Laughter is the Best Medicine

What makes something funny?

Have you ever heard a joke and wondered to yourself, “how is that even funny?” It might be because you dont understand the joke. Or simply, because you are always excluded in your group of- friends and have no one to share inside jokes with you. Or it could be the superiority theory. The superiority theory derives from others misfortune. What happens is that our brain finds humour in any situation when there is a sudden realisation of how superior we are to the other party. But that’s not the only factor that makes something funny There is also the relief theory which occurs when tension that is built up is finally released and one example of that is that some people find it humourous to acknowledge and discuss about taboo topics. But wait, there’s more. There is also the incongruity theory. The incongruity theory suggest that we find unexpected endings funny. Basically, we find humour in the incongruity between our expectations and reality Lastly, it could be just because you’re socially awkward and you know that you’ll never be able to find acceptance from anyone in life like me.

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