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Whatsapp Kadhal -Best Tamil Comedy Short Film | By Pradeep Ranganathan

Dude,whats taking you so long in the bathroom? Its about 4’o clock This guy is Karthik. But why does he fret,when he knows its 4’O clock I swear on my mom,even i have no clue.So, common, lets watch the movie together. (Bag unzipping),(plugging in the socket) (placing the laptop),(plugging the charger) (switching ON laptop),(typing) Why are you in such a hurry to open the laptop? (Sam inquisitively peering into Karthik’s screen) Gona watch that? Don John uh? Its about time she comes online who? your sister what? (spits) No one will even bat an eyelid at your sister Its Nikitha who? our Nikitha? (angrily) My Nikitha Did you get her number? (Karthik sighs) Dont even ask about it,i already had two nose cuts Its so common for you Never mind,we’ll get her number(with confidence) How come?(perplexed) Go to chat as usual,I’ll take care of the rest (zooms into the chat) (BGM plays) Its enough(murmurs) Dude stop. Ask about her phone model what? why this highly irrelevant question.? will tell you, ask her first canvas4 Its worth only 500 bucks (murmurs) uh? nothing dude,the phone model supports whatsapp . OK,do as i tell you to do. (sam to audience) Ladies & gentlemen,in today’s scenario ,even a shabby girl wouldn’t give her number, if you ask her Our guys have worked out a solution for this problem. ” Are you there in whatsapp ” During Facebook chat tell her that there is power cut. (Sam asking crew) Is power cut for real? ya, tell her there is no power and ask her if it would be OK to chat in whatsapp ask her “Are you there in whatsapp” Your here? Ask her number before she goes offline I knew already,she isn’t the same average girl, she wouldn’t give her number (Facebook pop sound) Dude, i got her number, but i couldn’t start a conversation This is a common problem for guys. We do all possibles to get their number. But we don’t know how to start a conversation Dude, I’ll send you a forward. Forward her the forward . use it to start the conversation Dude, uber cool Thanks dude (Sam peering inquisitively into Karthik’s screen) (Karthik making funny emoticons) why are you imitating smileys face (angrily)? Its intolerable. Do you know how it feels when she replies to my text? Irritating Look man,it’s the girl. Look,its her. Look The extent to which a girl goes to make her DP look nice is… No,i don’t want to talk about and get upset . Lets continue watching the movie Its Pongal with Vadai in my home. what about yours ? who’s this boring guy ? I just sent a smiley for the forward he sent.He is making a big thing about it. Still, he’s flirting too much. (spitting)Common, he’s just a friend . ok, you continue Dude ,what if she is committed? Don’t you still know whether she is single?(surprised) no dude (sighs) Just like this, at least 3/4th of the guys are not aware of the relationship status of their love interest OK do something Tune to sun music uh( karthik’s reply) What song is playing? “kadhal sadugudu”(Karthik) Tell her ” see sunmusic,my favourite song is playing ” Also tell her that you want a girlfriend like Shalini. (karthik) no shalini. only namitha ok ok dude she s telling that she wants someone like surya All girls say the same( sighs) ok she has said she “wants” someone like surya, which means she is not yet committed (karthik praising sam) Put that aside. confirm it with her. Let me have a cup of tea Throw the ball Looks like you’re out. Congrats dude Dude, its going no where. I literally running out of stuffs to flirt with. ( colloquial comedy) sorry continue continue Hi,hello , what doing, brushed your teeth, drank your milk? Its me who is asking all the questions And then only I flirt at her so sweet, so cute. Its me saying all these stuff(frustratedly) she doesn’t give a damn about me sorry boss.. go go Dude, if you want to go to the next level. You have to do something that impresses a girl . What do girls like? Girls love babies (karthik grunting) what do you expect me to do? Become a baby youself so cute hey Deepika, come here what? so cute, right? There is nothing big (sarcastically) hey its a baby Hey,bowl DP is very cute and so sweet Ok lets make a call to Sam How difficult to find one good ditch? (urgently) Happiness is pissing with full bladder Dude,gota say something. Are you free now? wait a second,wait a second (pissing) Am free now, am thinking about proposing her so soon? Dont get far ahead of youself First give her a hint through a status Proceed after seeing her reaction That sounds right too Do you people agree? Patience is a virtue.Never be in a hurry burry I told you so Don’t . Don’t God let me get a favourable response Ah!! she has given a response Let me see what she has sent Hey who is that lucky girl? Its you baby why is there no reply? what? Your life is similar to a dog’s life who cares if he doesn’t text Have to make an end to this Don’t show off. Your not going to degrade if you reply Don’t lie. i saw you online yesterday. Just be frank and say ” i don’t like you” You saw everything? Did you see my status Now we have seen the love that bloomed through whatsapp. Break up through whatsapp looks like…. One minute Hello, baby online? uh? no no (stammering) what the bullshit are you talking? what the hell are you talking Its like this,they irritate the guys And then say, guys are bad,they drink. Bro, one Full beer Kingfisher strong I’ll meet you later

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  1. my story….same like ths…….veedu….prblms….enna…avan veettila ok…en veettila….😖

  2. Supper anna. Good ❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😊

  3. Manna katti kadhal 😕😕😕😕😕video super awesome ma eruku but pls don't do love in whats app pls see the girls or boys character 😇😇because without character there is nothing 😇😇😇

  4. Indha kaalathula ipdi patta Friend kidaikadhu. Avanavan ku evlo irundhalum pathaadhu. Friend oda aal nu kuda paakaama adhyum crt paniruvanga… En friends ku experience.

  5. Unna madhiri sila ponnunga innum singleaah irukaradhu naala dhan.. Engala madhiri pasangalam innum usurodave irukom…

  6. Director School la Love pannirikaru pola…Name Nikketha…
    Whatsapp kadhali
    App lock
    Three films name nikkitha

  7. இப்போ இந்த ரெண்டு பசங்களும் அங்கிள் ஆயிருப்பங்களே, பொண்ணு ஆண்ட்டி கரெக்ட்டா

  8. Indha Short film ah epiyo paathu iruken…. But ipo recomandation la vandhuchi…. Summa Comment section vandhu paatha dhan theridhu Idhu Namba Comali Director oda short film nu…..

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