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46 thoughts on “Weird People At Garage Sales. Josh Sneed

  1. You want a dollar for the toaster? I can get it brand new at Walmart for 99 cents. I'll give you 50 cents if you can deliver it.

  2. We had a garage sale and this guy drives up and looks around then asks me what the tree in the front yard is named, I said its a maple tree. He said "NO, what do you call it?" I said maple tree. He gets mad and said "NO, whats its name?" I look at him and said "I've never named it but if he would like to give it a name, go ahead." He says "Why the F^%$" would I want to name your tree?" He gets in his car, spins out and throws gravel all over the drive-way. Never had another garage sale.

  3. I used to sell nice brand new design t shirts for $5 ( i pay average 1-3 )! I had a swap meet spot and had this lady low ball me a quarter ( .25) i was like wtf. No way in hell ! Plus i had to pay for my location too!

  4. I had one yard sale… I CAN'T with peope. I just ended up giving away everything for free. 😂 1 hour after it started, I just flipped my signs and wrote FREE STUFF!!!

  5. A deck of playing cards with 7 cards missing but it's a nickel so that's a deal.

    Shoutout to Josh Sneed, funny guy.

  6. One time I participated in a garage sale. I was too afraid to have it my own home. I packaged some clean folded baby items in ziplocks so you could see… some ladies had to open each one, unfold every item and hold it up to comment, “oh look at this! How cute!”…. and then didn’t want anything cause they didn’t have kids. The bag of clothes was like a full package (10-15 outfits) of a specific size…. for like $5. Really?
    And then there was the person that wanted to know about the computer in the back shelf. My friend responded it was her husband’s computer; not part of the sale. “Is he selling it? LOL! She actually asked him! It was older and needed a part. But turns out they had a similar computer and needed that model’s battery… but if they could take it to the computer store, maybe they could part it out so they could get what they wanted and only pay for that! Her husband was a lawyer and had files on it from work. Um. No. They didn’t stop trying.

  7. Most of the hardcore garage sale gowers are junk collectors and get high on thinking they got a great deal if they haggled you down on ANYTHING. Purely so they can add to their junk pile at home.

  8. Isn't it funny – how you can instantly 'fit-your-own' neighbour's face to the guy haggling over the toaster?

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