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When a Motivational Speaker visits a Psychiatrist | Dark Humor | Subtle Humor | Unique Situations

Subscribe to our Channel and hit the bell icon to never miss an update from the kahaani studio Doctor! I’ve got some issues! Well it’s good as long as you admit that. admission means we’ve already started working on it. Tell me what has been bothering you? There are many things for starters I don’t like my job anymore, I mean it’s – same thing day in day out Hardly has an effect on anyone at all Well I believe routine jobs can have that Sometimes we feel that our work is not as important as others But let me assure you every job is important every contribution counts, maybe you can do with some motivation Damn this motivation sick and tired of this fucking shit Have you been attending a lot of motivational talks recently? I’ve been giving them. I’m a fucking motivational speaker Oh Yes I recognize you now You are Dr. Peter Fernando. My god, I’ve been reading your books since I was doing my M.Phil. Why, what happened what brings you here? Would you fucking treat me like a patient please? I have issues. I get paid for things that I cannot fix Well, okay I’m sorry. You can tell me anything you want, I’m all ears So last week I was giving this motivational talk at an ITfirm and one guy puts his hand up in asks Sir, how can I make my life more fulfilling? Oh Well! That’s a very routine question we often get that and I was like you fucking corporate slave Your managers paid me a big fat check so that you can work better and help them achieve their goals Which clearly isn’t happening, you know, there are zero fucks given about whatever you do or don’t do Did you say all these things? No, I shut him up with a Chinese cookie quote, you know your life is your choice, make it large, blah blah blah blah blah blah What else has been bothering you I think I’m very selfish at times Self awareness, that’s good. Why do you think you’re selfish? you know few months back this church near my house caught fire and Many were injured many died Okay, that was in Malucci Naga right? It was such a terrible incident it was really sad wasn’t it? It was relieving I was happy I wouldn’t have to go to Sunday Mass with my ugly wife bue she’s been a lot less demanding lately, Thank God Well I realize that you’re not very religious. What is your idea about God? An Extremely successful marketing campaign and My backup plan, you know whenever I can’t explain some shit to my clients I just say believe in the will of the almighty and they fucking fall for it every time Well, that’s not what I meant. All right, tell me something else that has been bothering you. I think Mom loves Roger more than she loves me? Why do you say that? Seen them making out since childhood is it odd to watch old people struggle having sex live, and not on pornhub I somehow thought that Roger was one of your siblings you call your dad by his name? Is he your stepdad? Roger is not my Dad! Alright! you have any siblings? I have a sister, but we’ve not been talking dogs recently So was it a case of a brother-sister childhood rivalry going too far? Can say that, we were playing once and I pushed her a little and she hasn’t talked to me ever since But I think I would blame her so juvenile on her part Won’t blame her entirely. I think she lost her vocal chords after being pushed from second floor. Alright Well enough of this negative stuff tell me something that you enjoy I Like talking to my dad, you know sometimes our conversation go deep and late into nights That’s really nice. We can work on things like that. So tell me does your father live with you Yes, but he died eight years ago All right, tell me something that you love children That’s really sweet. You know children are such a blessing. So what do you like to do with them when they are around? Moonwalking!Just like MJ! About your Wife you told me that she had not been much demanding recently. What do you think has brought that change? I don’t know. She hasn’t come out of the cupboard since last few weeks now She used to give a lot of advice you to ask a lot of questions So I locked her in a cupboard just like this one Do anything you want to do to me, but tell me who the fuck is Roger! You already know a lot about me doctor Don’t you

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