Laughter is the Best Medicine

47 thoughts on “What’s So Funny?

  1. The only way you'll ever know what everyone is laughing about is if you sign up for DROPOUT:

    (hint: we found your 'other' hard drive)

    Download the INTERNATIONAL app here:

  2. These new cast members are awful. They detract from every skit they’re in. I’ve enjoyed seeing people come and go through the years, but this group is painful to watch and listen to.

  3. please someone fire this chick first we cant hear anything she says and then she starts acting worse than a drunk hoe at a karaoke

  4. This is kind of my experience at work;. There are times I hear people laughing, and I'm like "What? I didn't see anything," and it turns out they're on another thread on Slack. I never say anything because that's just desperate, but it is kind of infuriating.

  5. I know this exact person. It's like you guys have been spying on people in my office. Scary, but also hilarious

  6. Grant: "Because we hate you."

    Y'all, College Humor is actually some of the best comedians in the world, in my opinion. That timing and spontaneity! All of you are mad lads!

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