Laughter is the Best Medicine


  1. This is like the perfect resemblance of what would REALLY happen if a woman/man ordered pizza and didnt have any more money

  2. Friend: Why You Only Take A Bath Once In A Week? You Smell Awful!
    Me: IDK Man Its Just That Im Scared When I Bath…..

  3. This never gets old to return to and laugh at. I like to imagine this as a situation where the big Lebowski is a baby in the movie with no context as to why or how and the guys he had pissed off are a religious group.

    In the original clip, I like how they have a guy basically waterboarding babies, and everyone is just smiling and accepting that their children might be traumatized by the event.

  4. Ok So My Mum Said That I Have To Go With Her To A Baby Shower
    And I Didn’t Know What A Baby Shower Was
    This Is One Video I Thought To Myself

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