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What’s Cooking Katherine?  Asian Crack Slaw  Disability Adapted

hello there it’s a Katherine’s what’s up
what’s up in Katherine’s kitchen I don’t know anyhow today I decided to try
recipe that’s going around the internet called crack slaw and a lot of people
who are doing low carb really like this well I decided to do a spin and make it
into a more of an Asian stir-fry kind of thing cuz that’s kind of where my
tastebuds like to hang out is in the Asian sphere and so it’s a little bit
different and I made some modifications along the way just to suit my taste buds
but I thought I would take you along now I another thing I wanted to point out
before we even begin is that when you’re disabled there are some things that you
need to take into consideration when you cook which is one reason why I don’t do
a lot of meals completely from scratch I use a lot of chopped vegetables and that
kind of thing I do not use a lot of pre-made sauces however because there’s
just so much crap in them if you turn the label over for Walden farm products
by the way which a lot of low carb people use you’ll be shocked at the list
of ingredients so if you can go on the net and find recipes do it yourself you
can do at home for some of those things that these low-carb people are putting
out there to try to get money out of the craze of everybody eating low carb
you’re gonna save yourself a few dollars you’re going to save your body from
being filled with a whole bunch of chemicals that I cannot pronounce and
you’ll also have the satisfaction of getting something to taste just the way
that you like it saying that this is Katherine’s Cracks slaw and I’m
going to start off with the screen of the actual recipe that I ended up with
because as you’ll see I made a lot of modifications along the way from what I
described in the little bit that you’re about to see now so stay tuned enjoy the
ride I enjoyed my lunch and here are the
ingredients I’m going to use to make my Asian style crackers law number one a
lean ground beef I don’t use the regular ground beef even though it’s got more
fat because they add so much water to it it’s a waste of money I am using avocado
oil for the extra fat it doesn’t have any taste it won’t burn easily
I have sesame oil I’m going to be using that at the very end and you do not fry
in sesame oil it has a very low tolerance to heat you need to be careful
because it will add a lot of flavor this is talk garlic I get from Costco lost me
forever I have some rehydrated dehydrated onion TheOldFarmersWife
on YouTube would be proud of me except for the fact that I bought this at
Costco as well cracked black pepper Himalayan pink salt chopped ginger and
red chilli paste or red chilli sauce I guess it is and that and that’s it for
the condiments I guess you could say and a half a chopped green pepper three
stalks of celery chopped and a half of a cabbage that was around that size I
would have used my food processor because I really am nervous around
knives because I’ve cut myself before pretty badly due to my finger weakness
but my food processor that’s less than two years old no longer works I try to
get it to work for about a half hour and just gave up on it on second thought I
decided to add the celery and green pepper when the ground beef was you know
maybe 1/4 of the way and I added like I said onion and crushed garlic I use a
heaping teaspoon of crushed garlic I probably added more and 2 teaspoons of
crushed ginger cut I love ginger so I’m going to let this cook down and then I
am going to add the cabbage and then I will be adding the washes your soft and
the red chili paste and let that cook for about five or 10 minutes and then
I’ll drizzle with the sesame oil one thing that I did want to mention is that
when you’re cooking with a disability fatigue factor is always there so while
this is doing its thing I’m going to go sit down for a couple of minutes I just
put a timer on my phone and when the timer goes off I check things out I made
sure that the ground beef was all broken up and all about so I’m not going to get
clumpy but anyhow that’s how I do it so I added the Worcestershire sauce and the chili
paste now I like my food hot and spicy but I do not like it so hot that you
can’t taste the other ingredients and I used about a half a teaspoon in this of
this paste which you can find in just about any superstore a supermarket in
the Asian section but one thing when as soon as I opened this washer sauce I was
overwhelmed with thinking about my mom my mom and I both loved washes
sure sauce on our scrambled eggs I mean remember making scrambled egg sandwiches
for my mom on white bread and buttered and then you would put a little bit of
Worcestershire sauce on it and then you would just put the eggs on it but yeah
just the smell of that made me think of my mom so I’ve added my cabbage now this
is going to cook down a heck of a lot and I will still be able to get I’d say
two to three meals from this after about eight minutes
I checked it stirred it around tasted it this is what it looks like I think the
cabbage could do with a couple more minutes and when I tasted it I realized
it needed something more and so I added about a tablespoon maybe two of liquid
aminos it’s a natural soy sauce and it’s not made with all that processed crap
that they put soy through for soy milk and all that kind of thing or the
process soy have stuff that’s in a lot of hamburger meat but if we won’t get
into that but anyhow if you don’t have that just use regular soy sauce and here
is the finished product there this is about one third of the pan and I’m sure
I will be full so you now see it it turned out to be really tasty and I went
back for seconds but I have a ziplock container about 3/4 of the way toll of
leftover sauce in the freezer right now so what can I take from this experience
number one my food processor it’s going to be taken to the garbage so I’m going
to have to find some other way of chopping vegetables that doesn’t involve
knife work because the food processor that I had I’ve had the same problem
with other ones fitting that lid on properly I think
it’s ready huge challenges for me but I also think that it just gave out on me
because I haven’t used it in so long it kind of said well just not gonna use me
I’m hitting the road and it won’t be hitting the road it’ll be hitting my
trashcan probably in the next day or so and another thing I took out of this it
turned out really good but next time I’m going to make sure to measure out the
liquid aminos I think I went a little bit too heavy on it this was a little
bit too salty for my taste but if you like to use a lot of salt in your food
then go ahead and use the two tablespoons like I suggested in the
stuff that you just saw but that’s it there’s cooking by Katherine one thing I
did want to remind you I took a lot of breaks during this I mentioned in the
video I needed to sit down while stuff was sauteing or whatever and I needed
have some patience with myself so if you’re not cooking because you’re not
doing it in the same speed that you used to do it don’t let that stop you from
getting in the kitchen just take your time and if you make lunch for yourself
and you don’t do the dishes and all about until three hours after the fact
that’s perfectly okay just enjoy the art of cooking and get back into the kitchen
and try to discover ways that you can modify some of your old favorites to
work in the life that you now live in

7 thoughts on “What’s Cooking Katherine? Asian Crack Slaw Disability Adapted

  1. Meals from scratch…reminds me of my daughter, many years ago wanted me to come over to enjoy her loaf of bread that she made from scratch. She worked her fingers to the bone. First she had to open the outer carton that protected the bag of bread ingredients. Then, once opened…she had to walk 4 or 5 steps to the bread machine. She had to lift the lid. Dump ingredients into the machine. Add some liquid and shut the lid. ALL this was after she had plugged the bread maker! We waited, what seemed like hours for this amazing home made bread. And before we knew it…BOOM bread that was made at home.
    That looks really good. I would have never thought to add crack. You crazy Canadians. Lol! Many blessings.

  2. Love this recipe! And your finishing comments are a blessing — it’s been challenging to accept the limitations that keep appearing but you’ve got a point, speed isn’t all that great anyway. Slow down and smell the ginger 😁

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