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Why Aren’t You Laughing? (Short Film)

C’mon. Up. Up. Up! How’re we doing today? Cobblepot! That’s right? That’s your name isn’t it? You worried? Don’t worry! Today is just a friendly social call. Candy? Bought it myself! Halloween special. Do you know why you’re here? Why are any of us here? That’s an interesting question, don’t you think? You’re sitting here not because you want to be here but because you were forced into it by somebody more powerful than you. Whether it be God, your parents, or someone else. You’re here because somebody wanted to take you from your home. Your home, is the void, your home is the darkness in which you reside. And then, one day, [light bulb chain clicks twice] for a little bit, a fraction of that time you will be alive as a tiny light bulb, a tiny little flicker of light. This lightbulbs true origin is darkness. One day it will burn out and go back into that darkness. So what we’re going to do is play a game. You’re going to pick one card. If you pick the joker… Go ahead. Pick one. Don’t Look at me with that face! I don’t like it when you look at me with that face. [suspenseful sound begins softly, rising] I think you should smile more. [suspenseful sound getting louder] [sound drops off eerily] Isn’t that better? I think it’s a lot better! Pick one. It’s rude to not talk when someone has invited you to their home, I hope you know that. [suspenseful sound begins, rising] [suspenseful sound continues rising] Come on! [sound fades away eerily] A jack of spades: an ass of shovels. Every single one of us – you, me, everyone outside this building is a jack, an ass of spades, a slave working for the capitalist gods and the capitalist kings and queens. Oh, the kings and queens of our spades, of our spoils. Every single dollar we spend goes to them, barely any for us. We want to think that it’s for us do you know why? I’ll tell you why and it depends on your next choice! Speak to me! C’mon! [suspenseful sound begins, rising] Why don’t you talk? Why don’t you talk to me? Hmm? [suspenseful sound continues rising] [sound drops off eerily] Talk. Go. Pick one. Okay. Two of diamonds. Tell me, Cobblepot. Tell me, Oswald, little penguin. Do you like diamonds? I suppose anyone likes money.
Money, money, money, money, money. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? All of this. It depends on how much money we make. Our lives depend on that. We divide and we give it out. That’s what money is. Division, math. All these things we think we need and is beaten into us but where does the value come from? Can you tell me? Value comes from what they tell us is valuable. Be honest with yourself. Wouldn’t it be simpler to live without money? Live without valuables or possessions. Live without being a slave to the capitalist gods. Does your life have worth? All lives have worth, I suppose. To a certain extent.
Is that true? To who? Your dearest mummy? Your family, your schoolmates who used to tease you and call you little penguin penguin penguin, every day of your life. Have an M&M. See these? This is your worth. Dwindling moment by moment. Dwindling every moment you’re alive. Each of these M&Ms is like us. These candies are just weak! We’re weak. Little specks in the universe just waiting for someone bigger than us to crush us! Why can’t you see the funny side? We’re born to this universe. We never asked to be here. Did you ask to be in this room right now? No. So why are you? Why do you stay? You stay in this universe because other people want you! Other people want us here. We don’t want to be here, intrinsically. This universe is a social universe, yet it’s so indifferent to each and every single one of us. You see, the universe doesn’t care about us, but we continuously live and thrive because we think we want to, but we don’t we just love the sociality of it! Why can’t you just see the funny side? Every single thing you did, all those mob bosses you killed to be on top, to be this little dog holding a big chain doesn’t matter because when you die, it all disappears. Right here, you have a 50/50 percent chance of being alive. These cards hold the key to your life now. So I want you to pick one. An Ace of Spades! Do you know what an Ace of Spades does? Some people consider it kind of like a god card. It’ll get you so much money when you’re gambling, since, you know, money is so useful. You see, god in the end of the day is just money. Greenbacks, that’s what god is. We worship those dollars. You’re so quick to grab the green every time it falls. The second that little green dot got close to the edge of that table you grabbed it! You could not resist! You could not resist. No matter how hard you try, the greenbacks are all we want. That god is all we want! We don’t want to die, but we know we will. And when we die there’s nothing and we don’t want to accept that, we want to give your life meaning and order when there is none. These politicians, these gods, they think that we’re all in charge. They want us to believe that we are all in charge of our lives, but we’re not. Is that right? You think you’re in charge of your life, but you’re not! There is no god watching us, there is no one. We are alone. We look to the skies for an idea. An idea like that guy in the black suit. The guy trying to catch me. The guy who just showed up a year ago and now thinks he owns us. You see, what we don’t realize is: god makes devils too. If it wasn’t for god, we wouldn’t need him. So the gods among us want there to be evil. So that they have a — So that we have a reason to look to them. I’m just a creation of god, an act of nature. And you are the victim! So just laugh along and see the funny side. Why aren’t you laughing? [closing music plays]
Hi! I’m John Mansfield. And, well, the production is over now. But to give credit to some of our other people, as our editor and cameraman, we have:
Dylan Bowerman!
And as our actor for the Joker and our editor, we have:
And for myself, I was Penguin: the guy with no emotion. What are you doing? No. The film is over. The film is over. You’re not Joker anymore.
I wrote it, though.
Leave. Leave.
I wrote… I wrote the show.
You too. You leave.
Get out. It’s over now.
Dude, this is his house. It’s his house!
It’s my house now. [closing music plays loudly, then softens]>
Huge thanks to everybody involved.>
Closed captioning by Ramis Hashmi.
CC edited by Dylan Bowerman.>
Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed the CC.

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