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Weird Stuff and Funny Moments in China (Third Year)

welcome back! Heheheheeee! So this is my third year in
China. My third… *cough* I’m never gonna last the whole video with this voice.
Alright so this is the third compilation of weird strange funny interesting spontaneous
clips that I capture on the daily basis during my life in China and if you’ve
been watching my videos you know that most of this third year in China has
been mostly in Shenzhen so pretty much all of the clips that you’re about to
see were filmed in Shenzhen starting in this apartment right here (Drilling noise) can you hear this F*cking noise? can you hear it?
It’s been like this every day for over a week now starting at 9:00 in the
morning I’m trying to edit and this just doesn’t stop what requires so much
hammering and drilling for one apartment like it’s been over a week it’s nuts and
forget about sleeping in late you know this it’s impossible. It f*cks my sleep, it f*cks my work!
I hate it! Yeah. I f*ckin hate it.
but I mean if you live in China especially in big cities like
Shenzhen Shanghai Beijing etcetera it’s almost impossible to avoid it because
there’s always constructions and renovations happening but hopefully I
won’t have to deal with it again for a little while at least and shortly after
I moved to Shenzhen I started working for a company and I joined their Chinese
New Year dinner which included kind of a talent show performed by different
employees of the company this is what it was like (Horrible singing) pretty amazing right unfortunately for
them I quit just a few months later so they
will never get to witness my incredible talent at their next Chinese New Year
dinner seriously my take on Whitney Houston mm-hmm why does it hurt so bad
and why do I feel so sad (my amazing singing voice) I thought I was over you but I keep
crying when I don’t have you So why does it hurt so bad I told you right anyways back to the
clips there’s this weird sketchy mall right next to my building and they have
very interesting items especially when it comes to fashion
nothing says fashion like grope Yeah. Forget about Dolce & Gabbana here it’s
grow poor nothing oh by the way I was thinking about maybe making a video
about this sketchy mall kind of showing what it’s all about what kind of
products they have and stuff like that if ever you think that’s something you’d
like to watch let me know in the comments below you know tell me sketchy
mall I’d like to see that and I might make a video about it in the coming
weeks oh and right next to this mall this this little convenience store that
always has a cat or two kind of hanging around the store whether it’s hiding
behind the bags of chips or lying on top of the cash register but this time it
was a little bit different and talking about shopping if ever you
happen to be in this neighborhood you got to get yourself a nice big bag of
toads you won’t regret it now in China you’ll encounter a few beggars here and
there especially in big cities but it’s really nothing compared to most Western
cities have been to – you know most cities in in Canada and us will have way many
more beggars and so I’ve seen a lot of beggars in my life you know the ones
that are singing playing an instrument just holding the door trying to wash
your windshield or just holding a hat I thought I’ve seen them all but this guy
here I don’t know it’s some kind of yoga
begging Yoga balancing begging or something like that it definitely keeps
him more in shape than just lying on the ground next to his little box right
talking about staying in shape China has a weird perception of working
out and and getting in shape if you start just with the gym that you’ll find
in most residential compounds gym but this time I went to Walmart
I saw a machine I never thought even existed like what is that supposed to do just
jiggle your fat… with… where’s the benefit hey I really don’t get it seems fun but… and I think I told you in the last two videos of this series how much I love
those guys riding bikes with like a huge mountain of like foam boxes 20 times
bigger than they are well this guy does it the old-school way pretty cool right and as I was walking
around the neighborhood and I saw this sign on the building I don’t know I feel
like this message does not address the right people maybe it should be no receiving…? like what are we supposed to do about it? this sign is at street level like I mean… and in most neighborhoods I’ve seen around China you’ll find everyday a
bunch of older ladies kind of dancing together in a choreography as a way to
stay in shape but one day I saw this kind of modeling class for older ladies
happening right in the compound I was told by a friend that it might be
something about you know teaching older women how to keep their femininity or
something like that I don’t know I just thought it was very unusual and
interesting now traveling around China during
national holidays is always a bad idea it’s going to be super crowded if you
take the train the plane whatever but I didn’t think it would apply to taking
the subway but this is what a subway station looked like when they came back
from Hong Kong at the end of a Chinese holiday crazy right I think I’ll stay in
Shenzhen or even I’ll stay home during the next Chinese holidays now if you’ve
been watching my videos for a while you may remember my friend Chuck that you
can see in one of my videos in London and you can also see him in some of my
videos in my last trip to Yunnan during this last year Charlie came to
spend a few days with me in Shenzhen and whenever we’re together we always come
up with the weirdest strangest ideas and sometimes we film them like that time we
thought it was a good idea to try and seduce pedobear pedobear pedobear it
didn’t work out because charlie is obviously too old but we got our revenge
on this bear mascot (Laughing) get up you retard bear! and there was this other time where
we walked by this little mattress shop and I don’t know for some reason we
thought it’d be a good idea to just have Chuck running across the street and jump
on one of the mattress as a way to try it go so what’s your review? It sucked I know it’s kind
of weird but in our head that was the best idea ever now if you’d like to see
more of those weird moments and strange ideas that I have when I spend time with
Chuck let him know in the comment section below
let’s say hashtag more Chuck yeah hashtag more Chuck in the comment
section below and maybe it will convince him to come by and spend more time in
Shenzhen so we can make more weird videos or weird little Clips like that
all right that’s it for this compilation I hope you found those clips interesting
and as funny as I did and I just want to say that I’m really happy I decided to
make those series of compilations because… because it made me realize how accustomed I became to life in China and all the
weird and funny little things happening around me and making those videos was
kind of a reminder that it’s all those little funny moments that make life in
China so interesting actually life outside of your comfort zone so
interesting so captivating and different it’s all those little moments that have
nothing to do with what you you knew before so it reminds me that I should
stay on my toes keep my eyes open and really tried to get all of them you know
react and and capture all of those moments and and potentially share them
with you and not get used or too comfortable with what’s around me
anyways on this note I want to wish you a very happy new year I hope you get to
spend some good time with the people you love and I want to thank you very much
for sticking around for watching my videos for supporting me and I want to
give a special thank you to all the people who started supporting me on
patreon this year you guys Rock thank you so… what’s going on with
my light anyways you guys rock! Thank you so much!
And I’ll catch you very Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

