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Why are Dentists Laughing at Perfect Smile Veneers for $14.99!?

every once in a while you get something that
bothers you and you have a voice and you have a video camera then you can
actually put it on YouTube so that’s what we decided to do I want to tell you
about instant perfect smile perfect fit veneers that are online for $14.99 I’ve
seen dentists come out and they’re being very sarcastic about this product they’re
just making fun of this product can’t beat that with the heat… after so you too.. in minutes… and this is a problem
and what I want to tell you is that I actually want to endorse it I want to
tell people that I think a lot of this product and let me tell you why, I know what it’s like to serve people who have no money and I know what it’s like to hear from
people who have no choices I think the doctors are making a mistake it’s a real
ivory tower position this is why you pay somebody to do this I think they’re
misrepresenting the product I think that they’re doing what they can to make it
extremely bad and extremely aggressive and actually making fun of the fact that
it could help some people and that’s what bothers me
this is a great way to take care of your own dentistry at home there’s no
dentists that are losing any money to this product for $14.99 you’re not going
to cancel your appointment at the orthodontist and you’re not going to
cancel your appointment for dental veneers or implant surgery what you’re
going to do is you’re going to go ahead and not cancel your job interview you’re
gonna not cancel meet the teacher you’re going to not cancel a reunion you’re
gonna not cancel pictures you’re going to say I’ve found a solution if you look
at them in a certain place they’re not bad nobody’s going to show that much of
their smile and show all the gum there’s just exaggerating the situation I think
it’s just real convenient to take your position when you have absolutely
perfect smiles if your teeth didn’t look like this and they actually looked like
this or you come from a family that couldn’t have afforded orthodontist
treatments people may have any other choice there are a massive
amount of people out there that don’t have that privileged position and I know
because we see them every day anything that can help people is
something that should only be taken and improved not something that should be
laughed about the main thing is sometimes things get contagious and one
person does it then another person does it another person does it and right now
we’re looking at four or five dentists that are trying to make fun of the
Perfect Smile Veneers I have to tell you I’m not one of those people what I what
I’d like to do is tell these dentists that their position is a little bit
ivory tower 80% of the people who buy online are probably going to be
disappointed its twenty percent of those people they’re going to make a better
life for themselves they’re going to make a meeting of pictures or
presentations a special event and they’re going to use this to get through
a couple meetings until they can get a job until they can get a savings until
they can get insurance until they can get back in the game and I think a lot
of the people who’ve done it I like it because it’s a choice and I like it
because if you use it properly it’ll get you through a two-hour interview or two
hours with friends and I think they serve their purpose and I think it creates
a choice and the only thing good about a choice is one that you have one and two
you’re the one that gets to make it right now with these instant smile
veneer is available for $14.99 there are some people who are listening to this
conversation that can’t afford me and they can’t afford the doctors but they
have a choice and they get to make it thank you guys

15 thoughts on “Why are Dentists Laughing at Perfect Smile Veneers for $14.99!?

  1. I was in a car accident recently and broke front teeth, molars and more. The other driver had no insurance. Even with dental insurance, which in America of course is garbage as all healthcare related things are, I would have to pay $2000 just for my front teeth. These dentists of course scoff at these solutions but can they imagine paying months of their income towards procedures? Of course not

  2. Thank you doctor. You are so right. Finally, an unexaggerated and honest opinion about Perfect Smile Veneers. That's somehow what I've been going through.

  3. All the reviews I have seen on youtube are those who have already perfect teeth and perfect smiles..most have all there own teeth. Thank you for your honest review.

  4. This is such a wonderful statement.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share compassion & express empathy toward another's situation. All too rare.

  5. It made me so sad to watch those reviews of people making fun of the product. Its so easy to laugh at something when you have a perfect smile already, but when youre broke and desperate, like me, it gave me a small shred of hope to see the product and it took them less than a second to squash that hope and make me feel completely hopeless and honestly, ridiculed. When theyre laughing at the product, theyre laughing at the people whose teeth are so bad they would STILL, despite their reviews, give the product a try… because we are desperate. Ive gone to the dentist before, who brought dental students in without my permission, and when they left the exam room i could hear them laughing, making jokes, and talking about me. The entire dental office heard them, some joined in. I was so embarrassed and humiliated that i practically ran out crying. As i was leaving, the receptionist stopped me to apologize for what happened because she felt bad and embarrassed that the dentist would do that and put me through that. Thank you for your compassion. I wish there were more people in the world like you, who had integrity and a good heart.

  6. 99% of the Dentist are lying and crooked thieves in the USA! They DONT WANT TO HELP PEOPLE WHO REALLY NEED IT, NOT EVEN KIDS! I had one who is now retired and he was 100% realistic! He took care of people that did not have Ins or $300 to have a tooth pulled or filled. He took small payments and worked for about one third the cost of all the other greedy scumbags! Im sure their are a few like him some place, but where is the question?

  7. This is an area that reflects 2 major problems health/dental care,because they are the same issue,and wealth inequality,so some can……laugh,at others expense.Great video,brave on you.

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