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What Turns Men On: Cracking The Man Code

Hey, this is Mat Boggs with Cracking the Man
Code. At my last Man Code event, there was a women
who asked a question to the man panel. At the end, I always have these man panels with
three or four guys that have come to sit in the hot seat and answer any question the women
want to know about love, sex, dating, relationships, what have you. And a woman asked the question:
“How do I get my man to do more of what I want basically? How do I get him to anticipate
my needs? How do I get him to be more chivalrous, more romantic?”
And one of the men, named Stephen, gave a great answer. He said, “You know, most women
want men to anticipate their needs just like you’re saying. Most women will drop hints
here and there and expect men to pick up on those hints and then do what it is that they
want.” He goes, “That’s impossible. You know, you’ve got to be direct when you’re
communicating with a man.” A friend of mine always says, you know, “Men don’t speak
hint.” And it’s true. We don’t. You’ve got to be direct when communicating what you
want with a man. And then he said this: “Be direct and preface it with this statement:
‘You want to know what would really turn me on?’” And everyone busted up and started
laughing and the funny part it it’s funny and it’s true.
You preface anything with that statement and you will instantly have a man’s attention,
because you want to know what turns all men on? It’s women who use the phrase “turns
me on.” You see, every man has their sense of worth hard-wired to their ability to provide
for you mentally, emotionally, and definitely physically. That is where our sense of worth
comes from is our ability to make you happy, our ability to fulfill your needs, you see?
As one of these marriage masters that we interviewed around the country said (the guy’s been
married over forty years), “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Alright? So
our sense of happiness comes from our ability to make you happy.
Now, there’s two other phrases. Ultimately, what we’re getting at here is the art of
man-suasion, right? How to really connect and communicate with a man so that he knows
how to serve you best because truly we will just at the opportunity. Two other phrases
that really impact us are, “Can you help me with this?” and, “You want to know
what would really make me happy?” Sometimes you might feel uncomfortable or the situation
doesn’t really call for a “turn me on” statement, so you can use the one, “You
want to know what would really make me happy?” And that works quite well.
So if you’ve liked this material, you can get more at the next Cracking the Man Code
event. We’re going to have a brand new man panel. Or if you’re not in the area, you
can download the entire seminar. There’s a link right below this. Watch it from the
comfort of your own computer. And we’re going to go into the three mistakes that most
women make early on in a relationship that pushes men away. See, I don’t believe is
mistakes. Ultimately, it’s simply a miss-take. A mistake is a miss-take, a strategy that
just really doesn’t work quite as well. So, hope you’re doing well and I will talk
to you soon.

100 thoughts on “What Turns Men On: Cracking The Man Code

  1. The problem the more we listen him the more we can not get enough of him, specially knowing that there is not many guys like him out there it makes hi even more unique.

  2. My goodness, I have loved this & I've only seen two videos so far. Your advice is so…wonderful because it is from experiance and is relatable and easy to apply in life. I really like the suggested phrases(well, the turn me on will work I'm sure but I'm not ready for that one yet heheh) and I just like your professionalism and you presented this in an enjoyable way that has made you very charming in my eyes 🙂

  3. Most women want to be with men like themselves UNLESS the man is black, then they will go after black man. This is what I've seen in USA.

  4. I've tried these techniques with selfish men I have dated, and they think I'm trying to tell them what to do, or manipulate, or control them when I tell them what I want or need.

  5. These video clips are great. I stumbled upon this coz my pal became a lady-magnet – and he's obese He started attracting girls over night. I was astounded. He pretended he failed to realize. He then told me while he was wasted. Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you wish to learn about it… He's seeing a beauty…

  6. Its not about what a woman likes its about how she relates to a man and his mind via communication – respect, trust, integrity turns him on. Its not about a womans boobs at all.

  7. actually no it doesnt'. Its about respect, honesty, integrity, communication and trust. If you don't have that with a guy, got nothing.

  8. men are so cute!! i would never know if I havent seen the videos! They want to make us happy! this is sweet! But i actually now understand why some woman can abuse on that. This is sad but also happens a lot. I love to know how much a love can grow by knowing it.

  9. The problem with "it would really turn me on if …" is that there will be times when the man does it and the woman isn't turned on and he gets upsset because she *told* him it *would.*

    …. and to ask her to RECIPROCATE as well !
    I am looking to find a PARTNER for me
    and NOT a "female HQ Officer behind a front Line "
    so I need to perform D-Days every day to get 10 min sex.

    immature demanding Narcissist

  11. You wanna know what really turns me on ? A man that turns me on. If mama aint happy…you better WORK BOY …to serve me ha ha

  12. Life sucks. My good friend has begun going out with a ten basically because 2 months back he registered to a site named Master Attraction (Google it if you want to know more.) I’m so green with envy because I would like to just fall in love as well. How come it’s so hard? I’m going to take a peek at this Jake Ayres man’s stuff. Funny thing is, he used to have no luck with women. How could you change that rapidly? His lady’s a banging model.

  13. I'm quite good w men but I've never tried "you know what would really turn me on…" Experiment time! Greet video Mr Boggs

  14. You  know  what  turns  me  on  ?  HONESTY

    )  Can  I  get an AMEN  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. … women should surely be more direct and men a bit less sometimes. For instance when they touch a woman, they could touch her hair and face softly with feeling. Strangely, most men never do this. 'They stay in Miami' so to speak 😉

  16. I'm going to have to agree. There is nothing that makes me more complete than feeling desired. Not just sexually, thank you for the perv's out there. What I mean is, that if I am desired, I am wanted, needed, and appreciated. Those things help build up my self worth and also make sure that I don't feel the opposite. The lack of it helped destroy my marriage, and it was the first thing that I explained to my new fiance when we had our first talk about what we wanted.
    It's also how I make sure she knows that she is special, I show her that I desire her (and not just sexually). When I get her a gift, when I do chores around the house, when I cuddle, when I massage her ache and pains, take care of her when she's sick, what ever. All those things, are things I do to show her how much I desire her as well. And communicating those things to each other, helps immensely in making sure you aren't just taken for granted either. Once you start taking things for granted, then you you aren't really appreciating them, you just sort of expect them to happen, and the value of those actions starts to fade.

  17. I am sooooo damn tired of these damn videos how do this how to do that how to get a guy to damn suck you… but i still watch it hoping it'll work SOMEDAY SOMEHOW!!

  18. Man like to serve woman in whome he is interested or want something back in return of serving !! OTHERWISE they simply not care 🙂

  19. What to do if you know someone for 7 mths but never went out on a date. Then all of sudden you end sleeping together. Arkward. Help!!!

  20. A question to English native speakers here: is the phrase "turn on" purely sexual? Or can it be used in a non-sexual way, meaning to feel excited/happy by something? Thank you!

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