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What funny video 155

Hello, everyone Today I am a fireworks Really happy Forest attachments on the Amazon River First discovered the cannibals that have been rare for nearly 50 years We thought they had been extinct for a long time. Today to prove this thing We especially invite cannibals to the site to explain Her face looks a little scared Her appearance is like a monk It’s like a little monkey on our side. Seeing her mouth seems to have a lot of teeth Today we translate Quite a lot of different languages,
So I invited a number of translation experts at the scene. Start with Thai Next is Mr. Polomi. We welcome Mr. Bologna Mr. Polomi will translate to Miss Adelaide. Then Miss Adelaide translated to
Listening to the love of the forest Then Mr. Love is translated to Miss Cannibal Communicate today’s cannibals Ok, let’s get started. I started first. name? Excuse me, what is her name? Excuse me, what is her name? yes She said that she is called curry curry {prostitute] curry curry {prostitute] Her name should not be that meaning Her pronunciation should be curry curry Ok, then I want to know what food she eats, except for human flesh. What does she like to eat? She eats everything in the forest yes Ok, she said she likes to eat mites. Ok, she said she likes to eat mites. Fly, she will eat What? Everyone, our cannibals like to eat
cockroach She also likes to eat cockroach crazy people like to eat cockroach Crazy, you, I said I like to eat cockroach? Oh, you can speak Thai. Crazy, of course So why should I ask 3 people to translate? I will also speak Thai. how about you? Can you speak Thai? So, I told you directly, is it? Crazy, who said, no You said in the Amazon, isn’t it? No, in the forest forest I went to merit tourism yes, Is a car accident Is to go to merit tourism with friends. Fall into the valley 。Is she still alive? Sandwiched on top of a banana tree Are we not talking about cannibals today? Please, who will eat cockroach ? Then, we change the title Become a person who finds a merit tour He has been jealous of you since he started. I know, I will tell him What did you say just now, big mouth, lots of teeth, you fucking once is it? I thought you couldn’t understand.
So I accidentally said it. In fact, it’s better to leave today.Next time, we have a chance No curry curry curry curry Help help, no, no curry curry
I go first

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