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What’s Gone Wrong? | Funny Episodes | Mr Bean Official

Hello nice picnic Club We see Custer Oh Right a Omiya the rockery please go Please go here and these go there Oh Something’s still not right? Oh no. Oh They’re lovely Well, you’re now on my yard Cheerio Oh Oh Roxy We did okay, it’s Roxy My funny man stay by my side My world was gray each night My funny man lift up your eyes way From the top Hahaha Oh Funny man Stay by my side. Where have you been? My funny man, why did you hide Yours I think Oh That needs oil I’d better get some Ah This is my place Good morning. Good morning, sir. Could I have some oil please? Certainly won’t be a moment What’s going on I’ll be right back Gr X is very, excuse me. Thank you – later. Oh One please Cafes that door sir. No, I want to go in there kids only Relax in the cafe. We all about the kids Fantastic this is a guy that made rueland Right Yes, could you deal with him please There are lots next Thank you and stay out kids only Oh no my keys, where are they? Oh I better retrace my steps Well as I’m not allowed in there No, I need nets drainpipes lots of rubbish eating plastic dustbin thoughts of sponges and 300 What’s all the noise pain It’s nothing really move out the way You’re welcome. Oh, what’s this? It’s a slide? Oh Boy what you turn but this is my Oh oil art forgotten about That’s all right. I’m going whoa coming coming. I don’t know why but suddenly there’s plenty of room Thank you Luke let’s go to the seaside Alright, alright, I’m not packed. Just give me a minute We’re only going for the day Hmm there’s too much stuff. I know Honestly I Am Oh Sorry about that Oh I’ll disappear My Oh Cheers, oh, I’m so sorry See hard Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and now for my first trick I’d like to introduce you to Have you seen it hunk over there? What’s going on here my toy Thank You MA Yes, how can we help you can’t go away Oh He might have sent my trunk

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  2. As a kid, I've always enjoyed reading and watching cartoons, but right now I do not really like them. But Mr. Bean as a cartoon catapults me back to childhood in my heart. Joy and lightness. Merci

  3. Ana jamais britak ya khti boya wahdah ja yahdarli ahlik darni fal problem Allah yssahal ya khti hambouk kelini arret

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