boom that’s what
I’m talkin about Chia duck dynasty the pottery that grows sorry Mario Brothers with Mario from
Donkey Kong his brother Luigi and lots of crazy creatures and it’s twice the
fun when to play at once could you need all the help you can get Mario Brothers
knew from Atari I’m littering Lucy and I don’t care
throw my trash anywhere so sometimes my name here is my grime clean up your mess
I’ll clean up mine I’m keep it clean Jean and I’m here to say I pick up trash
that’s in my way all-star Stan hey that’s me help keep
San Jose litter free where are you on the litter ladder kids talk to your
parents about joining all-star Stan and you can help make San Jose the cleanest
big city in the country cows are diced Aashiqui nunca te kanawa
sponza cuatro de vente era society Pachuca to Zeno Ventus aligning Lonnie
Pacino Vito Pinta docume screams de Caza hi I think Massey’s invented the name pizza
I think they called sauce prick yeah I think that that’s exactly you want to get back to that tapes that
you remember all you gotta do is go find the masses
here comes Desmond Desmond the dog we love Desmond Desmond the dog hello
Desmond I’ve got a surprise for you today
this is nrj Desmond a lovely new drinks from lucozade would you like to try some Scot it’s not what it looks like
you’re gonna eat him without me weren’t you now the biting makes sense Scots
home early Brad loves to keep me on my toes I’ve sent him tons of text tonight
and he hasn’t responded I know he’s home but with unlimited data and web on my
Android powered phone from Virgin Mobile I’ve got tons to do while I wait who’s
this flipper strain checking on Foursquare oh my gosh I’m here at Brad’s
closet it’s only $25 a month that’s crazy right trying to find the Nintendo games you
want could be a lot like all the places stand back son or you can go to Toys
Toys R Us has the world’s biggest selection of Nintendo games and
accessories at everyday low prices next time let’s just come to Toys R Us EKKO
homestyle waffles sorry crispy on the outside so fluffy on
the inside he won’t be able to leave him alone the irresistible part of this
complete breakfast I say such a wonderful day and how you can use your finger to keep
Kirby on the right path to end out of trouble
Kirby canvas curse for Nintendo DS rated E for Everyone but so you’re voted by your best buddy
to the biggest party of the semester tonight and the girl you’ve been pining
for all year long is going to be there the problem is your final exam in
organic chemistry is tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. what are you going to do well
that’s not going to help anyone snap out of it you want to wake up in
your bed and not in the gutter instead of praying like this you want to be
praying like this you don’t want to wake up with a pounding headache and the door
though you don’t want to wake up with the bed Spears you want to party like a
rock star and you find yourself for your bed somebody else’s belt a job you don’t
want to show up or hungover for your exam like a zombie apocalypse no there
is a way to work hard party harder get the girl and ace the test
it’s called Thor RA yes Thor short for the hangover remedy for our X is the
most effective cure for hangovers in the world using all natural ingredients
developed by a doctor from Oxford University how does it work simple you
just take two capsules before you go out to the big party with your money then
they go party and here that to drink responsibly at
least that’s what our lawyers told us to tell you and when you get home since you have
your final exam be sure to take two more capsules of Forex just to make sure you
wake up the power of the gods hangover stay between you and where you want to
go in wine oh and your roof is getting lost between the lichen and moss when
your border isn’t where it oughta be and give it back that old appeal will visit
from roof seal one 336 707 oh I on the roof seal let me clean reply stalls
repair mortar and wreak out your roof for a fraction of new roof price for one
336 707 Oh bro the world’s most famous toy is back
Charlie look Jim Bob Charlie on the head and human screech and watch his eyes pop
out now you can own this legendary toys for just 29.95 plus shipping and
handling charlie jim the classic symbol monkey with his white dress shirt
shimmering detailed vest and shiny real metal symbols but that’s not all order
charming chimp today and receive free shipping and three batteries that’s
right Charlie chin free shipping and free batteries of $50 value all for just
29.95 to take advantage of this limited time free shipping offer visit Charlie
chimp calm or call toll-free 888 four four seven eight eight three three
that’s eight eight eight four four seven eight eight three three Ready Set lick Double Stuf Oreos
attention accident victims are you kidding me
don’t worry I’ll fix it what are you doing
fixing with my super mind power was that a bird call the professionals at all
clear auto glass they’ll fix that glass and get you on your way right away all
clear Auto Glass Works with all insurance companies or will work
directly with you to get your glass repaired we utilize the latest tools and
equipment available in the field of auto glass all clear auto glass local
personal professional you can freeze them any time now
available in the hospital Sunday how the words of the Bible are a guiding light
for the faithful now the spoken word of God can be heard anytime and God said
anywhere let there be light introducing wonder Bible the incredible Bible that
speaks the Lord is my shepherd I lack nothing one do Bible presents the entire
Old and New Testaments in an unforgettable presentation simply turn
on your Wonder Bible and a pleasant voice reads the book to you just listen
as the words on the page come alive faith comes from hearing the message and
the message is heard to the world Wonder Bible lets you listen to the letters
Gospels Psalms prophecies and more easily skip to any book chapter or verse
in seconds portable take it on the go listen while driving as a source of
inspiration I can do all things through him who strengthens me for reflective
contemplation then you will know the truth and the truth
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the light of the world the spoken word of God can now be heard anywhere with
the incredible wonder Bible

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