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What are Dad Jokes? 😄

Hey naturals, what’s up? It’s your favorite funniest American English teacher Gabby Wallace here to talk about Humor and not just any kind of humor, but not funny humor something that is called a dad Joke, what is a dad joke well if you look it up online? You’re gonna see that it’s literally defined as humor that is not funny or a joke that is not very funny at all but I Want to tell you about dad jokes because I think they’re really fun for language learners because they’re going to help you to unlock another Layer of the English language because a lot of dad jokes Even though they may be unoriginal or they may seem to not be very funny. They actually play with language a lot and Personally I’m a big fan of dad jokes so I’m gonna share five dad jokes with you that I think are hilarious I hope you enjoy them too, and I hope you don’t judge me because I think they’re hilarious But I want to start off by actually Defining what is a dad joke why do we call it a dad joke it’s the kind of humor that? Middle-aged men particularly fathers, or dads who have family maybe children might tell so they’re appropriate jokes And they often use puns or play on words so when a word has more than one meaning or if you can sort of Put two words together or maybe a word that has you know a double meaning like I said, so I’ll show you some examples Too okay, so I love dad jokes because they play with the English language And I think that they’re rich for us to learn new things about the English language, and that’s why we’re here right I love this kind of humor and other languages, too Also, if you’re learning English and you want to learn in a fun Natural way, then you are in the right place here at go natural English. This is exactly How we learn the language not with boring grammar Exercises where you fill in the blank, and it really doesn’t make any sense in the real world No, go natural English is all about using real-world English and who knows maybe you’ll even use some of these jokes in your own conversations to make your family friends colleagues laugh or Not laugh depending on if they think they’re actually funny or not But if you’d like to learn more with go natural English make sure that you join our Email group it’s totally free to sign up so that I can send you my best English tips by email straight to your inbox You can do that right up there. I’d go natural English dot-com Okay, five dad jokes are you ready we’re gonna start with number one. How do you know? When a joke is a dad joke When it’s a parent a Parents is a word that means clear or obvious but when we say in two different words a Parent a parent could be a mother a father a dad therefore a dad Joke, huh? It’s it’s pretty good. Isn’t it okay number two? What did the candle say to the other candle? What do you think? The candle said want to go out tonight So wanna go out obviously means to go out on a date, but when a candle flame Goes out That means that the flame has been extinguished, and there is no more fire So oh did the fire go out did the flame go out? We can also use that phrasal verb and we’re talking about Candle lights so it’s a double Entendre a double meaning. I love these okay number three Have you heard of the band? 9999 megabytes no well maybe because they’re still looking for a gig oh Oh if you’re a techie I bet you love that one. I love these so nerdy, but they’re so good Okay, number four what do you call a? singing Computer that’s right a computer that sings any guesses Adele Adele you know the famous singer, but it’s also uh Dell like the brand of computer I know that one’s So-so okay last one number five. Did you hear about the kidnapping at school? It’s okay. Don’t worry the teacher woke him up. Oh ho so this one I love the most of all especially for English learners because we can talk about the stress on a compound noun So not only are we talking about nerdy dad jokes, but we’re talking about nerdy grammar This is my favorite stuff you guys. I love to nerd out about this so a Kidnapping where we stress the first syllable kidnapping is when? someone takes a child Illegally against their will and it’s not a good thing Where they steal a child but a kid? Napping which is two separate words a kid subject napping the verb a kid napping That’s fine. That’s just where you’re sleeping a little bit getting a little bit of rest of course you never want to nap in class But anyway, that’s why this is hilarious very funny Right isn’t it. Don’t you think okay? Tell me in the comments if you thought any of these were funny Or if you have any questions about any of these if you’re not sure why any of these should be funny Or what the double entendre is or the double meaning, and yeah? I would love to know if you have any dad jokes to share with me I’m always looking to add to my collection so that I can impress or perhaps Disgust my friends by telling more dad jokes if you love this make sure as I mentioned to Click over there where you can check out the go natural English email group. We also have an ebook with all of our best all in one awesome Downloadable ebook the English fluency formula, so I look forward to seeing you more here at go natural English bye for now

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  1. Hey everyone, if you love language and humor, I made this video for you! Hope you enjoy it! Leave a comment if you want to tell me your favorite joke or add some new ones for everyone to enjoy! 😃

  2. hello we have a silly joke it is illogical joke for example a man asked another man what time is it? the other replied do u think iam a cucumber? !

