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43 thoughts on “When Technology Takes You Backwards | Tyler Boeh | Dry Bar Comedy

  1. Have you ever carried your cordless home phone around like it was a cell phone bc you couldn't afford one? I saw Jessica Alba in 2 movies and an old tv show on three different channels at the same time. She was in New Adventures of Flipper.

  2. That's why I keep a book full of the contact numbers of the people that I know and update it periodically. Also, I have the phone numbers of those closest to me memorized because I still manually dial them to keep them fresh.

  3. I LOVE CLEAN COMEDY!!!!!!!!!!! No vulgarity or filth,,,and I can enjoy it WITH my grandchildren. LOVE IT. Oh and YEAH,,if's FUNNY TOO

  4. Lmao I just thinking that I need to becone fluent in emoji since my friends keep using them when we text

  5. Tyler you are great. It just made me feel like I should start a comedy. But it ain't easy as it seem. If I see myself as a comedian, my life will be a total mess. I will get nowhere man. Man I still do not know anybody's number except mine. We are losing our memory power even if I ate strawberries, grapes et cetera to boost my memory. We are depending on gadget more than necessarily.

  6. That's so funny lol. If I lose my phone I'll never talk to her again.
    I'm gonna have to write her a letter lol. That was brilliant and so freaking true lol.

  7. When I was a kid, around 7 or 8 years old, it occurred to me that it didn’t make sense that we called buildings. I said we need a way to call people. I wish I was in on the invention!

  8. My stepmother would make me answer then tell me to say she wasn’t there. The caller would say they knew she was home. I was never a good liar.

  9. I'm absolutely in love with this guy! Tyler is so hilarious. I needed this tonight. So glad I found him

  10. Bro, please slow down. I had chest pains listening to you. You're funny but less coffee, more comedy.

  11. Before you lose your cell phone, you can hire a team like mine to help you use e.g. a Google account, so you can talk with your sister remotely.

  12. One thing I will say about Tyler Boeh is that he is original, laid back, professional and truly wants people to have a good time. I have been lucky enough to host him several times in Oregon and he always brings it home. He works the room making everyone feel apart of the performance. I consider myself a "weekend warrior comedian" , but Tyler has given me a tip here and a "maybe try this" which has made me a better host. If you see him in your town please do yourself a favor and buy tickets. Tell your friends, he is truly working his tail off everyday.

  13. His voice is so refreshing, his shirt beautifully colored. l mean he is ease to the eyes really…it feels good to watch him, maybe it's because he's a happy person as he said!

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