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What Has A Random Person Told You That Had You DYING Laughing? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

read it what's the funniest thing that a random stranger said to you that made you die laughing inside you and your sister look exactly alike my sister was adopted from Asia I'm so white I freckle instead of tan I just about died of laughter because the woman actually meant it for context she'd met my sister a couple weeks before but I hadn't been there and she mistaken me for my sister I was in the drive-through of a Wendy's one time an employee exited the building with his headphones on and was singing who let the dogs out at the top of his lungs he saw me stopped singing and started walking away a few seconds later he come up to my window and said yes that is what I'm listening to then he walked away I laughed so hard at the whole situation okay the laughter was not entirely inside the tears ago on the subway in NY a crazy dude walks on the train and screams at everyone you're all going to heck and then steps off as the doors closed total silence is the weirdness of the moment settles in then without missing a beat guy across from me goes crap I thought this train was going to hollom entire subway car of cynical New Yorkers bursts out laughing I wish I had the balls to make people crack up like that I was helping a customer pick out a new bra and she said she wanted her breasts to be lifted she said my boobs are so sucky that if my nipples were eyeballs I'd be able to see if my shoes were untied I really tried my best to remain professional but I couldn't stop laugh-in lol she totally intended for you to crack up she won't have held it against you was leaving Walmart and the 80s year-old greeter says thanks for shopping at Dollar Tree but good to hear that creed bratton is out of jail something from high school I'll always remember it kind of looks like Texas if Texas didn't look like Texas destroy me lol movie just ended me and my dad joined the mad rush to to the bathrooms urinals are packs it's our turn we doing our business suddenly someone rips a hug fart lol it's pretty funny but we all have manners still peeing suddenly this dude proclaims IT was Emmy EEE and runs out the door whole bathroom erupts in laughter I must have been about 10 or 11 i sat down on a bench next to an old guide to sort my shoe out I took my shoe off and he just turns to me and says are they golfing socks I look at him with a completely blank look on my face thinking WTF as I looked away he just said there's a hole in one perfection thanks for this the time I was waiting for take out and the amputee owner struck up a convent you have to be really careful if you ever get shot in the knee or any leg bone they don't warn you that you can't have sex for months one night you're taking home a beautiful girl to show her your scars and the next morning your legs gone a few years ago I let my friend cut my hair it did not go well I was living in Philadelphia at the time and was walking through a South Philly when I passed two strangers in the middle of the conversation as I pass one of them says to the other hold up I gotta talk to this guy he precedes to shout a me uh-oh your hair looks like crap come over here I was amused partially because of his bluntness and partially because he wasn't wrong I was curious so I walked over to him he says look a buddy of mine owns a barbershop two blocks away here's his business card I'll write my name on there if you mention that I sent you he'll give you a good deal bruh but seriously take care of that crap I never ended up going to his friend's shop did I frequently use this story as the perfect example of Philly culture rude blunt and in-your-face yet somehow coming from a place of genuine care plus it's frickin hilarious a lot of cultures are like that Chinese people will straight up tell your fat but only if they actually care they'll be like hey you're too fat but you'd be really pretty if you lost some weight you should go to the gym a few months ago I was waiting at a road crossing with loads of other strangers waiting for the man to turn green this was a busy main road in my city a little girl on the other side of the road did the most accurate impression of the beat beat back the crossing makes so blind people know it's safe to cross and the entire crowd of people just stepped into the road I had seen her do it so I stayed a put but I couldn't stop laughing my girlfriend was confused 50 adults pranked by one absolute genius six-year-old it was magical I saw something similar happen I was on a rail replacement bus someone had pressed a button to get out before the station the bus stopped a lot of people got off and as we drove off I saw the faces of confusion as they realized that got out of the wrong stop may of 2000 passing through Norwood Louisiana with a friend at around 2:00 in the afternoon we stopped to gas up grab some snacks at the most podunk gas station known to man a young man extremely agitated comes in with frustrated gestures and angrily shouts gestures at the cashier with an accent that is beyond region beyond stereotyping beyond anything I have heard before where'd a goddamned wall-e melons at at the top of lungs approach in hysteria and tears I work in retail and I'm not sure why but this had me dying for a while I still laugh when I think about it me how're you doing today sir customer yep and he went on his way once I was walking into class and my teacher told me hey but I thought he asked how I was doing so the conversation actually went teacher pay me I'm good met a guy while camping a few years ago he told us matter-of-factly that he was a redneck hippie back in the 60s he was there for the sex and the drugs but not so much that love and peace crap we still crack up about that an old man on the street with a big jack-o'-lantern grin on his face and two chihuahuas under each arm loudly proclaiming to no one in particular I used to carry grenades now I carry dogs a significant upgrade of course when I was about 8 years old 40 some-odd years ago my mother and I were waiting to be seated at a restaurant and an older gentleman was ahead of us also waiting the waitress asked him if he'd be smoking back when that was still a thing in restaurants and he replied no but I may burst into flames later young me laughter all through lunch at that in fact it still makes me giggle lol the college I attend mentary and middle school kids on tours especially on Fridays one particular Friday I was in line for the cafeteria when a group of kids came walking by with a tour guide one kind of chubby little dude looked a bit