  3. Gabby is so cute to her that all of them were bad jokes xD

    dad joke: get is the lazy verb and you can say everything using it. When I don't know how to say any verb, I try with "get" and sometimes I get it.

  4. Its a good research Gabi. For us is difficult to understand when a native are speaking serious or kidding, see you! Tank's

  5. Dear ms.gabby:Do you we call it dad joke if the word 'starbuck'painted on the separated sliding door of the van for the letter tarb'has been ommitted?/jimmy

  6. Hi Gabby
    I think that the second joke is a little bit cruel, but it made smile.
    The fourth for Adele is so good!!!
    Best regards!!!

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  8. Gaby is a beautiful and smart teacher I loved


    In my country If u say that joks like this to any one they gonna believe that u are very idiot and boring

  9. Hey Gabby! I like such jokes as well.
    I didn’t quite get the joke with the band 9999 megabytes. What does gig mean and what is the double meaning there? I believe that it has something to do with gigabyte but I’m not sure. Thanks!🤓

  10. In Hungarian they're called wood/tree jokes, "faviccek". I don't know why, maybe because they have their own branch. …I'll let myself out.

  11. It was very nice Gabby! Now a Brazilian dad joke: What is the favorite candy of atom? Foot-of-molecules! (to understand see "pé-de-moleque" in the Wikipedia)😉

  12. I'd like to invite you to participate my whatsapp group to practice English. 55 62 983 39 14 66 Brazil não precisa usar 55

  13. Hi Gabi! I know that you are a Portuguese learner. So I'll tell you a dad joke in Portuguese. "Chegando Uma visita em casa minha mãe oferece a Ela Uma sobremesa chamada "pavê". Meu Pai, muito engraçadinho, diz: Mas é só pavê! Não é pacomê! Rsrsrsrsrrrs. Neste caso "pavê" é redução Dita no interior do Brasil (Minas Gerais) da expressão "para ver". E "pacomê" é "para comer". Existe até a express "tio Pavê" que é aquele membro do familia especializado em Dad Jokes!

  14. Since the first time i saw your channel youtobe. I was loved so much your channel. When i feel like giving up to learning English. I always watch again ur video. You're my motivation to learning English language. And u re my best English teacher in online. Thank you, mam!

    Ps: sorry for my bad english grammar lol

  15. That's a very good one in portuguese, and when I told it once, my daughter said that was a daddy joke, even I didn't know what it means, so let's do it, once i said to a little girl that practice aikido that I practice it too, because I feel pain through all my body, hahahaha, because in portuguese the aikido pronounce is the same of the expression "ai que dor" that means "Oh that hurts" literally!

  16. Gabby, I see you a little tire. Take some time for you girl, we want enjoy more from you.

  17. Heyy l looking for someone person to practice right now my interest is just inglesh. Look my whatsapp +1809-654-2460 add me

  18. Hi, Ms Gabby the video is good but I don't understand how we can use them in conversation because in my country ,Syria, we don't have such thing

  19. Hi there,
    I am Patricia,I come from France.
    I learn English since two years and I didn't understand the jokes it's to hard for me .I am disapointed😖.
    I must work a lot of again.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  20. Here it goes my dad joke….how do you turn a duck into a soul singer??…. put a duck into a microwave and Bill withers…

  21. The other day someone ask me "How do you make holy water?".
    I said: "You boil the hell out of it."

  22. We got something like dad jokes in Arabic but 2 my knowledge we don't have any special name of them. We just call 'em JOKES

  23. my ex still misses me

    but her aim is getting better! 😃… h e r a i m i s g e t t i n g b e t t e r 😀

  24. Hey Gabby,
    What did the rooster say to the hen who had 50 baby chicks in one week???
    You did an eggcellent job hon😘

  25. Türkler buyrun
    -I run each teen me? 
    +A wet each team. 
    -I run each make is tea your sun each. 
    +Higher them in each team. 
    -Cauch bar duck each teen?
    +On bar duck each team. 
    -Why high one why!

    Bir tane daha var
    see can me war

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