Laughter is the Best Medicine

While watching this video you are not allowed to laugh

to help me, on his way to a fav maybe let
me add I’m dressed as good I’m dressed good as
fuck back and every night show you how my face is show you know like you oh hey can I hit your tool just real
quick I just I really don’t mind Opie believe my jewel man I said just a
little hit just tiny there’s a small hit just just one small bit the smallest of
hits dude I swear fine here thank you man what the fuck was that dude how am I
gonna help you what’s in your purse I can’t get to you what’s in the purse so
let’s get really way you Oh you know my neighbor is swimming down
the street hello they’re here
I never wanna say I’m sorry for the things I’ve done and I try and be
stronger name an animal with three letters in its
name alligator well two shots of vodka hot
dog buy them all yeah I’m burning made-up gpgc we should be turning it up
now you described yourself now how would you describe the baby in difference to
yourself the baby is too light is definitely too light and I gave it more
than three weeks to get dark look so can you say ET de Qi we’re argument McCarroll eyes
what are those eyebrows upfront oh I can’t see it

100 thoughts on “While watching this video you are not allowed to laugh

  1. 0:00 at Kings Dominion during Haunt they have actors walking up and scaring you, he"s trynna practice the way he walks to look more scary

  2. its weird how life ples the youtube channel’s videos were thrown off the youtube algorithm, now i dont see recommended videos, did anyone else also noticed it.

  3. He literally made a valid point at 8:24
    Babies are generally very pale when they are first born! He just got laughed at for other people’s ignorance

  4. 4:05
    hubby: I know you wont cheat on me.. Even if its Post Malone.
    me: 👁️👄👁️
    hubby: you wont, RIGHT??!!

  5. That one with the sneezing girl was kinda offending for me cause its basically making fun of a disease she has

  6. My dude… that little girl was like age? Tf is that? Nah you gon get yo lil ass on. This is MY beam! proceeds to treat baby like a golf ball and knocks him into soft bricks

  7. 8:05 he thought that the guy said an animal with three same letters in its name so this man is actually smarter then we thought

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