Laughter is the Best Medicine

Honestly, after all we have been through I
think we should be drinking raspberry vodka instead. Okay, first of all, eww. Second of all, don’t ruin this classic thing
from our starry eyed childhood with your adult cynicism. It hasn’t been that long. *sighs* Feels like years. Diana is here! It’s been so long since we’ve done a video
like this. I mean I’ve been so busy with tutoring and
studying and the twins and Diana has been… well, er… What have you been busy with, aside from hanging
out with Fred of all people. Seeking out the dark forces and joining them
on their hellish crusade. Classic Diana! I mean, apparently I’m the one who has a bad
influence on you but okay. So yeah, this story goes into category of “Why can’t
we have nice things?” I mean, Priscilla’s aunt is, as so happens
to be, Charlotte E. Morgan, the author of some of my favourite books such as “Edgewood
Days” or “Rosebud Garden” AND she was in town AND Priscilla had shown her one of my essays
of her books and she was going to meet us and I was so excited. She was in a state of fangirling more intense
than anything I have ever seen. Okay, that’s a little bit of an overstatement. Like, you don’t usually scream- Anyway, she was going to visit us and have
a dinner along with Miss Stacy, because, well, she is lovely, but also she’s a very keen reader
of Mrs. Morgan’s books. For once I really really wanted things to
go smoothly. I mean, I planned the menu. I came up with conversation topics AND I made
up questions, not the kind that make it seem like an interview but the kind that demonstrate
my deep interest and admiration for her work. Well, I think it hardly counts as a spoiler
to say things didn’t go quite as smoothly. I even persuaded Davy to be on his best behavior
by promising to take him out for ice cream. Technically that’s bribery. *game show tune starts playing* Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our game
show where each of the contestants comes up with a thing that went wrong with this evening
until one of them runs out. May the best woman win! The guest of honor never showed up. She sprained her angle. *ding* We did not get Priscilla’s text because the
reception in Avonlea sucks so we waited for an hour. *ding* It was awkward. Davy claimed on the buffet table to reach
something from the top shelf and ruined Anne’s onion spinach quiche. *ding* Because me, Marilla and Diana were so stressed
and tense before our guest of honor came, we all added salt to the gravy rendering it
inedible. *ding* Obviously we didn’t notice this before we
sat down to eat and Miss Stacy didn’t say anything because she’s tact and goodness in
a person but the meal was so lackluster I cringe even at thinking about it now. To top it all off, Davy had gone upstairs
where Marilla had sent him to repent after dropping the quiche and was trying to spy
on us and ended up dropping my Aunt Josephine’s precious dinner plate. *ding* Marilla and Josephine share an interest in
fine china so I borrowed a plate to show it to Marilla. It was hand painted by a family friend, so
basically a thing you shouldn’t bring to the same country with Davy. I guess we’ll be browsing Etsy for replacement
from now on. Wait, so this means I win? You WIN! Yay! What’s my prize? I don’t take you with me when I show the replacement
plate to Aunt Josephine. Wohoo!

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