Laughter is the Best Medicine

Which of the 4 Senses of Humor Do You Have?

according to one psychological researcher there are just four types of humor and you probably lied closely to one of the four which one take the quiz and find out along with us so humor studies keine lies on the outsides of psychology sometimes it comes off as more of a BuzzFeed quiz than it does something actually scientific but there are researchers who do study humor and what it means to us and how we cope how we relate to other people it's not an unqualified good according to researcher rod Martin who recently retired from the University of Western Ontario and has dedicated his entire career to studying humor it says a lot about us and how we relate to the world so of the four types typically people are mixed however I took this and I lean heavily toward one and you did too yeah we got the same I told you we're the same person so there's four types affiliative self-enhancing aggressive and self-defeating I honestly thought I was gonna get self-defeating I feel like that's all of my no I feel like it would not bothers me and like the comedy and stuff that I do I feel like I'm very self-deprecating but I guess I think it's I'm self-deprecating but I make fun of enough other people too that I got in our offensive affiliative that also sounds a little bit like aggressive does it well let's find all the people I make fun of deserve it oh I don't know oh it's just you and the internet makes fun of them too so yeah according to Martin affiliate of humor means cracking jokes engaging in banter and otherwise using humor to make others like us that's the one that we both got scored heavily in I just want you to be my friend basically well it was interesting the questions that one was like several of them were like if you were sad would you use humor to cheer yourself up and I feel like most of the comedians I know would be like no like they do it on stage too you know cheer up like other people but I feel like a lone on themselves like all I could think of was like Dave Attell and I feel like he's just so aggravated by everyone around him then he's been probably and same with like louis c.k where it's more that they're like not trying to cheer up that anyone else yeah yeah all these are for most normal people you're right do not live and thrive off of comedy yeah because some people are outliers I would say and so self-enhancing humor is optimistic coping humor characterized by the ability to laugh at yourself or the absurdity of a situation and feel better as a result I like that one yeah aggressive humor is characterized by sarcasm teasing criticism and ridicule its main humor yeah self-defeating humors attempting to get others to like you by putting yourself down and then a lot of people will have you know have maybe a combination of the two according to Martin affiliative and self-enhancing indicates a levels of extraversion openness to new experiences adaptivity and greater mental well-being which makes me feel better about myself oh yes it's self-defeating is a a signifier of some level of neuroticism and but this isn't all just black and white aggressive and self-defeating jokes you know can be totally healthy and fine even beneficial in the right context and on that note a affiliative and self-enhancing could be wildly inappropriate if use it the wrong time like maybe you're joking too soon about someone's death maybe you're avoiding real issues in your life and just covering it up with laughter like a maniac I mean it's it's never black and white I do like that they broke it down in two types of humor not whether or not you have a sense of humor you are not funny yeah yeah well no it's just so funny because even in the even in the article and before I took the test it was like a lot of people think that they have a good sense of humor and I agree with that that it's like it wasn't telling you whether or not like what your what your level was it was telling you what type of humor you have that's probably a lot better yeah then cuz I think then you're leaning more toward the BuzzFeed side of things which is not necessarily bad but I don't think I knew it that's what I think of like which full house like you know dad or like uncle would you be type of humors I feel like all those BuzzFeed watch the cute one which goofy movie character would you get power line yeah I'm Roxanne all day I could say that I could see that well I mean it's it's humor it doesn't necessarily signify a psychological well-being or a promotion of a psychological well-being yes kind of a state that's there and maybe the way you deal with it is extremely in the context and extremely subjective but it's interesting to think about what humor is to us and how it is beneficial in our lives or if it isn't at all which is totally possible audience what type of sense of humor do you have please put your results below in the comments and what you think that actually reflects in your life and please like and subscribe for more

41 thoughts on “Which of the 4 Senses of Humor Do You Have?

  1. Whoever made up these four separate humor groupings are only trying to separate people again.

    My sense of humor spreads in all directions and doesn’t just lean heavily more towards one or the other.

  2. Butt. A Purple Cow, Went to Belgium For a Waffle, Came Back with A Potato Twat Waffle. So That Purple Cow has A Potato Twat Waffle. So purple Potato Twat Waffles Good. IDK. Go ask your boyfriend.

  3. I don’t use humor to make others like me cuz if I did then my jokes would suck. Whenever I make jokes because I think it’s funny (not cuz I want to impress anyone), is usually when people think I’m funny

  4. Affiliative followed not so closely by Aggressive. Yikes i think that means I’m mean and have mean friends

  5. Self-defeating, only?

    No one?
    just me ?

    Not even the pizza guy that visits me every Sunday afternoon………

  6. I think self-enhancing and aggressive actually, because I do sarcasm. Ellen DeGeneres is good at self-defeating, no?

  7. I got affiliative, which makes tons of sense, except that apparently people with an affiliative sense of humor don't get stressed a lot. Which definitely isn't true with me.

  8. I feel like I find humor in the strangest things. Once over several days I was laughing at an actual apple stuck on the end of someone's car antenna. I guess I think mundane things in obscure places are funny.

  9. I guess I have an aggressive sense of humor, but it's very dry and surreal. I really only use sarcasm when I'm upset and it's a good buffer, but it's not necessarily to make myself laugh (although when other people are sarcastic, it just tickles me).

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