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When Your Favorite Old Shows Don’t Hold Up

(remote clicks) – You wanna watch the Amazing
Welch Broiling Tournament? – Seen it. – What about a documentary
about Jack the Ripper that’s supposed to have
never-before-seen footage? – Binged it. Twice. Oh wait, Netflix got the rights to Chums. That’s my favorite show growing up! – Oh yeah, Chums! My mom used to never let me watch it. – That’s like my entire
identity when I was 10. – Wow! – That’s like the definition
of comedy in the 90’s. Play an episode. – Okay. (remote clicks, show
starts, audience cheers) – Okay, so this is Ronald,
he’s like an architect. – Uh huh. – He’s so funny and so neurotic. (man in blue shirt laughs) He kinda reminds me of you! (man in blue shirt continues laughing) – [TV] Wait, you’re a male secretary? What are you, gay? (TV show audience laughs) (TV character speaks in foreign language) – I don’t remember that line. – This was your entire
identity growing up? – This is probably like a weird episode, from like a later season. Uh, let me show you, where’s
the remote, give me the remote. (remote clicks) – Making Fun of a Foreigner. (remote clicks) Jonah Accidentally Says the N-word? (remote clicks) A Guy Acts Feminine? – That one won an Emmy. – Okay. All these episodes seem
to be a little “weird.” – Okay, no no. This one here, okay, it’s a good showcase of the
Chums that I remember, okay. – Oh, Ronald has a baby. – Here we go, okay, here we go. (remote clicks) – [TV Man’s voice] I
know you just had a baby, but could you stop being so naggy? – [TV Womans Voice] Too bad, Lester, that’s just how women are. (TV audience laughs) (red shirt laughs awkwardly) – Is every single punchline like this? – No, it’s a super witty show. – [TV Man’s Voice] Could you BE any gayer? – Jesus! – I’m so, I’m so sorry. It’s not how I remembered it. – Also, there are like zero
people of color in here. – No, there’s one in this episode. (remote clicks repeatedly) Okay, I mean, sorry, I
mean the next episode. (remote clicks repeatedly) (remote continues to click repeatedly) Maybe it’s the next season. – (sighs) I can’t – It’s a different time, it
was a different time back then! Okay, here we go. (remote clicks) – [TV Female Voice] Oh,
you must be the janitor! – Oh come on! – Oh, but here come Alaister,
okay, the classy intellectual. He’s not going to say anything wrong. – [TV Alaister] I’m not racist, I just hate Martin Luther King. (TV audience laughs) – You, what? I can’t believe that’s
a real line on the show! – Oh my God. The show I grew up loving is nothing more than just a series of easy
racist, homophobic jokes. – Well, I mean, it’s okay,
you’re different now. – I used to quote the
show with my friends. Become friends with people
who quoted the show. I broke up with my
girlfriend when I was 18 because she didn’t like it. – Whoa, yeah, that was a mistake. But look, this show is
a product of it’s time. I mean, any show that’s looked
at as liberal in the past is gonna be seen as
backwards in the future. The most important thing
is just recognizing it now. – Yeah, yeah, you’re right. – Yeah, of course I’m right. – We don’t need to watch this show. – No. – Let’s watch something else. – Yeah. – Here ya go, pick whatever you want. – Ohhhh, they got Marry a Prince now! The show where they
trick women into thinking that they are actually
competing to marry a prince! I used to re-watch this over
and over and over again, until my VCR broke. – [TV Host] Ana, this
isn’t Prince Charles, it’s a construction
worker from Dayton, Ohio. (man in blue laughs) – [TV Ana] It’s all a lie? But my father exchanged me
for a (mumbles) already! – Okay, I am shocked that this
show doesn’t hold up either! – We just kinda jumped
to the last episode. – You know what, maybe that’s it. We should’ve watched it for context. – I don’t need to watch
it from the beginning. – We’ll start from Episode One.

100 thoughts on “When Your Favorite Old Shows Don’t Hold Up

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  2. There was actually a reality show where they got an actor who looked vaguely like Prince Harry called I Wanna Marry Harry. Only four episodes aired

  3. The same can be said for CollegeHumor in the early 2000's.
    Videos, comics and articles were really funny then… But now, I wouldn't dare show them to my wife!

  4. Oh c'mon. Friends didn't suck because of a couple of homophobic and sexist jokes that took place in a whites-only New York… It sucked because it was a vapid, insipid, hackneyed, over-publicized soap opera masquerading as a sitcom that failed to be situational or comedic for 10 seasons. Plus the theme song was, like, retardedly gay.

