Laughter is the Best Medicine

What is Laughter Yoga? - Animated Explainer Video

we're getting on top of you counting down until the weekend will not look at mother nature's own medicine because you know what they say laughter makes you feel great it makes you feel alive and it's universal everyone everywhere enjoys a laugh laugh is contagious if you are in a group laughing could you keep a straight face it's almost impossible isn't it well almost laughter so hard to resist when it feels so good and your body's laughing with you and that's where laughter yoga comes in laughter yoga was developed in India in 1995 it's fun interactive and involves laughter exercises clapping breathing and playfulness it's especially designed to harness the scientific power of laughter the research shows that laughter reduces cortisol or stress hormone levels in the body it releases endorphins the body's natural feel good hormones and natural painkillers it increases the supply of oxygen to the brain and body making you feel relaxed forget energized and positive and better prepared to deal with anything well almost anything laughter yoga is practiced around the world so if you'd like to experience the benefits of laughter for enhanced health and happiness why not join a laughter yoga session oh and if you see our friend invite him along blog de yoga can work for everyone you

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