Laughter is the Best Medicine

What is Laughter Yoga?

and welcome back to 12 about town today now it is time to exercise and laugh to things that typically do not go together but an RV a laugh club you do do both slash Coleman is here to talk about it so slash laughter yoga I never it I've never heard of it before well it was created in 1995 by a doctor in India and they created the first laughter Club in Mumbai and they told jokes it didn't go very well because it was based on jokes then they decided to do a very unique thing they decided to laugh without using jokes commandeer humor so you and I clearly are we're not dressed to do yoga I mean there's no you know any poses or anything happening so what do you just laugh is that that is that the whole point with a yoga part of it is the yoga deep breathing that we do in between these laughter games that we do and so we're doing things to do a sustained breath laugh for about 15 seconds some of its fake but a lot of its contagious and so in an hour class you know you might get about 45 minutes of good laughter and that's like pushing the oxygen into the lungs and laughter burns it burns calories so your your exercises the science is crazy behind people bring their fitbit's to class and they're saying they're burning like a thousand and thirty nine calories an hour class and they're taking like 1,300 steps I can feel myself smiling just even watching people laughing you know it is so give it a try I buy you a suit too yeah I said you just want me to just laugh at you okay so should we do an exercise or a date yeah we're gonna so if we're gonna do a warm-up and then I'm going to show you how to clap and laugh and then we're just gonna go for it okay alright alright so when you regularly do regular exercise you're gonna like stretch your leg but this one is gonna involve we're not gonna stretch her like okay what we're gonna stretch and then we laugh it up so watch me I'm gonna turn to my right just my head I'm gonna breathe in hold for two one two and then laugh it out the center like this okay let's go to the left this time actually then are you on the left and laugh it out okay so that's one right let's do one more warmup okay pretend like you're holding a dumbbell and we're gonna breathe in lift the dumbbell up hold for two one two and laugh it out good now just clap it so this is one of the mainstays of laughter yoga and you see you're clapping to activate the acupressure points from the brain the heart and the lungs into the hands and we do it with the rhythm we go like this ho ho hahaha good and so ho moves the diaphragm up moves the ribs in and out and at the end of that the doctor really believed that childlike playfulness and eye contact really helped us embrace the laughter more every time we'd go ho ho hahaha three times on the last one we go very good very good yay cheesy right yeah okay so let's try all that together okay on the count of three the ho ho hahaha and very good yeah okay one two three very good very good yeah okay now we're ready to start exercise we did the warm-up whisper and now we're such I'm going to pretend to cut the grass in this little area here so the first time we're gonna pretend to start our lawnmower it's not gonna start and it's gonna look like this we'll go hahahaha started again okay take off the red lap and do it lift it up lap into it put it down okay and now we're gonna start it we're gonna laugh into work for about 15 seconds we're gonna move out as we cut this imaginary grass and you'll know we're gonna in because you did it so people want more information just head to your Facebook page r-va laughs club comm were there every Friday for the next year and I set up a special program at the Veterans Hospital which is every third Wednesday of the month we'd love to have veterans come out all the workshops and classes are free I'm all loosened up all right we're going to toss it to break them all be right back with more

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