uncomfortable he was biting his lip a little and sweating this part of the tour is usually when they have a bathroom break and clearly buddy needed to go at this point I should note that the bathrooms are visible from where we're standing but the tour guide a fellow student of mine didn't seem to notice she just kept going on and on talking about the history of the building I watched this kid go from nervous to deeply anxious to visibly clenching over a span of about 3 minutes he's staring at the stick figure dude on the men's bathroom sign as if it was the risen Christ Miz Tokai takes a break in her spiel I figure she's done the next words out of her mouth will be once to free this boy from the purgatory that is having to use a bathroom on a school trip it'll be over he'll be free what followed instead was this so in 1995 a professor named ABC Kalamazoo move lady I'm gonna crap my ass he ran past out of the bathroom and presumably destroyed it poor guy had the entire line and tears would laughter though couldn't help but picture Cartman the entire time reading this worked at a smoke shop that sold electronic cigarettes years ago a customer came in complaining that the new flavor made her pee smell funny I couldn't keep a straight face when I said I wasn't sure if that was related then she says oh well it could be an STD or something I guess thanks and walked out when I was a freshman in college I had a pair of rainbow bill bottoms I made and wore a lot by walking through the city back to the dorms when a guy rode up behind me on a bicycle he was old at long scraggly gray hair and a bright red and yellow wins it on he rode beside me for a second stead and then yelled miss your pants are hot white and the rode away into the sunset it was so random and hilarious every time I wore those pants my friends would run up behind me and yell your pants rhw 80-something i overheard as two kids walked past our caravan park sight a rumbling boom a distant Thunder kid one I like thunder it sounds like a 200 year old dog who's retired and helps old people who are blind to get around kid to silence kid 1 you know kid too but why is it retired kid 1 because it's old kid 2 but it's still helping blind people kid 1 silence just the other day checking out at the Cracker Barrel the older gentleman ringing my wife up accidentally said with all confidence have a thank you when I worked retail I often told people from a miss her Tom Waits lyric our receipt is our gift to you know so much said to me as overheard walking down the street with my fiance after dinner a man and woman pass us very clearly I heard the man say dot and that's the second time I got crabs I just keep a special little comb at the house now just in case I'm not sure of any particulars and have thought about that interaction often so many questions I know they heard me laugh though and that's the second time I got crabs is a throwaway joke from a scene open in the movie super troopers they were messing with you I used to be a smoker one time a scruffy looking man asked me for a light I told him I only had matches it was very windy he said that's okay there's a trick to it you like the match and then suck down real hard you get a mouthful of sulphur that way but you've gotta have a trick when you're going 30 miles an hour on top of the tank a friend of Mines grandpa was in thr Navy in World War two you would not believe the conditions in which that man is capable of lighting a match cigarette and smoking the whole thing open field 30 miles per hour winds torrential rains two acres away from a tornado even in whiteout snowstorms it's insanity to witness in person I once was canoeing with my fiancee for the first time and we were having a bit of trouble at first getting a rhythm going so we were along the edge of the water hitting the canal this random couple was walking along the wall and said to his wife while pointing at us our canoeing the true test of love my fiance and I bursted into laughter for 20 minutes and then finally got our rhythm together that guy canoes I was at a fiftieth wedding anniversary party and there were lots of elderly people in attendance an old man was standing next me and said it looks like a freaking graveyard in here I literally split my beer out we were outdoors the kicker was the guy was close to the same age as everyone else I was at a salon with my grandma and there were mirrors all around at different angles she turned around looked confused and just said oh crap that's me turns out she saw herself from the back in one of the mirrors and thought there was an old lady behind her watched a guy walking to class at my college years ago saying get the Frick out of my way to a pigeon standing in his path the pigeon quickly waddled off to the side I was doing tech support over the phone for an Internet company at a call center I got a call from an elderly woman because her internet stopped working after checking remotely that the modem was working in LA there was no issues on her area I was shed Yuling a visit from one of our technician when she suddenly says oh I know what happened the cat was playing around the router yesterday right you think it took a cable or something no he probably took away the Wi-Fi you mean like he moved the router no no he probably took the airwaves or the Wi-Fi you know how cats see things we can't he surely say the Wi-Fi signal grabbed it and took it away it took all my willpower to not laugh in her face and finish the call the cat probably ate the Wi-Fi waves don't worry your connection should be restored in six to eight hours someone called me said piece off pizza in a Mexican accent and hung up I think what was said was already mentioned it was probably pizza pizza like the Little Caesars slogan either way it's hilarious I was riding the T subway home one night with a Spike's junkyard sandwich of the buffalo chicken variety a clearly drunk guy with his girlfriend said to me are you going to face Frick that sandwich to which I replied yes he then turned to his girlfriend and said babe let's get some buffalo chicken years ago when clearing up for movie tickets with my family the attendant asked the ages of our four kids to see if they could all get children price tickets I announced their ages seven nine eleven and thirteen without missing a beat the stranger behind us declared that's an odd group they'll even out next year you have been visited by the hamster oh joy comment I like chicken to live a happy and full of joy like the joy hamster life if you are new to the channel you can subscribe I publish new videos every day until then check another video or don't either way have a great day you magnificent people