  5. I have a feeling the writers sat down to watch friends realized how problematic it was and then one of them went “this would make a great skit”

  6. I wonder what comedy will be like in 50 years, will we look back at sjw humor (this ep is all right, I mean memes, certain comedians, etc) and be disgusted by how whiny we were?

  7. I remember a few years back realizing that the treatment of cross dressers/transsexuals in that show, specifically Chandler’s dad being the butt of jokes simply because he dressed like a woman (I can’t recall if he was a cross dresser or she was a transsexual), would probably age worse and worse as time went on heh

    Still a funny show though. I’d say the vast majority of the humor is largely inoffensive. I mean, I’d watch that shit regardless, but I think most would be cool with it as well.

  8. This is exactly how I felt rewatching Scrubs a few years ago. It wasn't the worst, but there was a LOT of toxic masculinity built into some of the male characters, among other things.

  9. Wow, the guy who bullies his mom for being trans and constantly makes fun of her is my FAAAAAAAVORITE character!

    /s, because that’s what’s happening now

  10. I haven’t seen anything offensive in any friends episode. Those who are getting offended are those who just need to give up on life and drift away, because they are just making everything miserable.

  11. I tried to watch Friends several years ago, because I never really did when I was young. I thought it was absolutely dreadful. Then I looked at the Netflix ratings. Three stars. Which doesn't explain why everyone is still so obsessed with it.

  12. This reminds me of the time Australia had a reality show exactly like the bachelorette except the chick was trans and they didn't tell anyone, not even the viewers until the last episode omg

  13. You know what does hold up with time pretty well? Gargoyles. It's still a little weird as far as species goes, but the content is still there pretty well.

  14. Oh, come on, not every punchline in Chums was offensive against an oppressed minority.

    Okay, a bunch of them were, but not ALL of them.

  15. IDC LAdybugs with Rodney Dangerfield is STILL A HILARIOUS CLASSIC. But TOTALLY inappropriate now.
    Damn PANSY ASS SJWs in California.

  16. A lot of the outrage is a stretch, sometimes it's fair…but most the time it misses the point of the comedy. When Ross freaks out over his son playing with a Barbie doll it's not advocating that behaviour but rather highlighting the absurdity freaking out over small things. It's probably a very common scene in life that isn't life and death for most people as it is for Ross. Heightened stakes = heightened comedy.

    Laughter is a coping mechanism humans do from shock.
    Good luck getting those shocks by forecasting your punchlines into a safe space.

  17. This was me earlier today watching a British Comedy named "Are you Being Served'" and the episode called Roots(one I've never seen before)….No big deal they are tracing Mr. Grace's(who is the owner of the company) heritage…everything is going smooth when BAM.. The cast comes out as part of the tribute in Blackface😳🤯… Definitely did not remember this episode ever

  18. Using gay as an insult is homophobic now? What about lynching a gay person, is that still homophobic? If both scenarios are homophobic, does it follow that they are equally homophobic? Is it like cholesterol where there's good homophobia and bad homophobia?

  19. See, this is why I like Always Sunny. You don't have to worry about it aging badly, because it's already offensive and mean!

  20. You literally can see the shade in the title and people be pointing out the lines in the video like

    Could you BE more retarded?

  21. I recently went to my friend's home & SHE WAS PRAISING FRIENDS LIKE ANYTHING.
    I tried to tell her that it isn't a good show & stuff but her Mum loved it so I didn't continue my narration.
    It's okay. Let people watch what they want as long they subconsciously don't learn any "lessons" from them.
    I tried to drag her into Black Mirror universe by telling her Dr. Peter Dawson's story from Black Museum but she thought it was too much. (When I think about it. IT IS YOO MUCH)

  22. lol, just watched ghostbusters yesterday and yeah, same thing basically. Bill Murray being predatory, gay jokes, all of it.

  23. This reminds me of the 70’s show. It’s really funny, but Red, the super republican patriotic dad, is always saying things that don’t uphold… Still one of my faves though.

  24. There’s an episode of Friends when Rachel is dating her assistant and she tells him that performance reviews are coming up and he’s is going to have to earn a good review by having sex with her.

  25. Sounds more like a you problem than a tv show problem.

    Edit: I should add, the skit was pretty funny but my comment was more in response to people who think that way.

  26. I always hated Friends, Frasier is so much better and doesn't have these issues. watches an episode I was wrong.

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