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47 thoughts on “When You're From Kentucky | Christian Pieper | Dry Bar Comedy

  1. Growing up, my friends and I would figure out what things we could buy at the gas stations so it would come up 6.66. Always got a kick out of that one. Teachers were right, ended up using that algebra in life….

  2. Here's a cool idea, why don't you just type out one of his lines as a comment so we all know how funny and cool you are. 🙂

  3. My moms order number at sheetz was 666 once… everyone around us started talking looking at their numbers like Oh I wonder who got it, and my mom was just like come onnnnn.

  4. I get mad when my order is 6.67. I also get glares when its 6.66. I mean they shouldn't be shocked im happy i have a pentagram between my eyes

  5. Well… my name is Vlad, and my phone number has 666 in it. And when I bought a cookie for my 2.5 year old son at starbucks, announcing my name and my phone number for membership verification just a moment earlier, he said "die", which means "give it to me" in russian, but sounds just like "die" in english. The lady remembered my name from the first time.

  6. Sold your Soul to the Devil for a .02 cent Tootsie roll. Forget Hindsight costing .50 cents. Devil got the real bargain right there. Don't eat that Tootsie roll! Don't you do it!

  7. Well, thank you! I've just learn a new word! Hindsight who would have guess that such a word existed.

    I really mean it, I'm not a native speaker and hindsight translate in 2 differents words that we aren't really using together.

  8. I love when comedians or actor talk about being from a small town and yet those towns are still way bigger then mine.

  9. I'm white so ill be welcomed in kentucky, but i have the satan star tattood on my arm, so all of a sudden I'm no longer welcomed.. oh well!

  10. Oh my Grandpa was from Beaver Dam we put his ashes in the river that he would fish out of and then we drained a six pack of beer in it so he would never be without a beer

  11. 0:11
    3,000 people? That is a small city.
    My small TOWN id hone to 284 people, that all hate my guts

  12. Found and purchased a car on Craigslist from Beaver Dam KY. Had to look it up (about 2.5 hrs north of Nashville). This is the only other time I've ever heard this town mentioned.

  13. Southern hospitality is a real thing, I hope everyone visits Kentucky once to see it's not like that in most places. Everything he's describing is only in eastern Kentucky and fairly accurate however. It's honestly depressing; it's like it's own state completely left to rot in poverty and ignorance. Most of our governors' are dipshits though (and I'm a Republican, libertarian leaning) and won't do anything about it. I questioned governor Bevins about it at the National High School Congress and he ignored me the rest of the time.

  14. When a total comes at at my work that is 6.66, i give the person a senior discount, takes off 10 percent, havent had any conplaints.

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