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  1. Inverted – I said "hell" in front of my manager at WalMart.
    Inverted – I was finishing up a long-winded, meaningless story, "… and I'm still not gay!" Fat supervisor almost fell out of his chair laughing, as did my coworker. I'm still confused as to why they found that funny.

  2. I got the reverse, I was sitting in a Cajun restaurant with my family enjoying some shrimp when the waitress came by to check on us, all was good so she moved on. My brother made a comment along the lines of having food in his mouth when she came by, so I said “If it’s not on a plate, it can wait”, quoting Team Rocket. The waitress then chuckled a bit for a few seconds as she heard this only a couple of tables away, I didn’t even realize she was still in earshot

  3. My story for this video:
    I was at my local cinema with my younger sibling (15 years old). We were waiting in line to get our tickets when a girl the same age as my sibling came up to us, stare at my sibling for a second and walk away. I thought it was weird, looked at my sibling in a way that says “WTF was that?”. Shaking our heads we brushed it off. Just before getting to the cashier, she’s back with some friends. First thing she says, “[siblings name], do you remember us?”. My sibling asked “From the caravan site?”. Context: Our grandparents spent at least a week at home then a week at the caravan site and we would often stay with them. One of the other girls said “No, from primary school”. Silence for a few seconds and after I look at my sibling’s face, I burst laughing from the embarrassment my sibling is feeling. My sibling is profusely apologising saying something like “I’m really sorry but I don’t remember you” which makes it more funny for me to the point where I let the person behind me in the line go first.

  4. I was eating a rare steak and an old lady came to my table and said “I wish my blood was that red” and walked away. I laughed so hard I threw up

  5. Cat didn't eat the Wifi, the cat knocked it off the desk. Wifi doesn't work so well when it's lying on the floor.

  6. Last year, a guy that was 15 but looked like he was 20 said "you listen to me" i said "what, i tought you were 15" his sister said told you that you just looked your age. A guy that got afraid was laughing so hard.
    Edit forgot to say that i was 17 at the time. And i just wanted to say something to make him look weaker.

  7. I work at a very popular fast food chain. Right in the middle of our lunch rush, with a packed dining room, this guy comes up to the counter to brighten my day. He says, "So, this kid goes to the drugstore to buy condoms. Asks how much they are. Cashier tells him they're 3 for a dollar. Kid says ok. Cashier rings him up and tells him the total is $1.08. Kid asks what the eight cents are for, and the cashier tells him for tax. Kid goes, I thought they stayed on by themselves!!!" Dude YELLS this joke at me, top of his lungs! PACKED dining room, kids and all. Laughed my ASS off! Good times!

  8. I worked in a clothing store and a customer wanted a bigger size of underwear and she was like "Hey do you have these in a larger size, I have a fat vagina."

  9. A guy in my class overheard a girl talking about something and he very loudly asked " So you're single now" the whole class just started until this big kid who is usually quite. So CONFIDENTLY says "Down boy" everyone burst out laughing

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