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When Cashier's Ask Too Many Questions (Dad Jokes) | Marlon Webb

that'll be 1776 why is that debit or credit debit yeah I guess expensive Cheetos but did you want to give to charity no I mean III do just not right now no I got other things to worry about it's for the homeless cats it's it's a really big epidemic at the moment does the cats know you have a program yeah we actually do they come to our back door the cats hold on hmm the cats come to your back door and you set up a program for the cats so would you like to donate like five or ten dollars we don't need to do that you have a pink shirt on but you don't want to donate to cats now you're coughing okay it's probably cuz you don't want to do it tickets Oh would you like to be a part of our rewards program no do you want to download our app no ok what's your email would you like a printed receipt or an email receipt Oh Oh printed what's your email I said thank you you're being extremely difficult right now sir we're just I'm just trying to get this transaction I just want the Cheetos that's all I want um we actually have a punch card would you like a punch card it's bitch Cheetos it's far away where's program you get points I can return you bye no no sure GD Bo did I go No why do you why do you need to know he won the chips or not why are you doing this why did it is working dad hello son maybe being in the back of the store for 20 years I thought it'd be a good joke it was fucking hilarious you're a goddamn comedian do I have to go now what I have to go down no I have to go now I have to clean out what we use me dad I have to go now yeah I have to go now another father was black that'll be 1776 is that debit or credit we're rolling okay are you ready Pat is doing it's called in your day and I can give that to you I can give that to all of you too bitch Oh Ollie is like pull out of nine either go what what Oh hold on you can actually like Club me what I have to go now I have to go now okay good that's good we're going to use that no I didn't wear they go there good catch oh hey I hate being locked in a casket hey what's up guys thank you so much for watching the video make sure you like and subscribe and turn post notifications on so you know every time I post it sucks that I gotta ask you to do that I'm a slave to the system so subscribe up in the corners watch the other videos please I need you to do this I can't

46 thoughts on “When Cashier's Ask Too Many Questions (Dad Jokes) | Marlon Webb

  1. Bruh the worst part of this video is the cheetos being $17 like wtf I donโ€™t got that money to be spendin on some damn cheetos

  2. Wat.

    Also to make this more accurate, there should be a loaded shotgun aimed at the cashier, holstered right underneath the security camera.



  3. Outstanding delivery of โ€œit was … hilariousโ€ at 3:14. Paused to comment actually.
    That setup that delivery that joke was … hilarious

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