57 thoughts on “Weird Stuff and Funny Moments in China (Third Year)

  1. Can you hirr de drill… As for what video to make, the weirder the better, more David Lynch "look behind all the corners" stuff.

  2. that was awesome haha that running and jumping on the bed was so funny and cringe lol…i like how he ran across the street but then stopped when he was about to enter the store and just jumped on the bed lol

  3. The shaking gym equipment I'm not a fan of, however shaking is actually a form of recovery used from many different animals from cats, to lions when they are injured. There are different methods of shaking meditation even to move blood throughout the body. Still not a fan of the machine though

  4. I think you should sign up accounts on bilibili and weibo,upload these funny vids on,I believe you'll get much more followers and chances in China if you want.Also my ears are still bleeding now:(

  5. That talent show 😂. I remember all the banging every morning 7 days a week too. Can’t imagine shooting or trying to edit during those times. Take us to the sketchy mall!

  6. Someone in my family had this drilling noise, and dust, for almost 6 months, here in the green suburbs of the UK WHEN AN OLD BLOCK OF FLATS HAD TO UNDERGO RENOVATIONS.

  7. LOL… that's why we love China! CNY's coming soon, on the 6 of February or so? Hope you'll celebrate CNY with some families and show us how they celebrate from rich to poor , including the homeless and the billionaires. Go for it, Globik!

  8. Enjoyed this 3rd year funny and weird compilation vids, would love to see the sketchy mall and #morechuck, great singing too hahahahah

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